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Updated: Oct 18, 2018
4.499 · 62 REVIEWS
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FX Pig is an online forex broker. FxPig offers the MetaTrader 4 and cTrader currency trading top platforms. FXPig.com offers over 10 of the most traded currency pairs for your personal investment and trading options.


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FxPig.com profile provided by Kevin Murcko, Nov 30, 2016

FXPIG is different. Yeah, we know everyone says they are different, but seriously, we TRULY are DIFFERENT. Our core focus has, and always will be on our trading PARTNERS.

We do not sugarcoat what happens in the market, nor do we spend countless marketing dollars to cover up the not so elegant side of this business, we prefer to push that money into research and development of our trading environment, something that is constantly evolving. While we cannot promise perfection, things can and most often do happen, what we can promise is our implicit dedication to taking on each and every problem our PARTNERS face with the same veracity regardless of the size or scope of the issue.

The FX Market is hard enough to navigate on its own, and we know, from EXPERIENCE, that the last thing a trader needs is more red tape and vague and unsupported answers to their very poignant questions. FXPIG knows that while all traders want the best possible price, each and every trader needs a different set of tools to be successful. That is why we not only provide the highest caliber infrastructure but also work to make sure you can access this infrastructure on a budget.

Our slogan underscores the overall truth in our business model, the overall truth in why FXPIG has been able to grow inside a very difficult industry without reverting to the same unscrupulous tactics as its competitors; FXPIG, Where Traders Come to Win.


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4.499 · 62 REVIEWS
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Oct 16, 2018,
Registered user

I have just received the funds from FXPIG via Skrill today.
FXPIG has good customer service there was a problem with their bank
When I made the withdraw I requested it to be sent to a different bank that I funded the account originally from.

Oct 11, 2018 - 1 Star Stay Away far Away from FXPIG
I requested a withdraw on September 13th 2018
I am still waiting for my funds
Aug 21, 2018,
Registered user

Amazing broker

Great support, good spread, fast withdrawal. The only down side is the high minimum deposit of 500$ and the deposit fee.
Ontario, Canada,
Aug 3, 2018,
Registered user

Great broker, went to them after IC markets closed their doors to Canadians and kicked me out. Great Execution and fills. Not going to sugar coat it, spreads, rollovers are a bit worse then IC...but over all very very happy.

Jun 29, 2018 - 5 Stars Been with FXpig for several moths now, , made few thousands dollars. No problems at all.
United Kingdom,
Jul 18, 2018,
Registered user

Completely bypassed stop loss. Not acceptable for a broker in my opinion. Abit miffed to why the 5 star rating. Only tried them due to this. In search of another...
lower saxony, Germany,
May 21, 2018,

Just medicore so far...

i ve opened an Account with fxpig and there is a problem with my credit card verification, they promissed to examine the issue and to contact my the next day
with their findings. Meanwhile 4 days have passed and nobody of the fxpig staff has
contacted me so far.I read many reviws about their outstanding support, but from experience the are just medicore.If they some day manage to verify my credit card, i will continue my review about the trading conditions at fxpig
Apr 23, 2018,
Registered user

Good broker

Very good respond by their customer service. Decent spreads and commission. Well organized company. Deposit fees are higher than other brokers. I didn't like when my account would fall below $1000 they would lower my leverage, although I had on all my accounts far above $1000. For that reason I stopped trading with FXpig.
Toronto, Canada,
Jan 13, 2018,

Best broker I've had in years

I was searching for an offshore broker, since Canadian regulations and leverage rates are just atrocious. After spending a couple of months searching, and going through review after review, I settled on FxPig. I am glad that I did. Their support answered any of my questions pretty quickly during business hours. When I was getting my credit card set up for deposits, unfortunately it was quite the ordeal. It took a few days, where I was hoping it would only take one. But I'm glad that both they and their vendor that processes the credit card transactions exercise due diligence, and wanted high quality images of my documents, to ensure there was no fraud. A lot of scammers out there would take your information and run. I'm glad FxPig is not one of those.

Although I have only been trading with them live for 3 weeks now, I have been quite profitable. I also have only been trading mini and micro lots. After dealing with a broker in the past that played some shady games (charts not moving despite other brokers are, take profit levels being hit yet the trades don't close, etc.), I knew what warning signs to look out for. FxPig has given me none of those warning signs whatsoever. I have entered trades both manually and with pending orders, and have had virtually no slippage at all. I have also exited my trades both manually and with take profit levels, with no delays or negative slippage. I should add that I do not trade news, and I do not use EA's or any form of automated trading. People that use those, might have a different experience. Especially automated trading during big news releases.

Another thing that really attracted me to them, was that they offer their own Mastercard. For someone with a smaller account like myself, I like to avoid costly wire transfer fees. It's not worth losing 10% of my withdrawn amount, because a couple of banks want to take payment for the money transfer. Having a credit card that I can fund from my trading account with less fees, and a much faster transfer than a bank wire, was the last thing that convinced me that FxPig is the broker for me. I haven't withdrawn any money from my account yet, as I want my account to build up for now. But in a couple of months, I'm looking forward to getting my card.

Kevin has posted quite a bit on other forums whenever people have had questions about FxPig, and he's always been honest and forthcoming about why they make the decisions that they do. One person had a problem where they lost their account very quickly, but he explained why, and even after the client made a claim with the governing authority, the governing body found FxPig did nothing wrong. FxPig was even willing to do something to help the client out, even after it wasn't their fault the client lost. That right there says something about customer satisfaction. There is always room for doubt as to whether or not an ECN broker is a true ECN broker, or a bucket shop. But the more I've seen how FxPig handles themselves, the more I trust them.
Lennart Skoog,
Karlskoga, Sweden,
Nov 12, 2017,

Best broker in the world!

After surveying the market for some serious and truthful brokers for many years I can say - The best broker we ever had, no issues at all, over the years!
Belgrad, Serbia and Montenegro,
Nov 1, 2017,
Registered user

FXPIG can do anything

With FXPIGs, I met not very long ago, and now can happily say: WELL, FINALLY!!! Because today is the best of all the brokers with whom I have ever worked with. The minimum number of problems. Convenient interface of the site. The great speed of transactions. Honest quotes. With FXPIGs I'm sure working in the real market and not on some virtual account. They have the best technical support I ever met. And, no matter who will today be out of contact : Kevin, Sylvain, or Bily. Each day or night will quickly solve Your problem and will answer even the most unusual question. They always communicate professionally and with humor. With the PIGs I gained confidence and a positive attitude. It seems for them nothing is impossible. Instant Deposit and withdrawal confirmation email. I can say without exaggeration FXPIGs CAN DO ANITHING!!! It remains to wish them not to change anything and improve what has been achieved.
Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro,
Oct 29, 2017,
Registered user

FXPIG one of the best

Very good broker and my honest review customer relationship is excellent, good condition good spreads execution on of my favorite brokers.