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Updated: May 31, 2018
2.252 · 22 REVIEWS
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December 2017:  The FPA has posted an open letter to the CEO of MexExchange.  This letter deals with a lawsuit threat from MexExchange against the FPA for displaying factual connections between Mex companies and Ikon companies.  CLICK HERE to see the letter and evidence of these connections.

The FPA questions the ethics of trying to hide facts by using legal threats. 
2016:  There have been two more instances of forums abuse from MEXGroup. CLICK HERE to see the first one and CLICK HERE to see the second.

The FPA is sad to see that the bad behavior started under IKON has continued with MEx Group.

October 2010-October 2013:  Multiple Spamming Incidents in the FPA's forums by Ikon employees.

October 2014:  Ikon Fx has contacted the FPA and promises to keep employees from committing any further abusive actions.

October 2010: Another branch of the Ikon companies, Ikon GM, was fined by the NFA for using a virtual dealer plugin to cheat traders.  Click here for details.
Formerly IkonFx.com

Other websites of this company include MExExchange.com (Australia), MExGroup.co.uk (Europe), and Mex.hk (Hong Kong).

IBs include forex.com.vn
MEXGroup.com / MexExchange.com (was IkonFx.com)

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2.252 · 22 REVIEWS
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Konstantinopoulos, Greece,
May 30, 2018,

Customer service sending fake malware emails.

I left mex when it was still ikonfx. Now out of no where, these guys are sending malware from their customer service email to me every day with click bait like "We just wired you your funds". What kind of scam outfit does things like this. It is coming from a mexgroup.com email too which is just the best way to describe this company, a virus.
Jan 30, 2018,
Registered user

We have been scammed by Mex Europe, and this is becoming a business pattern of theirs!! BEWARE!!

I am an introducing broker and have been for over a year with mexgroup.com Everything was going well until one day they inform me that they don't have the license or the regulations from FCA and we have to move our accounts to Mex Australia. This is when my nightmare started and I have been trying to recover my accounts and my commissions from them for over three months.
After countless hours and emails back and forth with extremely incompetent people in the company, they finally ask some clueless "account manager" to contact me and they give me some ridiculous reasons as to why they cannot honor my payments or transfer my accounts. They just saw that this was a good way to scam me out of my money and now they stopped answering my emails and calls. They sent me my IB agreement back in march 2017 but they did not stamp the copy that they sent me. However, I have access to my backoffice platform and they still claim that I don't have a valid IB agreement with them.
Is there anyone else out there that has been scammed by these con artists? is anyone aware of any process that I can take for them to be held responsible and make sure they pay me what is owed? In-spite of communicating and trying to resolve the issue with us, they have BLATANTLY IGNORED ALL OUR EMAILS!!
Hong Kong, Hong Kong,
Nov 8, 2017,

they lost the FCA license, run away!

So i Open a live account few months ago, since the CS told me they were FCA regulated, well it seems that now they HAVE LOST THEIR LICENSE! ive been writing to my account manager Ben Gonzales but he is been giving me the worse support i ever had, refuse my calls and keep give me excuses. If you have an account with them, close it now!
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
Oct 3, 2017,
Registered user

I recommend it, the best among all of the list I analyzed.

I spent many months analyzing Mex Exchange analyzing the entire Group.
"I did a little test with the institution for a few months I saw that it has excellent execution very different from other brokers, many spread tight and competitive. I made the decision among several brokerages that I listed, I chose Mex Exchange Australia.

I had the opportunity to meet the Team, after testing I see excellent professionals. I read the negative comments here on the site, and from my experience in the market I think that someone is having bad intentions against the institution.

I recommend, I'm having great experience, I'm not having stress like I've had in the past with other brokers.
singapore, Singapore,
Sep 12, 2017,

Dont get fooled by these scammers

absolutely terrible service, i should have read the review here before opening the live account and let this scammers steal all my money! Dont open an account with these scammers!
Palm Cove , Australia,
Aug 28, 2017,

Mex Group: a scammers Group

All the 5 stars reviews are paid, no doubts about it! These guys should stop being scammers thinking we traders are all idiots. Mex Group is operating a B-book business (ask for their FIX API and you will see!). On top of that, I've had the worse account manager I ever encountered, Ben Gonzalez.
Aug 2, 2017,

Mex Exchange, Mex Group, Mex Europe, they may keep changing name but behind there are always the same scammers of Ikon Group. All the operations are run from China and Jacobus in Australia is only acting as representative. Ben Gonzalez is the worst account manager in the whole history of forex. They offer nothing new! The same old B book trading model. Their Fix Api offer is simply ridiculous, they don't have any proprietary trading technology. RUN AWAY from this bucket shop!!
May 26, 2017,

100% Not a scam broker.

I have red all these reviews about Mexexchange in Australia. What I have is personal experience. I was skeptical like a lot of people especially with the IKON reviews. That's why I flew to meet Jacobus and Courtney who are in charge of Mex Group. I met them twice, once in Hawaii, and once in their office in Sydney. I have been around Forex a long time, and I can tell you horror stories about a lot of brokers, who people support as A plus brokers. I can also tell you that Jacobus and Courtney weren't apart of IKON and all those issues. They are working essentially hard to clean up the image and do things the right way. I have found them to be warm inviting, and honest. They are gracious people, who want to do good things in this industry. Yes they have some growing pains because of the sins of IKon past but that's not the present or the future. Not a single broker out there is perfect. I put extreme value in character of the people running the operation. They have it in spades. What they need is for people to give them an honest chance and to decide on that merit alone. Anyone can get on here and post any random thing they want, and it doesn't make it true. I have personally met them and looked into their eyes, I have ate with them, and met Jacobus's family. This is as honest of a review as there is on here. They aren't perfect, but they never said they were. I have referred personal friends and colleges in FX. Everyone is free to make up thier own mind and choose any broker they like. IKon deserves the poor ratings they got by a wide margin. However that doesn't mean you can carry over those issues to the new administration and say they are the same. That is very short sided, and not remotely fair. With any new broker there are some growing pains, I don't know too many operations where I can call the CEO directly, and skip all the middle guys, go down to their office, go to lunch, talk about family, and life events, out of genuine care and concern. You can say a lot of things about them, but I will challenge anyone on the topic that this new MexGroup in Australia is carrying the same IKon banner, or that they are a scam. If you think that you shouldn't even be allowed to post because you don't have credible information.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
We are happy you like the company.  Since no company in MexGroup accepts US clients, we've set your review to No rating.  If you are really a client, please use Contact Us, write in, and explain how.

Unfortunately, some of the same problems we saw with Ikon's companies have continued with MexGroup's companies, including MexExchange.  We hope these issues are eventually resolved.
Auckland, New Zealand,
Apr 22, 2017,

Was a client, now not one

I don't understand these positive reviews.
Execution speed, slow.
Support, slow and sometimes lacking the basic ability to speak english
I transferred out and it took 2 weeks to get my money back. Not to mention a number of unanswered emails.

I think these guys need to get off their high horse with fake reviews and start doing their job.
Singapore, Singapore,
Mar 21, 2017,
Registered user

My honest opinion. Apparently 5,000 words long.

I am the CEO of The Forex Army and am constantly on the look out for stellar brokers to establish long term partnerships with. There are many brokers in this industry but only a few would really stand out head and shoulders above the rest. I believe this forex space is too small to have a bad reputation which is why I tend to steer away from offers from brokers such as IronFX and such.

I was introduced to MEX Exchange (not to be confused with MEX Group as I am referring to a specific office in Sydney here) a few months ago. I went by their website and read the usual details. They seem to have everything one expects of a brokerage - good spread, fast execution, well regulated. Their website design was not superb but it was quite decent enough in communicating the information across. They do offer a wider range of products which caught my eye though. I mean, forex, metals and CFDs on indices is expected in this day and age, but these guys offered commodities, bonds and stocks. I know how much it takes for a broker to offer these so I was fairly impressed by their wide range of offerings.

Now, so far I can say I was impressed but not blown away. Many brokers out there offer these products afterall. So I do more due diligence and see if they have any branches. Turns out they do have offices in London (pending FCA I think), Hong Kong, UAE, BVI, Poland, Cyprus, Portugal?!, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia. I mean what the hell that's quite a big company. One thing I've learnt to avoid are bucket shop brokers, small little brokers who have a license in some country and would close at the first sign of trouble. Big presence is good.

Up to this point, I'd say I am a little bit more than impressed. Not something that would blow me away as I've seen other brokers which can do all these too. I asked to be introduced to the CEO Jacobus by a mutual friend so I can get a feel on how this broker is like. He links me to him via skype and if there is anything that has impressed me more than anything else, it was my conversations with him. This guy, Jacobus, is so down to earth it is unbelievable. I mean for a CEO, you'd expect them to be a bit more.. prideful? But man, this guy is fantastic. One thing I look out for in conversations with CEOs are what questions they ask, especially from potential IBs. Most of them usually revolve around the questions of "How many clients do you have"? , "How much volume do you generate?" , "Can you bring these clients over? And if yes, how long will you take?".

I hate these questions. I really do. I don't know about you, but these questions stink of people seeing their IB's beloved clients as just "numbers to a bottom line".

Jacobus, though, stuns me with questions like "Tell me brother, what kind of spreads do you need so that your clients can trade even more profitably? (I use a scalping strategy so tight spreads and executions are important)." , "Don't bring your clients over, I wouldn't want any IB to do the same to me so it's not right that I wish that upon others." , "How can my team here support your operations better?"

I mean, hand to heart, this is the first time I heard these questions from a CEO. If there are other brokers out there who do this, please contact me lol (kidding).

So anyway, I decided to test how serious he was. I told him I wanted a custom price feed (not easy for many brokers) even though I had a big fat zero "0" clients with him. He says okay and within 2 days, he set it up. Whaaat?! I make some adjustments just to see if it was some existing package and he made the adjustments to the t for me. Honestly, good stuff.

I then start referring some clients over to test his platform. They don't have a back-office which clients can log in to and that bugs me a bit (honestly). They do make up for it through their live support though. Feedback from my traders is they really love the spreads and execution. No requotes and bullshit. I was even offered ticket receipts on which LP took my trades and that's awesome. It's on a special request basis I believe. My scalping performance across a few relatively good brokers I am testing (IC Markets, Pepperstone, Tradersway) is best on this broker. Probably because of the custom price feed and fast execution. I mean I have a stop loss of 4 pips most of the time lol. Having a 1 pip spread is like having 50% loss right off the bat.

Moving on (hell this is one long review), Jacobus flew down to Singapore to meet me. We had 2 beers for starters (I am usually done by the end of 2 beers) and after that we went up to the top floor of Marina Bay Sands to have dinner, where we ordered 2 more bottles of wine. I can't hold my liqour well but apparently he can lol. Anyway, he tells me "Desmond, I am having my launch party on 15th March in Sydney, it's gonna be at a suite and it's gonna be awesome, will you be there brother?" and I replied "Hell yeah". I should have consulted my fiancee first at this stage but maybe all that beer and wine caused me to forget that (I hope she doesn't read this).

Fast forward, 1.5 months later, I fly down to Sydney via Qantas (flight QF6) and arrived for his party. I believe there was about 80 guests there and it was a blast (the food and booze). What surprised me was that everyone seems to lavish the same praises for Jacobus. From the retail traders to the big CEOs. This is nice as I wanted to be sure he wasn't giving me preferential treatment because of my company and what I could potentially offer. I surveyed his office there the next day and really loved the setup. Everyone is down to earth and treats you like the most important person on earth. Their head of accounts Koffi even took time off and guided me to the train station when my stupid coach service forgot to pick me up. Everyone there embodies love, humility and a strong desire to do good by their clients. I hear the same shit from many brokers saying they want to put their clients first, but until I see everyone from the CEO to the admin staff doing these, I find it hard to take their word. In this sense, MEX Exchange scored full points.

Jacobus dropped me a message saying if I could give an honest review of how I felt. And it surely means something when I'm typing out a freaking 5,000 word review describing in painstaking detail why I think this is one of the best brokers around.

So here ends my review. I have some pictures as proof of my recent trip down. You can see them here :

Plane ticket : http://oi66.tinypic.com/24c75sm.jpg
Meeting picture (I'm the small asian dude) : http://oi66.tinypic.com/2eycrwn.jpg

Peace out.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
5 Star rating removed.

We aren't sure what "Forex Army" this person claims to be with, but it's not the FPA.  This review came from the same location used by MexExchange support in the FPA's forums.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.