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Updated: Feb 3, 2018
3.995 · 16 REVIEWS
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December 2012.  TulipFx is no longer selling the Kangaroo EA.  Instead, the offer it as a managed account.


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StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
Rocket EA+0.5160.1+35.458

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TulipFx.com profile provided by TulipFX.com, Jun 22, 2017

TulipFX is a premier boutique-style trading company operating in the foreign exchange and futures market. Our mission is to give individuals access to highly reputable, profitable and professional trader returns.

At TulipFX we are a team of professional and dedicated traders. We love to trade. And we love to generate automated algorithms. Our in-house skills include strong understanding of technical analyses, statistics, and the development of automated trading algorithms. With over 26 years combined experience in trading, we know how to analyze charts, develop automated trading algorithms and manage trading accounts. With our team based around the globe we follow the economic agenda 24/7.


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3.995 · 16 REVIEWS
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Nevada, USA,
Feb 3, 2018,
Registered user

What Happened to Tulip FX?

Something has happened to tulipfx.com. They sent me a copy of their Rocket EA v4.0 several weeks ago. I didn't do anything with it until a few days ago, when I decided to run it on my FXChoice demo account. I had a couple of questions about Rocket, which I submitted via their website contact form and email to support@tulipfx.com.

My questions have gone unanswered for several days, which is so unlike Tulip FX, as in the past, their support and quick responses have been stellar.

Lo and behold, I tried going to tulipfx.com. All that comes up is this page: http://tulipfx.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi

It appears that tulipfx.com has been suspended, for whatever reason.

Anybody know what's going on with Tulip FX? If they're gone, I'm sad to see them go.
Eric Switzerland,
Lausanne, Switzerland,
Jul 18, 2017,
Registered user

Vulgar martingale EA

A vulgar martingale EA sold for $ 750.-- ??!!

A rating of 4 stars and a half ?? !!

If you want martingales, you can find them in open-source.

Manama, Bahrain,
Jun 30, 2017,
Registered user

Very Good and safe EA

I have just brought this EA and run it .. until now i have great results .. they have excellent support and very honest to help others .. I think they are real traders same us and working hard
ROMA , Italy,
Aug 16, 2013,


, Canada,
Sep 25, 2012,

I have traded their Kangaroo EA since Jan 2011. Real and responsible people, sound and profitable trading, excellent technical solutions, and dedicated to customer service and improvements.

No trading is without risk, and being mindless or greedy in profit targets can be harmful to an account, also with their product. My recommendation for customers is not to use risk settings recommended by anyone else, but to first check what they themselves feel comfortable losing when the odd stoploss happens, and then determine the expected profit from there.
jakarta, Indonesia,
Sep 23, 2012,

The best EA author is :
-using their money with this EA (they trust it for living)
-performance qualified by 3rd party (MyFXBook ie)
-their EA using multiple strategy for risk management : News filter, SL, reverse trade when wrong direction
-Really know how broker and platform works
-And the most of it : THEY WERE A TRADER LIKE US!
So they know what is feel just like we feel on forex market.
Thats make them never leave their client whenever their EA has been sold. And keep updating their EA to the client to coupe with market that change everyday.

Not like other EA seller outhere that got thousands of complaint, and then their EA cant adapt with market, suddenly their website "GONE" !

I cant find anyother team like it but just Ozzie and Dutch from tulipfx.
Toronto, Canada,
Sep 23, 2012,

I have used the TulipFx EA/service for about 1.5 years. They are honest, customer oriented and have an excellet product. Their forum is one of the best I participate in - knowlegeable people who are very willing to help. I have been very impressed - just wish there were more like them.
Reus, Spain,
Sep 18, 2012,

I'm trading Kangaroo (only AUDUSD) since January 2011.

I must congratulate the vendors for their honesty and good work. In principle, the EA is very difficult to trade due to unfavorable RR. But as you work with it you gain confidence. Kangaroo is actually one of the most stable and robust EAs I have in my live account.

During this time trading with Kangaroo I also have seen the vendors strove to improve service: They not only offer a EA, also through his forum give good advice on trading, brokers, etc.. They are always attentive to the forum and respond immediately.

I hope their next product, Umbrella EA, will be of the same quality as Kangaroo.

So I can not rate any other way than with 5 stars.
HK, Hong Kong,
Sep 18, 2012,

I have been with Kangaroo EA since Dec 2010 and this is one of if not the only EA I bought which actually is profitable. The support team done through the forum is very efficient to address any issue.

The EA is very broker dependent and the results obtained are not always exactly the same as the official account. I had a two stop loss where the official account didn't have them, but I had also a few winners that the official account also didn't have, even with the same broker and same VPS. So do not expect to have an exact mirror of the official account and do follow the recommendations of Tulip FX team for the brokers.

I used to trade it at a higher risk than recommended, but I now trade it with the default parameters, which are already very profitable, with roughly 80-90% profit per year.

There are many members of the forum who are experienced in FX with EA and they bring the discussions at a very high level.
Nova Scotia, Canada,
Sep 17, 2012,

TulipFX's team is one of the most professional people I have encountered. Their robot, Kangaroo EA, has made me a substantial profit since I have started running it about a year ago and is the only robot I will trust with a lot of my capital. Why?

1. The support is beyond what I expected, they have a forum where they will answer your inquiries in less than 24 hours and same via email.
2. They send very specific Trade Alerts so that you know when not to trade and what to trade.
3. If you look at the sexy smooth equity curve on their live account that has been running for about 2 years now, if you have the right broker and trading conditions (which they help you greatly to pick), this is what you will be getting too.

So, in short, when I look for an EA, these are the things I am looking for: 1. Support, 2. Clear and precise, 3. Profitable. Kangaroo EA is all of those and I hope that TulipFX will release more EA's because they have my complete trust.

Trading this robot along with my manual trading for me is a no-brainer and brings me exceptional results.

If you don't believe me or the other reviews, hop over to their Forum and you will see how happy everyone is with them.