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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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Forex Hippo-4.4969.6-95.926

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Mortimer Snerd,
Sep 19, 2010,

I tried this one, it is a loser. I am trying to get a refund, but the refund request has been changed to a tech support request.
Terry G,
Rancho Santa Fe CA,
Sep 13, 2010,

Like the last reviewer I have purchased many EA's since I do not have the time to trade manually. I now have two Forex Hippo accounts. The obvious reason I purchased the second is that the first one was making $. It is the best EA that I have ever had running. It does make money. Maybe I shouldn't leave this rating, because I hope it doesn't get over sold. Thanks
Ken Long,
Cambridge, MA,
Aug 26, 2010,

The Forex Hippo is very interesting. The manual strategy claims it runs off the RSI, Stoch, Fractals, CCI, and 50 and 100 SMA, all on the default settings, and it likes to wait for them all to reach the overbought level to enter a long trade, in the direction of the trend, following a fractal. Likewise it waits for an oversold condition in all the indicators to enter short. This is interesting, most systems would use the oscilators to signal an entry as they moved from one extreme to the other. Instead Hippo's strategy uses them for confirmation of condition, and enters after a fractal.

The user controls are detailed with a Stealth Mode, Auto GMT Offset, TP and SL adjustable,
Risk as a percent of the account you stand to lose, not a simple percent of free margin,
Order Time Out or Custom Level Pips, Order Time Out will automaticaly close an order after a set time, Custom Level Pips will specify a minimum number of pips so order wont close at a loss,
Reverse, not recomended, reverses trade direction,
Sleep Time, space between trades, 30 minutes by default,
Trade Fri, true by default,
Close Fri and Hour, false by default, automaticaly closes all open trades,
Use MA Open Filter, false by default, only opens trade with the 50 and 100 MA,
Use MA Close Filter, false by default, closes trade when the SMA 20 changes direction,
Use BB Open Filter, false by default, Bollinger Band is used to confirm good entry point,
and Authorization Code, only 1 live account and 4 demo accounts allowed.

It can run on any pair and any time frame. They recomend the 1H and they have optimized TP and SL levels for 8 pair, some use the MA Open Filter and 1 uses the BB Open Filter, otherwise the settings are default.

This is no simple EA, theres a lot that can be adjusted and changed with these settings. A good optimizer could have fun with this one, but for many of us this could be a problem.
Aug 18, 2010,

I have purshased and used about 100 different robots. This is by far the best I have found. 100% accuracy, as long as you don't get greedy this I don't know how you can beat a robot that hasn't had a losing trade. Any losses are so small you don't notice and it is due to the swap rate not the pips.