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Updated: May 14, 2018
1.882 · 7 REVIEWS
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1.882 · 7 REVIEWS
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May 16, 2011,

Well there is good news and bad news here (in my opinion anyway).
The good news is that they not only honored my refund without any hassles at all, and did it promptly, they actually even honored it even though I was 1 week past the 60 day refund period. So that is the GOOD news.
the other bit of good news is that Bill runs an absolutely top-notch support system, the materials and software are beautiful and easy to understand, the training webinars are great, the support is quick, professional and knowledgeable.
The only reason that I requested a refund was because of the only part of a product like this that ultimately matters: the quality of the signals. Everything else is simply hype and mumbo-jumbo. Having "confidence" and a "winning attitude" is all great, but again at the end of the day, are the signals profitable or are they not? Period. And that ASSUMES that all the rules are followed.
So after following all the FPM rules with the software to the absolute letter, the bottom line is that I lost money. Period. Not a lot, and there were several wins and times when I was positive in equity, but overall after 2 solid months, I was down. Now for some people, being down after 2 months could be looked at as simply a temporary drawdown, and maybe it was, and maybe over a longer time horizon the signals ARE profitable, I cant say for sure, and again the support and ancillary services are GREAT. But my preferred time horizon doesnt allow for a multi-month drawdown period. Its just not my trading style. I actually specifically emailed them that when I ordered the system. Losing trades, obviously happen. Losing days, even down weeks, pretty tough to avoid completely. But for my time horizon, losing MONTHS means a losing system. And that is what the signals resulted in for me. All in all, its a pretty simple breakout system using stop orders and 4H timeframes. Nothing magical.
Ron Kirby,
May 15, 2011,

this program had the biggest advertising and amazing results
I had purchased from Bill before some small trading courses and he always said there was no holygrail of FX . so when he brought out this product a training program of dvds all very nicely boxed and complete with signals I was impressed and talked my Wife to into joining me with $2000au to purchase the program
Well I am here to say the tuition is rebadged already available strategies which is nothing more than breakout trading and what is even worse i totally blew my account with the trades not a lot of money for me but over 1000 pips lost
i run the progam every week wife refuses to trade at all (after losing every trade she made) and I attend all the trading udates every week . I have not made 1 cent with this program
and I am thinking Bill is more about marketing than helping anyone to make a profit trading FX
Bill if you read This I want my money back
i have asked before and was told i was doing it wrong
i dont know if i can prove i have been scammed but i have not had any satisfaction from this program
and i have not learned anything i didnt already know
what is the $2000 for exactly
Apr 1, 2011,

the fpm doesn't llive up to the hype of bill I tried and had nothing but trouble with the software and when i tried to get my money back the put me through a bunch of nonsense proof or trades i sent the results in twice after about 45 days i got a refund stay clear of them its a loser it looks good sounds good..... but be aware he has a new course out the etf
s trading i am thinking this guy doesn't trade he spends all the time making courses and promoting that where he is making the money. u ask him point blank what broker do u use they will not respond but he will tell what software to use cause he gets paid to promote ie trade navigator etc
Feb 24, 2011,


please do not purchase this and save your $. This system does not educate you on how to trade Forex and secondly, it based on algorythems just like a Forex Robot that is faulty at the best of times. I purchased it and surpassed the 60 day trial and asked for my $ back and they are strict to the 60 days, so please dont go over, cause you wont see that $ again. Also, being a new trader, I have to admit, i did get caught in the hype and I have since found a proper trading system that brings profit and know for sure that this does not. Bill is all about marekting and anyone that sells out of Profits Run, I would be very weiry of sudh a set up. Please take it from me whose purhased the system, that there are better tradimng systems out there that educate properly, this system does not educate and at the end of the day, youve spent $2000 + and havent learnt a think about trading Forex.

Dec 9, 2010,

I purchased Forex Profit Multiplier and was very happy with the results for the first 3 weeks, but now many of the trades have been losers and often the stop loss has a 150% wider range than the initial profit target and he recommends you trade two lots (if you have the money) to open, and then sell one for profit at the first target. This way you take double the losses if the stop is hit, and only 50% of the profit if your first target is hit. This hurts when the stop loss is about $1200 per lot (12 pips), and the first profit target is less than $800 a lot (8 pips). It seems his system works well in strongly trending markets, but doesn't do well when the markets get choppy or trades sideways. I am going to give it one more week, but if things don't improve, I am going to return for a refund.
Trader Rick,
Dallas, TX,
Dec 9, 2010,

I have subscribed to a number of instruction packages from them and in general believe that these are a good way to learn about the FX market as the instruction starts from the very basic and the material is very professionally packaged. For a beginner the instruction is indeed quite good although a bit simplistic as all methods tend to be moving average crossover-based. True, there are some nuances to this but of questionable value.

FPM is a bit of a mixed bag as it touts its software as being a huge differentiator. The problem is that most people will indeed trade the software's recommendations (which should basically automate the process the method itself haves you go through) without a real understanding of what is going on - and Bill is a HUGE opponent to automated trading. While it does not execute as an EA on Metatrader, they do claim it to be high probability and as a result new traders will follow the alerts religiously and then claim to be making pips by the '000s. (Note: newbies claim to be making pips in the 000's not realizing that they are trading off a 5 decimal setting and not segregating the wins/losses on a per contract basis!)

As is the case with all the instruction provided from Profits Run, all the instruction is based on the left side of the chart and which is then justified accordingly with the right side of the chart. I.e. if the price action went in the intended direction then it corroborates how well the trade would have worked. If it did not, then they explain away with all sorts of explanations of why one would not have entered the trade, unfortunately one would not have had these at the time one entered the trade as they only appear after the fact (indicators.)

What I found most controversial is the stop placement which is "where we don't expect the market to go" (yet it does in these volatile markets) and it puts the risk/reward ratio on its head at about 2:1. Bill quickly explains how this is not the case because of the prompt movement of stops, however in practice the account will take quite a hit on a FSO - full stop out. Basically one trades the 4H bars with typical targets of 40 pips and stops of 80-100 pips.

The majority of the people buying into these programs are not fully aware of how volatile these markets can be and while paper-trading can be lucrative, the reality of actual trading is not properly presented. I cannot imagine that the majority of people are trading a properly-sized account to be taking on full standards but instead trade something more along the lines of micros. At the rate of making $10 to $100 per trade on a sub $10,000 account it will take quite a run to make the money back on the $2,000 investment.

Having said all that, I rated it a 2-star because the software is still buggy and inconsistent (alerts differ when comparing two computers with it running) and this is what most people will follow. The program itself is a 3-star for content and definitely 5-star for presentation.

Their return policy is absolutely phenomenal though so I applaud them for that. Just make sure to read and comply with the terms though (which in this case added the requirement to document trades done over a 10-day period.)
Nov 4, 2010,

same day i bought the software, and on their selling page http://www.forexprofitmultiplier.com the key selling pointis their alert software, fpm got crash w windows 7 and this is the reply of their support center on 28 oct :"The software does work on Windows7 64bit for many of our students. I would like to help you through these problems. I believe we have identified a slowdown and crash issue that may be affecting you. Please allow us to try and solve the issue.
Ticket Details
Ticket ID: JNJ-290890
Department: Forex Profit Multiplier"

then on 1st november as reply to my new mail i got this : "I am sorry for the inconveniences that you have faced so far. A possible solution to your problem will be released this week. We will also be extending your guarantee period, which will start as soon as your software is working.
Ticket Details
Ticket ID: JNJ-290890
Department: Forex Profit Multiplier"

On 2nd november i got mail form bill poulos as follow : "I just got a new update back from our developers for the Forex
Profit Multiplier Trade Alert Software -- version
and i installed as they released but the problem still there and

Today after i sent a new mail i got this reply:
"an update was released 2 days ago, did you receive this update? You should be running version now in the lower left hand corner of the program.
This update solved issues with crashes and saving the program settings.
Are you still experiencing problems?
Ticket Details
Ticket ID: JNJ-290890
Department: Forex Profit Multiplier"

and i replied to them as follow : "Yes i installed it as u released and crash problem still there abd now in addition each time i got crash need to re-edit mail otw sw cannot load signal method.
if this one is ur solution pls issue refund immediately i don't want to wait longer

but w great surprise, i tought Bill Poulos should be serious vendor, this is the reply i just got :

"Dear Giovanni,
Thank you for your email.

When you made your purchase, you agreed to a refund policy that required you to
show us 2 weeks of trading. This was set up so that you can give the course a fair chance. The software is just a part of the course and you do not need the
software to trade the methods taught in this course.
At this point, you are still not eligible for a refund for the FPM course.
Please go through the program, trade it for 2 weeks (10 business days), keep the log and then make your decision to return. You might find that this course is worth keeping. Thank you.

i think this is not correct at all especially when one customer paid already 900 usd for this piece of software that doesn't work and need to pay other 2 times payments to reach a total of 1997.
i repeat on selling page course is not visible at all and all advertising was made on the software.
so to me this action is SCAM
i hope fpa can help me to got refund in the meanwhile i'll write to my credit card.