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Updated: Nov 26, 2018
2.064 · 5 REVIEWS
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2.064 · 5 REVIEWS
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Arizona, USA,
Nov 3, 2014,

I am using Tradency's MirrorTrader through FXCM. It is profitable, but don't expect to make rich overnight, please. In my opinion, the key is to form your own portfolio to diversify your investment among different strategies. Tradency provides the platform with technical support. However, it is the investor's responsibility to select proper strategies to build the portfolio. Keep great work going Tradency!
, USA,
Jan 23, 2012,

Tradency? lol no way , like the worst thing that happened to my wallet ever. Everything in there just dont seem to work. I'm still blaming myself for registering an account on their service. People please dont do the mistake i did.
Noyabrsk, Russian Federation,
Jan 11, 2012,

Tradency was a total disaster for me , traded for 3 months and lost 4k already , very bad signal providers , will be moving away from this platform and trying something else instead. Stay away from them!
Aug 16, 2011,

Stay away from Tradency! I have used it for only 3 weeks and I lost almost all my balance! All the strategies are all bad... Some of them lost $1800 in just a week! They suck all my money in a couple of days... None of the strategies may work for 2-3 days.... If you are lucky to pick up some strategyies that may work for a couple of days you may feel very exited about some initial gains, but on the very long term you're going to lose all your balance.... Some strategy may lose $500 in a day... so if you just have 3 strategies you may lose $1500 in a couple of days, if you have 6 strategies you'll double your losses, if you have 9 strategies you'll triple your losses.... I still cant understand how is it possible that I lost almost $5000 in less than a week... and at moment Im using less than 5 strategies...... I went in the history and I found out that only 1 strategy lost $1500, another one $900, another one $1200..... the one that didnt lose made only small gains: +$50 with 30 trades... but remember that even the one that wins, if they do lots of trades you still lose as the $1 commission for each trade... so in the end I recommend you to stay very far away from Tradency....
Aug 12, 2011,

I've demoed the Tradency platform through FXCM for a about 30 days. Once you understand all the different ways to look at the information it becomes relatively easy to select a strategy or strategies to trade. I've talked with a representative from FXCM that was very knowledgeable of the system and he gave me some great advice on how to look for good strategies. This platform is great for those that want to trade FX but don't have the time needed to trade themselves. So far my $2000 demo acocunt has grown 40% over a six day period, trading two different strategies. I will be opening a live account soon.
David Siegel,
New York,
May 13, 2011,

I was interested in Tradency and set up an account. I funded it with $10,000 and spent some time looking at their traders. After several days of research, I decided that none of them is making money. They have people from Zurich with more than 10 years experience, and not even those guys can make money. Some look like they're doing great, but when you look at ALL the currency pairs they trade, you see they are busy losing money every day. Maybe someone is making money there, but I couldn't find him. I withdrew my money and closed the account.