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Updated: Nov 14, 2018
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Vincent Whiting,
New Zealand, New Zealand,
Aug 18, 2012,

I have left 4 emails with this company as they appear to be a very similar company to Prime4x, who scammed me out of alot of money.
I have looked on their website and they are promising 11% returns - IMPOSSIBLE. In my contacts i put who i was and that I wanted proof of their trades, guess what .no replies. Please stay away.
South Africa,
Feb 8, 2011,

I have tried to give Jim a 5 star rating for his good management and conservative trades but the rating does not show on the website.
His emails for every trade to all his clients explaining the reason for the trade and all is outstanding. Where else do you get this?
He only does "High probability" trades.

2011-01-09 5Stars I must upgrade my rating to 5 stars now. Done over 60% non-compounded last year with DD of 5% max.
4.3% for December. This very good for December with the higher volatility.
This new rating is for their good money management. They placed very few trades but all were in the money at close. They do not trade if in doubt just for the pips they earn.

2010-12-10 4 Stars I have been with Jim for about 8 weeks and although they don't charge a fee for performance, they don't churn your account for pips.
I am impressed at their conservative trades. Last month they only took 5 trades as the market was choppy and still made 5%.
On my $10K account they use 0.3 to 0.5 max lots.
So far this month is looking great. All trades are positive.