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Updated: Jun 19, 2017
1.758 · 4 REVIEWS
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Forex Automator Pro-4.0872-95.034

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1.758 · 4 REVIEWS
Forex Peace Army

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Sofia, Bulgaria,
Jun 15, 2017,
Registered user


The new Volatility Factor2.0 should be FREE to existing users of Volatility Factor!

FX Automater's own Volatility Factor FAQ says:

“Do you offer free updates?”
“Yes we offer free updates of our robot. Our development team will not stop improving of the Volatility Factor and make it competitive on the market under actual market conditions.”

Well they have VIOLATED their own terms, and these are the terms under which Volatility Factor was sold. They are SCREWING OVER THEIR EXISTING USER BASE AS HARD AS POSSIBLE.

As an existing owner of Volatility Factor, I hereby demand a free copy of the new version of Volatility Factor (2.0).

Maybe they will say your update is substantial or "all new", etc. Rubbish! Their own promotional email says:
“With Volatility Factor 2.0 PRO, we kept the best elements from the
proven, core trading principles of Volatility Factor, and taken its
functionality to a whole new level.”

In other words, it's the SAME ROBOT with some add-ons! It's an UPDATE, and all existing owners deserve a copy of this new update for FREE. They have may tacked on the pre-existing "spy module” from another of their robots, they may have updated the trading logic – so what!? IT'S AN UPDATE! And according to the FAQ in their own VF website, updates are FREE. Do the right thing and give existing owners their free copy of VF2.0!
Aug 28, 2010,

One additional observation: Forex Automation Pro interprets the 5 T.P. and 100 S.L. settings as actually 50 T.P and 1000 S.L. Setting S.L. to 10 and running a backtest shows losses of 100 pips. Of course the results are poorer since some of the wins with 1000 S.L. turn out to be losses with 100 S.L.

2010-08-14 03:58 No rating The EA code of Forex Automator Pro and ForexSTF are identical except for the indicators used and the comments that Forex Automator Pro puts on the chart. A major flaw that they both possess is the EA does not check for an existing trade when it starts up. Since the EA is therefore oblivious to the open trade, it cannot apply any stop loss or take profit on that trade. This flaw also allows the EA to open more than one trade. Recently, I have seen Eur/Usd trades go several hundred pips in positive territory and then turn around and go several hundres pips in negative territory. As long as the EA keeps running when a trade is opened, then the EA seems to manage the trade properly.
Robert Rawson,
Jul 29, 2010,

2 weeks running. 2 buy trades still running and 1 sell trade. Doesn't close trades. No stop loss, No take profit. FXCM BT. I'm going to change broker to Fxpro since it is working for Peace Army Demo. David Fields if that's his real name hasn't replied to my email for support i sent 3 days ago. probably will return within 60 days.

2010-07-26 12:00AM 2 Stars Hi, following up, still wondering. Put it on 2 weeks ago Friday. Executed 1st trade following Wednesday (buy). Up 20 pips when i went to bed. Thursday morning, down 150+ pips. What happened to SL 100? Friday night up 50 pips. Monday morning down 30 odd pips. Tuesday the trade is still going break even. Wednesday, it has opened a second trade (buy). Two trades now one up 100 pips, other down 4 pips. SL didn't work. Now 2 trades open. Doesn't close?

2010-07-16 No rating I actually bought this today after seeing Peace Army demo making about 150 pips a week. What settings are this? I have it euro/us M1. It is absurdly set for TP 5 SL 100 naturally. And with such high Lot sizes two losses will blow large chunks of accounts. I read 91% wins somewhere, but it would need 95% just to stay at opening balance. Very worried. Please comment!
Jul 22, 2010,

It's doing well for me on both Demo and Real. It made 24% in 2 weeks period in demo with default setting (take profit 5 pips, stop lost 100, lot 4, MM false) it made 100% (9 trades) won without lost. I let it run by MM during initial stage it traded with lot 1.30, then after I saw the accuracy then I chaged lot to 4.0, it still doing well. Less number of trade but making money.
Jul 21, 2010,

I'm currently testing this product on a live account since July 6th and it thus far has not executed any trades. Wondering if anyone else is having this experience as it looks like this product is working in this demo properly. Mine seems to be up and running fine on a EUR/USD 1 min chart, got the smiling face on the right corner of the screen and account information on the left. Sent in a message to support, I'll let you know if they come up with any solutions or if I receive a refund. (My broker is Interbank fx)