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Updated: Jan 17, 2018
2.16 · 45 REVIEWS
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The LeoTraderPro MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor. The Leo Trader Pro automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested on live account by the Forex Peace Army™ The LeoTraderPro.com forex robot claims to use 7 neural nets.


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StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
Leo Trader Pro+1.22148+499.986

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2.16 · 45 REVIEWS
Forex Peace Army

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Seattle, USA,
Feb 25, 2013,

I lost a lot of money on this one! It wins an average of 150 pips and loses 3300, yes 3300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Apr 14, 2012,

It is just another scan. They just put this on the internet to use the victim’s money to build their own future.
I always knew that robot sold on the internet with cheap price can't be real but as they had money back grantee I just gave it a try.
For the first week on a demo account from the brokerage they have mentioned it is working fine it didn’t open even a single trade. After a week it opens a position and made about 10$. That was the only profit I got on a demo account. Then they have released some patches but even that didn’t work a bit. After a month I claim my refund and they to keep me by making so many promises but I insist and got my money.
Of course I am sure the real expert was making a perfect money for them and I am sure they have used money from people like me (let’s say if 1000 people bought it) then they have about US$130,000 money from client for 2 months and they could have at least make about the same amount for their own future investment.
No one should trust them.
merl root,
Indiana, USA,
Mar 8, 2012,

I have been live for a few weeks. It has produced a few trades, mostly just nickle and dime stuff. If someone has a real success with their setup, please pass it along. Customer service has been somewhat timely in their response.
The stop loss is crazy.....if the trade has not yielded a profit and I maintain my own stop loss. I use 30 pips, let the system take the profit.
Any other feedback is greatly appreciated....I'm only trading EURUSD. It seems to have a problem with the GBPUSD, it holds the trade for a great length of time.
What would it take to use LTP on other pairs?
, Australia,
Mar 7, 2012,

EA had big losses for me.
Milan Vavra,
, Czech Republic,
Feb 14, 2012,

I bought LTP in December 2010 for $ 147. I was impressed by his results, access to their accounts, and neural networks. S/L 330 pips was terrible, but argued that it is just in case. The neural network does not open a store that would result in a loss. Thats the vendor said.
Unfortunately this is not true. After a decent performance on LTP demo it's made ​​a big hole in my live account. I returned LTP to the demo, which runs about 1 year. And how it behaves? Take a coin and throw fits if heads or tails. Accordingly, let buy or sell and set the T/P = 10 pips and S/L = 330 pips. It is highly likely that trade will hit T/P sooner or later . But blocks the margin, all the time, a slight gain is achieved (lot size must be small, due to the enormous S/L and the principles of MM). When the trade reaches the S/L, clears results 33 profitable trades.
In this procedure, you are trading as successfully as LTP and save money for his purchase. Today I turned off him and put him in a tomb similar robots.
I do not recommend using LTP.
Radek Sochanowski,
, Poland,
Dec 8, 2011,

I purchased the product two days ago. Until now I'm not able to download the software... Their customer support does not work at all !!! Sent them three tickets, two email -> no any reply....
Wondering whether this company still exist??
Alabama, USA,
Dec 8, 2011,

Absolutely love this EA!!! My account is up 300% since I started trading it in January of 2011. It's worth every penny I paid for it. Actually it's worth a lot more than that.

My advice to someone looking to use this EA and are concerned about the 330 pip SL, trade the EURUSD only. That's all you need. Your account will grow, just be reasonable with the amout you are risking.
, USA,
Dec 2, 2011,

I rated this product not long ago poorly due to the customer service. The problem has now been resolved with the new version and I am happy to report Leo Trader Pro does now trade with profits and with no problems. Also, the trades now match almost pip to pip with their website. It does work and I am now a happy trader with LTP. I will also purchase a new license for another account of mine.

2011-11-15 2Star I have tried to use Leo Trader Pro but there always seems to be an issue. However, when the suppor team simply does not repond or responds without really reading the question and is rude it is simply time to move on. Leo Trader Pro is simply not a good EA and the support comes close to scam level support.
London, United Kingdom,
Nov 27, 2011,

Will wipe out your account eventually with 300 pip SL

2011-02-03 3Star I previously got a refund then decided to purchase again when they sent me an invitation email. Up 20% since early January 2011. Now cautiously optimistic, as long as a stop loss not hit,..

2010-12-30 1Star Look, we've all got that email from support, which should have been included in their manual anyway.

I didn't pay my hard earned money to watch pretty lights flashing on a chart. No trades on any of my accounts and you will note neither with FPA or Forex Verified tests.

I'm out.

2010-12-27 1 star Looks like yet another scam. V poor info on the manual. They would have saved themselves a lot of trouble by putting info in the manual. As mentioned by others, using all default settings you simply don't get the trades while their FinFx account shows trades.

Another example of the old adage, if its too good to be true,..

Its simply not possible that the trades on their live account are correct,..one losing trade since August 2010? Please,..

Only reason I went in is because marketed through Click Bank - don't waste your time contacting their own team if you want a refund just go straight to Click Bank link
Fabio de Araujo,
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil,
Nov 19, 2011,

I bought this product but it didn't work with me (my broker) and support didn't help so I'm disappointed.