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Updated: Sep 7, 2018
3.208 · 8 REVIEWS
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StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
Manxuria Managed Forex Accounts-8.935.2-38.502

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3.208 · 8 REVIEWS
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Alexander Douedari | vPE WertpapierhandelsBank AG,
Berlin, Germany,
Jul 23, 2012,

Sam, I know you never had any issues with our Bank and we have opened and closed your accounts - received and paid out your funds without any issues on our or your end - since you only get to see negative info remain on the net I would kindly ask you to comment on that.

Steve, in your case the payout delayed because there were bank holidays and weekend in between - eventually you did still receive your complete withdrawal in the most quickest way possible - if you could also confirm that it would be greatly appreciated.

kind regards,

AD of vPE.
Sam ,
Auckland, New Zealand,
Feb 19, 2012,

manxuria - Useless, account down 30 percetn within few days, claims fantastic performance, stay away....
Steve were u able to get moeny out of vPE, I have an account there still...
Sydney., Australia,
Jan 18, 2012,

UPDATE: DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE GUYS. Not only did these guys lose 30% of my $10k account in 6 weeks, but their affiliated bank, where my/your money was held: vPE WertpapierhandelsBank AG in Berlin, has now failed to return what money is left in my account. I have Emailed the bank Director, Alexander Douedari, for over a week now with written requests to return my money with absolutly no action taken as yet to return my money. I will be more than happy to share my Email requests (to the bank) for verification purposes. STAY AWAY.

2012-01-12 1Star I initially open my Managed Account on 1st Dec 2011 with a $10k deposit. The first 2 weeks saw some profits made but 1 week later my account crashed and ceased trading after hitting their 20% Stop Loss. I reactivated my account and gave them another chance. Again, 3 weeks later it lost a further 20% and the Stop Loss "kicked in". Basically, within a 6 week period my account balance was DOWN more than 30% with a balance of less than $7k. I have now closed my account with Manxurina and am awaiting the return of what money I have left. Anyone wishing to see my trading account for verification please feel free to ask. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THESE GUYS.
Apr 5, 2011,

I started with Manxuria end of Dec 2010. They started trading from Jan 2011. During the first months they performed really well (almost double my account) . But too risky of course. They had positions open with huge losses, which eventually turn back and got some profits.
During March, they open some positions that were really bad. And they left them open with -300/400 pips loss.. whatever they won during 2 1/2 months was almost gone within 2-3 days. (30% of the capital was gone)
I communicated with them and they said that they ll get back as planned.

After 1 week trading, with some profits, same situation.. Orders with -450 pips loss.. I communicated but no reply this time. At the end, 30% of the capital gone for the second time in 2 weeks.

Overall, i lost about 5% of the money i placed in the first place before i stop them. Looks like their is no risk management at all..

So be really careful with them.
Knut Inge,
Feb 7, 2011,

Have been with them since 01/01/2011, and They are up 17% (befor commision) in the first month:)
Jan 5, 2011,

Lily Tania, Malaysia, I am sorry to hear the loss on your account, Manxuria use a back office stop loss and I can't see how 100% of your capital outlay can be lost in a single day. I would suggest that you contact the broker (not trader) and ask why the back office stop loss of 30% was not triggered in this instance and demand your money back from the broker.

All the best.

2010-12-01 5star I have held an account with Manxurial for 5 months now and nothing but happy with the experience and professional nature of the broker and trader. Can't recommend a better managed fund and account, best of all my account has doubled since inception including the removal of all performance fees from the account.
Chris B.,
Ontario Canada,
Jan 4, 2011,

These guys are great! Excellent professional trader, excellent communications and great returns while preserving capital and treating the account as though it were their own.
I've had several managed accounts and this company is the best I have dealt with by a long shot!! High returns, low drawdown and excellent communications, reasonable performance fees, what more could you want? Very happy! AAA+++
Lily Tania,
Dec 22, 2010,

I had an account opened and they traded the account for a week .It had almost 20% returns. They said they would trade more and the account was blown in a day ! more than 10000 was gone just like that. No risk management .
Please be careful. This is my bad experinece with them.
Nov 22, 2010,

I am already working on forex market for 5 years now. But I am quite impressed with the trading so far. For me is most important stabile and long term results. I am glad that I can see that trader do not risk more than 20%-30% of our capital.
Thanks a lot for making that kind of result and I wish you much more pips!