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20Up-UpOrDown.com Review

Updated: Sep 4, 2018
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Aug 13, 2010,

Hello Linda.
Even i used this system in 5 trades in my real account i was lucky...
I tested this system for 2 weeks in a demo account and you are right even with a 1/1 racio it takes only 1 or 2 loss to wipe (almost) all your profit. Now i'm back to my good old ichimoku charts...
I will ask for my refund.


2010-07-27 5 Stars I have to be honest! After paying for this system and getting only one PDF with few pages i felted disappointed.
But after three days backtesting 20up-UpOrDown i can say that this is a great product. In the last 20 days i've got only one negative trade. It's also true that this system require a little "babysitting" on the market and on the trades we open, if you don't mind with that, this system is for you. Now i believe when the creator says that he turned £200 into £227,000 over 88 trading days with just one trade per day.
Congratulations to Andy Mercer for creating a great and simple system.
South Africa,
Aug 5, 2010,

Hi Marquesmaiden,
Would you like to show your weekly results in the forum?
In my opinion there is no way you can possibly make a profit. Even if you use a 1/1 risk reward your losses are going to be double your profitable trades because of the spread. You will also be stopped out more often in the long run.
I would love you to prove me wrong:) And I would love you to be profitable.
Jul 30, 2010,

Reply to Linda.
I agree with you about the risk/reward ratio. That's why i'm using 1/1 risk/reward and lower lots to open trades and i'm already using it live with great results, 4 wins/0 losses in one week.
Linda ,
South Africa,
Jul 29, 2010,

If you had tried the method 2 weeks earlier you would have wiped out your account.
There is no way the stipulated profits could have been made.
Winning trades produce +14 pips
Losing trades produce -46
Obviously you will have winning streaks when you will accumulate profits, but there has to be losing days, and that will wipe out any gains made PLUS
With the risk/reward being as it is this is not a recommended trading style.

This is in my opinion.

I did get a refund as soon as I asked.