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Updated: Mar 27, 2018
3.055 · 15 REVIEWS
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3.055 · 15 REVIEWS
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Lata Kandekar,
Calgary, Canada,
Sep 6, 2016,

They kept promoting the stock XLIT ( XLI technologies) when it was between .80 and $1.20. Today the stock is 1/2 cent and they have nothing to say.
John Jenkins,
Florida, USA,
Mar 19, 2016,

These guys are nothing but scam artists. They push stocks, get their money out and then dump them. Total crooks, avoid them like the plague.
Redwood City, USA,
Aug 20, 2015,

I just opened an account with them. They have been very helpful with it. The only inconvenience that I have had is that their time zone is so much different than mine that I have had to communicate using emails. Their first email back to me took more than 24 hours, but since then they have responded more quickly and have been very helpful.
Yaron J Lidor,
Denver, CO USA, USA,
Jul 17, 2015,

Are they still in business? The web site is still on but no one live answers the phone and they do not return phone messages...
Joseph Hopkins,
Maryland, USA,
Mar 17, 2015,

I opened accounts with Traders Choice about five years ago. With competitive spreads and great execution I referred two people who signed up with Traders Choice for the rebates as well. I got my rebates as described and loved working with the staff with any issues I had.

Later Alex Nekritin at Traders Choice helped me set up an exempt Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) account with Gain Capital. Alex put me in touch with the right people and walked me through the process step by step, even over looking my paper work before I sent it to Gain Capital.

I have had a great relationship with Traders Choice and Alex. I look forward to the future with a partnership that will be prosperous to my clients and Traders Choice and their clients.

Thanks Traders Choice and Alex.
Mark Number,
New York, USA,
Mar 12, 2015,

I have an account with traders choice and get great rebates paid directly to it every month
Marvin Webster,
Metro Manila, Philippines,
Apr 17, 2014,

My personal experience with TradersChoiceFX.com is very negative. I contacted them about their rebate webinar in October 2012. I was sent a link by Dan Antonuccio to use to open an account at Pepperstone. I did exactly as instructed and deposited over 25K. I never received a penny of rebate. I wrote to Dan Antonuccio and requested he look into it for me. He never responded. I wrote two more times requesting that he simply look into it. I have never received a reply. I have never received any rebate. I consider this service a scam and would never recommend them.
Reply by Alex Nekritin submitted Apr 8, 2015:
Hi Marvin, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have been in business since 2006 and would not have lasted over 8 years in the industry if we ignored our clients or did not pay rebates. I would like to address a couple of things? Dan was a great employee with our firm but he has not been with the company since early 2013. Is it possible that you reached out to him after he was no longer with the firm and hence got no reply? Did that occur to you? Did you consider contacting our main support form or email? Also did you not sign up for our rebate program when you opened the account. Typically we instruct clients to sign up for the program so that they get paid. This is an automatic email that goes out to them after the account has been approved so that they make sure to register. If you opened an account through us you would have gotten one. How come you did not register when you set up your account? Finally Pepperstone if not on our site. Are you sure that was the broker and there is no confusion there? We have been in business since 2006. And doing right by the client is what keeps us in business. We have paid out well over a million dollars in rebates. So if a mistake happens don?t hesitate to reach out and we always correct it. I am not sure what the confusion is here? something does not sound right. Alex Nekritin CEO TradersChoiceFX
Fl, USA,
Nov 13, 2013,

Late again on their f***in rebates! WTF? When I 1st signed on several yrs ago payments were made on a regular basis however as of lately (last couple of months) their performance is slipping
Reply by Alex Nekritin submitted Apr 8, 2015:
Thanks Gman :) You are correct back in the day our rebates used to be pretty late. A lot of the time the issue is on us waiting on the FCM's to give us proper reporting so that we can calculate the payouts and remit them. However well before your post we made an adjustment and started paying way sooner. In fact we pay typically by the 20th of the month following the trading month. So for example we are paying out March rebates now and its April 8th. This is pretty quick on top of that is we pay directly to your trading account and we have been in business and paying rebates since 2006 and we provide some of the best rebates in the industry. Hope that you have stuck with our company and continue to enjoy the benefits. Thanks, Alex Nekritin CEO TradersChoiceFX
Oct 2, 2011,

I have a question to the people that have issues with this broker, everyone is complaining about rebates and not speaking of trading! How is that working for everyone? How are the spreads? How is opening and closing trades, is their slippage? Do they seem to be a real STP/ECN as described? How is it to withdraw funds? You know the real issues that mean something about trading with this broker!! It doesn't sound to me that a person wanting and dealing with rebates has any true intent on trading for a living and actually making money!! Please anyone respond to the true trading experience of this broker and leave rebate BS off the table! I have sent many rebates in for electronics i have purchased and not once have i ever seen a rebate check sent back to me and that is for big companys like Sony,JVC, Onkyo and so forth does that mean their product is a scam and doesn't work, no it doesn't? In my eye's people saying they give rebates is BS from the beginning and that is how all company's are get over it! So please people that trade with TradersChoiceFX please tell us of the details of doing so as people can get a proper view of this broker! TY!!:)

Review Moderation Team Note: TradersChoiceFx is a rebate IB to several different brokers. Reviews for the performance of the broker belong on the individual broker's page. This page is for rating the performance of TradersChoiceFx itself. Their business is to provide trading rebates.
May 4, 2011,

Traders' Choice is great! They have helped me several times when I've had problems with a couple of different brokers. The latest (for example) - neither I nor my bank was getting anywhere after almost a week of frustration. I eventually asked for help from Traders' Choice, they made a phone call and got everything resolved quickly. Their responsiveness is excellent in this example and other broker issues as well. They are friendly to work with, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to my Forex trading friends!