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Updated: Aug 18, 2017
3.584 · 9 REVIEWS
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3.584 · 9 REVIEWS
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Feb 18, 2011,

After bugs in v 1.0 and v1.1 we had v1.2 with a live myFxBook account. Initially it looks good but the account has been "frozen" for some reason as the account approached the -30% drawdown ( closes all trades ). Version 1.3 was never live tested the way v1.2 was and a lot of people preferred v1.2 as v1.3 could suddenly close all trades and reverse if it felt a change in trend was happening crystallising losses.

v1.4 is being Beta Tested at the moment but the heavy losses incurred with v1.2 have left a lot of people poorer. The live account is now lower than when Crescendo was launched back in Sept. 2010 . If the myfxbook hadn't been stopped for some reason ( technical or otherwise all trades would now be closed due to the rise in the GBPJPY pair from the 15th Feb, 16th, and todays rise ).

In the myfxbook the last couple of trades in the GBPUSD which show an overall profit should in fact have been closed down along with the losing trades in the GBPJPY.


An interesting EA but at the moment it could be an account buster.
USA, Idaho,
Dec 21, 2010,

used this EA demo with great results and then took it live. I had huge draw downs and finally just closed trades the GBP/ JPY pair was a continual loser and took a significant lose. I then went back to demo trading again with great results enough so that i went backto love trading and again experienced huge draw downs and the robot continued to but in the wrong direction adding to the losers. If I ever get this to turn around and get out at break even i will shut it down never to use it again. I would run as far and as fast as you can from this EA. Too much risk for such small profits.
Dec 19, 2010,

I have been running this EA on a live account since October 31. I began with version 1.2. I take readings at around 6 AM GMT which is 10 PM PST. These are the readings of equity (not balance) percent change since initial deposit..

Week Low High Friday
1 -1 +2 +1
2 +2 +14 +14
3 +6 +16 +11
4 +1 +21 +21
5 +16 +24 +24
6 +3 +25 +3
Version 1.3 installed
7 +1 +32 +32
8 +21 +34 +21
9 +21 +33 +25

It's a keeper.
Idaho USA,
Oct 28, 2010,

I have crescendo on a demo. So far after a month I am up 8.5%. I am tempted to go live but will run this out on demo till the trial return time is up to make sure. This is not for the faint of heart and at times I want to tell it to quit buying when the market is in sell mode but so far it has always given me a profit overcoming the losses. It does have some pretty big draw downs so if you can't handle that you better stay away.I know with real money I would get nervous but so far the system is a winner.
Oct 21, 2010,

Been running this EA for a month now on a live account with Alpari. I'm using the recommended settings. Except for the take profit target which is set at $4.00 been increasing it slowly to $5.00. to date Oct 21 my account is up 15.9%.Of all the ea I've bought this one is very refreshing to see it works
Oct 19, 2010,

too many bad trades. one poster mentioned that all it does is add to more losing trades because it assumes it won't hit the recommended 30% drawdown before it results. The webinar said it wasn't martingale, but going by what the EA does compounding loss, what else could it be but Martingale.
Oct 18, 2010,

I have been running this on a demo account for a couple of weeks. While it has had a number of small winning trades, it is running a huge drawdown on several GBP/JPY trades. These could run for weeks until that pair goes back up again or it hits the default 30% drawdown and closes the trades. I don't think I would be comfortable with this on my real money account. A robot like many others that produces very small gains with a risk to lose large amounts of money. I will probably ask for a refund on this one.
Moldova, Europe,
Oct 12, 2010,

Forexcrescendo is probably the best EA on the market right now. Time will tell and I'm looking forward to great trading results. This EA is definitely different and support is excellent.
Omar E,
Texas, USA,
Oct 7, 2010,

ABSOLUTELY THE REAL DEAL!! I bought this when it came out and so far it has operated flawlessly. If traded with the recommended settings, it trades like twice a day for each pair (2 pairs GBP/USD & GBP/JPY). So far it has not lost a single trade that it didn't make a double winner (2nd trade opened) and closed both simultaneously. Stops are large but lot sizes are very small relative to the account size. I have used A LOT of garbage EAs and I am impressed with this one. I realize the markets have been trending in the last couple weeks, so that may account for the success, who knows. I'll update if it starts to fail in sideways markets. But for now, 5 STAR for sure!!!
Juiet Grapa,
Oct 7, 2010,

It's still early days for me yet with Forxcrecendo but so far I'm impressed with this EA and the support.