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Updated: Jul 16, 2018
4.171 · 63 REVIEWS
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4.171 · 63 REVIEWS
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Singapore, Singapore,
Nov 27, 2017,
Registered user

No response, horrible service,

I subscribed to a 3 month plan in mid October. This website had good reviews and I thought they were genuine. There was also a 30 day money back guarantee.

I emailed them after a few days asking them about various things - like their excel sheet of 80% win rate put on their website which could not be accessed. I also asked them some questions.

I've never received a single response to my email.

Within 2 weeks of enrolling, I decided that I don't want to continue because customer service is so bad - I haven't received a single response to any of my emails. So I asked for a refund - it was within the 30 day period.

All in all, I've written 7 emails since I enrolled (October 18th) and I haven't received a single response.

They have not honored their 30 day money back guarantee. I've been asking them for a refund within 2 weeks of enrolling. Many times! And not a single email has been responded to.

I don't know what's going on - please don't join because there's no support and they don't honor their word.
Forex Trading Coaches,
, USA,
Nov 23, 2015,

Hey. We just read this fantastic review below by a member of ours that has been with us for awhile now. At the very end of his review he talks about what he has accomplished with the MACD 3 Forex Trading System.

We just wanted to showcase that when you stick with it you can get great results. In the last paragraph of his review he mentioned risking just 2% per trade and consistently averaging a 10-20% gain per month. That is awesome. That is a better return than he'll get letting someone else manage his money. Great work Dave. You've taken your finances into your own hands.

We just want to re-post the last paragraph for you to be able to see what he said. Here it is below. Thanks.

"In short, this system attempts to teach people to become independent thinkers and be responsible for managing their own trades. Yes, it is true that some people use this service simply for the live trade setups each morning in the New York session, but the information available to you in the website is comprehensive enough to have you eventually trade without using this service. Of course, I wouldn't recommend this until YOU feel comfortable about taking trades on your own without their mentoring, but the truth is one day this service may not be available. I therefore recommend taking advantage of Steve and Wade's course, guidance, mentoring, and webinars to work out how to become the best trader possible while they still are here. I have been fortunate to use their system and guidance for over a year with increasingly better results. I currently use a 2% risk on each trade a take with their system and am currently achieving between 10% and 20% per month. I am slowly increasing my percentage winning per month as my confidence in trading has grown, and therefore expect to be averaging around 20% per month in the upcoming year 2016. Thank you for all your support and mentoring; I only hope you are here for a while to help as many other people achieve their financial independence through this unique system!
las vegas, USA,
Nov 20, 2015,

This is an excellent trading system for people new to the forex arena. It is a comprehensive system that teaches you how price action works within support and resistance areas. You will have the odds stacked in your favor to have the highest probability of success when taking a trade by understanding how the market really works...and this is what Steve and Wade teach.

Your subscription includes most of the tools necessary for success:

***LIVE TRADING WEBINARS 5 days a week during the New York session where live trade setups are discussed BEFORE they happen. In this way YOU make a decision on whether or not you want to get into the market when the trade sets up. The benefit of these webinars cannot be understated because there is no "hindsight" trading. It is in the moment, real time market analysis.

***A DAILY TRADING PLAN that predicts the potential trade setups that will occur during the next 8 to 12 hours. This is your road map to "guide" you on what possible trades may become available to you during the Asian/London trade sessions. Although the market is dynamic and changes, this plan in conjunction with UNDERSTANDING and APPLYING the course content will give you the best chances for high probability trade successes.

***WEEKLY TRAINING WEBINAR AND TRADE REVIEW: Every Friday Steve goes through the previous trades of the week, discusses how and why they were viable at the time, and answers any questions about the setups. Additionally, subjects pertaining to trading are discussed including trading psychology, risk/reward management, review of the macd3 trading course, etc.

***A THOROUGH, COMPREHENSIVE COURSE that goes into detail about how and why the market moves in the way that it does. The principle components of this system include price action, support/resistance, risk management, and application of specific indicators.

***TRADE ASSISTANT EXPERT ADVISER: This tool helps to automate your trades. Specifically, limit orders, automatic stop loss placement and movement to break even, and profit trailing all can be utilized to help maximize your trading potential.

***LIVE TRADING ROOM: This private members area room gives members the opportunity to discuss trading setups and topics relevant to the macd3 system as they happen in real time.

***TRADE REVIEW BACKLOG: Within the members area there are YEARS of previously recorded training sessions. This is the real secret weapon of Steve and Wade. Here you can spend days learning and refining your skills in how the course is applied. This shows that even when the market changes, the core principles of the macd3 system have maintained their consistency and integrity in being able to trade in all market conditions.

Now, all that being said, I feel as though an honest review should also include things that could help YOU make the most of this particular system that worked for ME:

***KNOWING ECONOMIC FUNDAMENTAL TIMING: The macd3 is a very strong technical system that does not discuss in length fundamental analysis. This is OKAY because I have found most of the market moves via technical "flow" approximately 70% to 80% of the time. However, knowing when a fundamental report is going to come out can help you balance your decision to get into a trade or not. For example, knowing a report comes out at 8:30am EST (using forexfactory.com for example) can help you set up your trade assistant to set a limit order at a predetermined technical level. In this way very fast market movements can be capitalized upon. Otherwise, you may miss a level because it is hit and one minute later the market has already moved far enough away to keep you from wanting to get back into the trade. Furthermore, certain fundamental news moves the market more than others so knowing the proportionate historical movement for each report (I use fasteconomicnews.com) can help you with your trading decision in whether you want to use a specific technical level or not upon the release of a given report.

***REALISTIC TRADING EXPECTATIONS: Be prepared to have 3 to 5 trading opportunities per week for each of the New York and London sessions. Sometimes the Asian session has opportunities as well, but the majority of time your set ups will occur during London or New York. This means there may be a lot of waiting in between trades. Although the macd3 system is a DAY TRADING strategy this does not mean you will get a trade every time you sit down to trade. Steve and Wade teach that knowing when to trade is just as important as knowing when NOT to trade, and that patience is absolutely necessary in order to capitalize on only the best opportunities. If you are a scalper you will most likely want more than this amount of trades. Similarly, if you are swing or position trader you will not want to focus so intensely during the busy times of the market which usually lasts 3 to 4 hours per session. Although this system can be modified for swing and position trading, the main focus, and subsequently your ABSOLUTE DISCIPLINED FOCUS, must be available when the market moves the most during the beginning of each session. Patience is absolutely key, and if you have not developed this skill of discipline and patience either you will not succeed with this system or the market will force you to pay attention!

***USING THE PROVIDED EXPERT ADVISER: This may seem obvious, but I encourage you to take advantage of this very useful tool. Many times in the live trading webinar a setup is placed on the board, and it is up to YOU to pull the trigger and launch the trade when the price comes into a predetermined level. Many times price can spike into the level, and if you are not paying attention at that very moment you will miss the opportunity. It is true that the entry price may change dependent on where a technical level is saying to do so over time, but you will almost always have the chance to change the level to be able to capture an entry should price spike into the price level. The BEST way to do this is set limit orders at a price level UNTIL that price level changes (as explained in the course and during a live webinar under Steve's guidance). Essentially, YOU are responsible for paying attention, whether that be setting a limit order or staring at the screen watching the price bounce into your level. I prefer using the EA to not only get me into the trade, but to also manage the trade most effectively to capitalize on a move. Consider this: A news report comes out and spikes the market in your favor 150 pips in 5 minutes, and then comes back to break even. If you were not using the EA you would have most likely missed the entire move. Further, if you were not using the trailing stop feature of the EA what would you end up with? Its better to capture 120 pips of those possible 150 than none. In other words, it really is in your best interest to use the trading assistant. Just ONE trade could bring you over a hundred pips.

Final thoughts: I think the trade log listed on the front of the macd3 page represents the maximum amount of pips available to the market per week, but please do not expect that you will obtain every pip listed. In other words, you will NOT get every single pip! Do not get this course and service expecting that you will because it is impossible. First, most people cannot trade all three sessions (unless you live in part of the world where that is feasible like south east Asia). Second, the trading log represents the POTENTIAL MAXIMUM pips that were available. Many times entry levels are fairly close to entry (because they are predetermined in advance), but exit levels can vary. This variability results from using, or not using, the trade assistant, and getting out of a trade when price starts rejecting a projected take profit level. However, many times the possible pips can be quite close to what is represented because an exit occurs at a price level. Steve teaches exactly how and when to consider exiting a trade, and although the principle is sound, it is again each traders RESPONSIBILITY to exit based on either the price target being reached or a rejection area (that also considers time) where a price is hanging out at a level. This may sound ambiguous to new traders, but do not be afraid of this, especially when in the live trading room. Steve will usually suggest a price exit upon certain criteria and give rationale for why a trade should be exited. This mentoring helps new people further understand when to exit so that they can begin to integrate how and when they want to exit in the future.

In short, this system attempts to teach people to become independent thinkers and be responsible for managing their own trades. Yes, it is true that some people use this service simply for the live trade setups each morning in the New York session, but the information available to you in the website is comprehensive enough to have you eventually trade without using this service. Of course, I wouldn't recommend this until YOU feel comfortable about taking trades on your own without their mentoring, but the truth is one day this service may not be available. I therefore recommend taking advantage of Steve and Wade's course, guidance, mentoring, and webinars to work out how to become the best trader possible while they still are here. I have been fortunate to use their system and guidance for over a year with increasingly better results. I currently use a 2% risk on each trade a take with their system and am currently achieving between 10% and 20% per month. I am slowly increasing my percentage winning per month as my confidence in trading has grown, and therefore expect to be averaging around 20% per month in the upcoming year 2016. Thank you for all your support and mentoring; I only hope you are here for a while to help as many other people achieve their financial independence through this unique system!
Fred V,
Florida, USA,
Nov 15, 2015,

After failed attempts with other systems and coaching, I was close to giving up. My account almost completely depleted, I wasn't sure I could make the transition to trading fulltime as I had dreamed. Since discovering the macd3 system, with Steve & Wade's live webinars, my faith is renewed. I am building my trading account back while still working fulltime. With 80% accuracy anyone can be successful trading forex and live the life they want. I get closer everyday with the macd3 system. I hope you will too. Luck and happy trading! -Fred V
Reply by Forex Trading Coaches submitted Nov 16, 2015:
Thanks Fred. It was awesome getting the chance to interview you a few days ago and finding out your experience with the MACD 3 System. Go listen to Fred's interview right now and you'll find out that he is actually a real person with a real, positive outcome trading the MACD 3 System with us. Here's the link to his interview: https://youtu.be/_GtT30atiw8 If you want a similar experience, come trade with us in the U.S. Open Live Trading Webinar.
Berlin, Germany,
Nov 14, 2015,

I just wanted to take a minute to leave a review here. I have to say that I read the comments from the previous negative review and I really don't understand where that guy is coming from. I know you can't please everyone but it's interesting how one guy's experience, while trading in the same webinar that I have been going to can be so bad when my experience, along with so many others, has been so good.
Unfortunately, people seem to listen to the bad more than the good. Not enough people are sharing their great experience so potential members are led to believe the service is not that great. but it's simply not true.
Anyway, my experience with the MACD 3 System has been great. When I trade, I personally do best with a smaller lot size because that makes me the most comfortable. Trading is not a get rich quick skill but you can definitely make a difference in your life over time.
Steve and Wade provide great support and I trust them. I'm a fully supportive member. Steve steers his clients as a captain would his vessel through the New York sessions. He answers all of my questions in those sessions in real time. I have never had a problem.
The course and education is excellent. You do have to put in effort to learn the system and it does take time but that's just normal really. Anything worthwhile won't just fall in your lap.
If you're a newbie to trading, I recommend you go through the course and fast-track webinars and practice for a few months in demo. Then go live with just even a .01 lot size to really get your feet wet in trading without risking more than you're comfortable with.
On my Forex Trading Coaches wish list would be a live trader during the London session as well. But if not, it's ok because Steve does so well leading us during the U.S. session. I and other MACD 3 traders really, really appreciate that. I know I can't catch every trade but I'm really satisfied with what I'm able to get.
Steve and Wade also provide a Daily Trading Plan that I can use during the London session and that is really helpful now that I understand how the MACD 3 system works.
I'm very thankful to have met Steve and Wade. I searched the internet for over 7 years and saw so many scams. I suffered along with so many others from unknown professional trading guides, system developers and FX gurus. But when you go to the Live Trading Webinar and you see and hear Steve give out these trades then you know without doubt that these guys are the real deal.
This system may not be for everyone and that's ok. But when I compare it with all the other trading programs I will give it a 5 star rating every time.
Thanks guys.
Colorado, USA,
Oct 3, 2015,

I purchased a lifetime membership in August of 2013 and no longer use this service. I feel that it was necessary to share my experience and opinion because I dedicated over a year to this trading system and lost roughly 30% of my LIVE account balance. I applied myself and took this system very seriously. I was at every New York session trading session webinar that I could possibly make even attending them when I was on vacation. I watched months of past recorded webinars and each Friday when another live fast track was on I would attend those as well. I set alerts diligently and when a trade set up aligned that followed the rules and parameters I took the trade with 2% of my account. I knew the system, I knew the terminology, I knew the rules and I was prepared to trade live.

After doing my due diligence to find the best system out there and researching and trying many forex “systems” the reviews for this system were great and stood out with reviews stating streaks of 32 wins and no losses, 54.4% gain in 2 months, “this is the real deal” with 10 out of 12 reviews being 5 star. Then there was the recorded pips profited from each trading session. There were hundreds and hundreds of positive pips recorded with almost zero losses aka the “80% success spread sheet”. This seemed like I had finally found “my system” and needed to search no further. Unfortunately it is not what I found.

The 80% success spread sheet is one of the main reasons why I am writing this review. If you look at the excel spreadsheet at forextradingcoaches.com during the time I traded this system you would say I should have been profitable, but I was not profitable and sustained significant losses following the strict rules and attending the webinars. It is VERY misleading and is an unethical marketing tactic. These are ANY and ALL trades from the daily trading plan that set up with profit taken near the highest profit level the trade reached! Steve and Wade do not take all of these trades themselves but they take credit for them on their spreadsheet. They are taken in hindsight which is not explained anywhere. The only trades that Steve says he takes are during the New York session. In hindsight my trading is also phenomenal. I would have purchased 1,000 shares of google during its IPO in 2013 for $85/share and then later sold them at the very top for $1,000/share making a profit of $915,000! This discrepancy has been brought up in other reviews without actual trade proof presented to dispute this with adequate time to do so. To prove this system is actually successful all they would have to do is show an account through myfxbook that is verified and shows actual trades taken and actual gains made. It is a free account and would actually use real trades rather than “what if” trades. The templates provided by TFTC used to enter trades will always look great in hindsight with a good trade but when a trade is live it can also set up looking tradable but then go past that entry level for stop loss that would make the hindsight after fact trade look unacceptable or disqualified. Below is a comment from Steve found on the excel spread sheet that shows explains a 4 month time frame that was not recorded during the time I traded live. Once again there are services that are free and automatically record trades win/loss and can be verified.
11/4/2013- 11/8/2013 “In this trade log, there are some gaps where we did give out trades just like we always do but they were just not written down. Besides giving out trades and running our membership, there are many other projects we have been slammed with and we did not get them into this document. To fill them all in now would be too time consuming and would not be worth our time to do it. This system is just as reliable now as it has always been, with or without gaps in our reported results. So if you want to make some PIPS then just join. If it's not for you, we are happy to offer you our 30-day money-back guarantee.”

-Called trades live after the fact. Steve would come back into the webinar after a trade had set up and say “ok we are in that trade now at XYZ level” at that point many times the trade would have already be at break even or almost to break even giving him a huge jump on the statistic of the trade being successful. Why wouldn’t he come back into the webinar before if he was going to take the trade?? This is why a verified trading log would prove he was actually taking these trades.

-Many, many times the daily trading plan is out late, so late I wouldn’t even see it before I had to go to bed and couldn’t set up my trades in the alerting EA. The times of when it will be updated are specifically stated:
“This plan is usually updated between 3:00 and 4:00 Pacific Time in the U.S., which is between 10:00 and 11:00 pm GMT. This plan is valid until it is next updated.”
It is not professional to say you will do something at a specific time and then not do it. Regardless if you are busy you are providing a service that your members have certain expectations

-When Steve and Wade have “projects” that they are busy with the New York trading session suffers because Steve is not watching the charts as usual. The excuse would be they are making changes to the system. I am not paying money to hear you say you are too busy to provide the service you promised and that I am paying for.

-7/23/15 Steve stopped sending out daily emails with the daily trading plan on it. With his inconsistency on timing this was nice to have an email because you never knew when this information will come out. At least with an email you would know you have the daily trading plan and can set up your alerts. This is only providing a lower level of customer service requiring your customers to go into the website and check for when you might put the trading plan in for the day.

Steve’s system provided me with over 1,000 hours of screen time that I gained experience watching price action (not indicators) that I now use for my trading today. The unfortunate thing is for that screen time I had to pay considerably for each of those hours not including the cost of my lifetime membership! Losing that much money was very damaging to my trading psychologically and I really thought my trading was over. I had to take a few months off and really thought that trading forex wasn’t for me and that even though it is the best business in the world I just wouldn’t be successful. After my break I went back and researched a forex service that was my second choice when I was looking for systems when I found the forex trading coaches. I was so determined to trade forex for a living I sucked it up and started from the beginning with a new mentor. As hard as that was to start over again it was the best thing that I could have done. It has been a little less than a year trading with my new mentor on my live account again and I have almost made all of my losses from the forex trading coaches. I only trade a few hours a week and use longer term charts (4H and above).
Steve and Wade have made false promises of an 80% win rate system and when it comes to Forex there are too many scammers out there already and I feel like they have joined the club but try to do it with a smile so no one suspects anything and joins as a member for a few months or even better buys a lifetime membership. The forex trading coaches need to make their promises realistic to their customers and provide them “real” results that are equivalent to what your system actually does. Please provide a verified live account with results to show what your system really profits.
I hope that this review gives you some insight on what really goes on at the Forex Trading Coaches and that you find the best service for you that allows you to become successful.
Good luck in your trading
Reply by Forex Trading Coaches submitted Nov 17, 2015:
To begin with, if our service was really as bad and misleading and Jesse portrays then we would not have a 4.1 star rating. Rather, it would probably be a 1.4 star rating. As you all know with review sites, it's almost impossible to make 100% of the people happy 100% of the time. It's just the way it goes. You have to read the reviews and come to your own conclusion. We're happy that 80% of the people writing reviews here have been happy customers. That being said, one reason people signup for a coach is to get help from someone who knows more than themselves so they can improve. We have seen several cases of members who came to us and thought they knew the system and terminologies forward and backward only to find out that was not the case. Someone can put 1,000 hours, or all the time in the world, into something but if they're not practicing correctly they're just getting really good at doing it incorrectly. So while Jesse clearly thought he knew the entire system, apparently he was missing something. It's just too bad he never contacted us about his losses to give us the chance to help him make adjustments. Fred, who left a review above, only comes to our Live Trading Webinar and only takes trades based on the setups we give out. He recognizes he is still learning and so he is wisely relying on our trade calls. If you watch his interview on our youtube channel, (Here's the link to his interview: https://youtu.be/_GtT30atiw) you will hear him tell you that he is making all of his money back that he has lost trading other systems. Our Live Trading Webinar hasn't really changed in several years. Fred comes and wins while Jesse comes and loses but the webinar is essentially the same except now we do tend to get more trades. The only difference is the person attending the webinar and the choices they make. It's an unfortunate reality that we have seen before. Jesse spent a lot of time in his review detailing his perception of the problems in our results spreadsheet and called it misleading. It really isn't misleading. It's purposely setup to distinguish the trades that we give out live during the Live Trading Webinar from the trades that we give out from the Daily Trading Plan. The Daily Trading Plan primarily covers the London Open session but also the Asian/Australian markets. The trades are color-coded to distinguish the different markets. No one can trade the market 24 hours a day. That's not possible. So you'll get the results associated with the market you trade. Jesse said that we come back in hindsight having recorded the exit price at the best possible price. First of all, it's not hindsight trading when the trade setup is called ahead of time in a plan that we make available to our members before the move ever happens. Secondly, our results are very rarely the exact top but they are often close because we use major levels of support/resistance as our targets because that's where price can change direction. We teach our members that if you get to, or within 20 pips of, the target level and price begins to reject for 20-30 mins, you take profit before it likely reverses. It's not perfect but it does often allow us to get out at some of the best prices. Many of our members who trade live based on the Daily Trading Plan report back getting out very near, or even sometimes at better prices than the results we record. There are plenty of times that price actually exceeds our targets but we're not taking credit for that. There are also plenty of times where price stops short of our target and turns over earlier than expected so we record a breakeven or a trail stop for fewer pips, even if afterward price kept going. So we simply record the results based on the trades we call beforehand and based on the exact method we teach our members for exiting. Regarding myfxbook, if we ever do a signal service we'll have one setup. But just as good is the fact that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So come into the Live Trading Webinar for 30 days and take the trades that we call and you'll see for yourself. Regarding his point about the statement made about the gaps in the results. We did get busy as we said on the spreadsheet. But just because there is a gap doesn't mean that it must be a period of time where the system magically failed and that's why we didn't write them down. But even if this were true, which it isn't, one bad spot in a nearly 6-year history is still pretty dang good. Regarding live trades after the fact in the Live Trading Webinar. Let us explain how the Live Trading Webinar works. We put trades up on the trade board when they are qualified and we tell our members that if price comes down to the entry level then they can get in. We explain to them that if the trade is on the board it is qualified; therefore, if it hits then they can enter, even if we don't come in at the exact moment and say it's time to get in. The trade will either win or lose at that point and we have no control over that. We also tell them to move the stops to breakeven once the trade has 12 pips profit. Once the trade does go far enough into profit to move stops to breakeven, we'll often come in and remind the members to move theirs stops. That is likely what Jesse was hearing us do, thinking he wasn't supposed to already be in the trade when he actually should have been. He is correct that the Daily Trading Plan has often been out later than we wanted. But that does not change its effectiveness. The plan is meant to be used by the trader who sits down primarily in the London open session, but also the Asian session when trades setup, and gets ready to trade. So even if it was late, when we sent it out it was always before the London session began. So you sit down to trade, login to get the Daily Trading Plan, set up your alerts and monitor the market for a few hours. That's how you use it. And you only use it once you understand how the MACD 3 Forex Trading System works. Regarding his statement about our "projects" affecting our Live Trading Webinar. That may have happened once or twice but 99% of the time it has not. About us not sending the email any more for the Daily Trading Plan. That is correct and we clearly explained to all of our members why. Many members were not even receiving the email because it was going to spam. So we stopped and now post it directly in the member's area. When you're ready to trade the London or Asian session, you sit down, grab the plan, and get to work. Finally, Jesse called us scammers. It's really unfortunate that someone would call us a name like that and try to make damaging remarks about our business when so many others have written such great reviews. Again, we have a 4.1 rating not a 1.4. All Jesse had to do was contact us and let us know he was having an issue. If he had, we're confident his story would be different. We're at least glad to hear that he gained some technical analysis skills from us that he says the still uses to this day. We do wish him the best and we're glad he has found something that does work for him. That's what we want for people. If you, as a trader, come into our webinar and follow our lead, then you should be able to net 200-600 PIPS per month pretty consistently. If this were not true, then Fred never would have said that by just following us exclusively in the Live Trading Webinar, that he was getting his money back that he lost trading other systems.
Japan, Japan,
Aug 12, 2015,

This is update for my review.
I have received refund after 3 month since my first request. I would note this to be fair.
However, it has been extremely stressful days. Not worth getting in touch.

2015-06-13 1Star This is update for my review dated 2015-05-27.

I have requested for refund on 05-23 and have been following up everyother day. but as of 06-14 Steve and Wade have not refunded my money back. The reason being "issue with processer". I have given them my alternative paypal acct but no news.

I strongly warn anyone who is generous enough to deal with these guys.

2015-05-27 1 Star I signed up for this course because I wanted to be in trading room but found that organizer was on holiday for first week of my subscription when I needed most help.

As a trading system, may work for beginner but I did not feel comfortable using so many indicator and additionally build software alert system. That is my personal impression.

I would not recommend unless you love indicators and complex techs. For me, I don't want additional alert system software to follow trade calls.

The reason I rate this course BAD is their problem with support.
I requested to refund within 30days, But my request has not been responded and not even assigned to support agent after 5days.
I wish my 5 followed up request for refund to be responded asap.
I would warn their lagging support for anyone who is planning to sign up for this course.
Reply by Forex Trading Coaches submitted Nov 16, 2015:
It's not very fun having to write this kind of response because we take pride in having an excellent service, system, and support. This is evidenced by the fact that there are many, many more happy customer reviews than there are negative ones. We are extremely proud of the fact that we have been able to maintain an 80%+ win-rate on trade calls since 2009. Unfortunately, 2015 has been a very tough year full of both emotional and physical pain. Wade went through an ugly separation and was also hospitalized with life-threatening pancreatitis. His very painful healing process took many months and made it very difficult for him to get everything done that he wanted. During these difficult times Steve was running the training and trading side of the company. With all that was happening, there were a couple different times throughout the year when we did not do nearly as good of a job as we would have liked with our customer service. However, in every instance we made things right and caught up as quickly as possible. Just like this person explained in this review, they did get their refund. We also processed any and all other customer service requests. We did our best to explain what had happened and apologized for not getting it done sooner. Furthermore, we did make a major change to our cancellation policy to eliminate this situation moving forward. We now have a cancel link in the member's area so members can cancel their membership at any time and stop their billing immediately. We do apologize but we're on track now and have been for several months. We have always cared very much about our members and our quality of service. We are happy to be back to our usually high level of customer service.
Ted Dixon,
Sydney, Australia,
May 27, 2015,

Rip off . .. A total con..WARNING>>>. Don't do Forex Trading Coaches..
These scumbags,Wade being one of ,won't even return you mail if you ask for refund or subscription cancellation.. The only way I could get them to stop taking money off my credit card after I cancelled was to cancel the card!! That's a lot of drama if you have done it. I'd really like to meet you Wade, it would be a pleasure.. Please Traders , don't deal with these guys, you'll be sorry.. Ted Dixon
Reply by Forex Trading Coaches submitted Nov 16, 2015:
There were some extenuating circumstances here. We maintain the highest level of integrity and these personal attacks and threats are definitely not necessary. Please see the comments from Jane's review above about the circumstances.
B&K Trading Co,
Connecticut, USA,
Jan 24, 2015,

Never used this system but have watched their free webinars. General thoughts are:
1. Find it funny that 99% of the comments on here are positive. Seems to me that is likely fixed or ghost writers. But I have no proof of that obviously.
2. any system that does not teach you to actually read the markets (Elliott wave) is not teaching you to trade Forex. Nothing they charge for could not be learned 100% on your own. I have been trading for years and have tried MANY so-called "systems" before I decided to train myself how to actually read the charts on all time frames with no indicators of any kind for the most part. Doing so will allow you find more opportunities than a single restrictive and complicated system and train you on the clear and obvious patterns the market has always repeated.
Reply by Forex Trading Coaches submitted Nov 16, 2015:
This guy is not, and never has been, a member so we wonder why this review is even posted. Reviews are for people who have actually tried the system. Based on his bias, all he did was see that we had indicators and decided that it must not be any good. Regarding Elliott Wave, if you really want to get confused start there. It's not easy. The traders who we've seen do the best with Elliott Wave are the ones who use indicators to help them figure it out. You can learn how to do almost anything for free but at what expense? Time and money because you have to take the free stuff and find out what works and what doesn't. Our system might have indicators to help support trading but anybody who knows anything about the MACD 3 System knows that it's primarily based on price action and simply uses the indicators to complement what price action is telling you.
Muhammad Mateen Awan,
rawalpindi, Pakistan,
Jan 12, 2015,

Their support system is totally bogus. on 8th if january my account was blocked although it was my last day of membership. i immediatly purchased for new member ship and from that account i attended US session. after that day they discontinued my new member ship and it is the 13th january and i am continuously mailing them for just knowing the reason that why they discontinued my service and they are not responding.

i was satisfied with the trading system of macd but their support is totally irresponsible and carefull. they donot care for the customers.

technically they are very strong.
Reply by Forex Trading Coaches submitted Nov 16, 2015:
We looked this customer up to get the story of what happened. He first paid Dec 8th, 2014. The following month, his credit card was declined, but the system still allowed him continued access until we discovered the issue and closed his membership in March. So in reality, he still had membership access for free for two months. His history shows he knew it because he opened emails that he would only have ever gotten if we has an active member. If he does contact us we would happily invite him back once he has a valid credit card.