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Updated: Oct 17, 2018
2.422 · 88 REVIEWS
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February 2017:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends a high level of caution dealing with Profit Forex Signals until this issue is resolved.

May 2012-December 2012:  Large numbers of suspicious and fake positive reviews received for ProfitFxSignal.com/Profit-ForexSignals.com.

January 2013:  The FPA has absolute proof that Profit Forex Signals repeatedly paid non-clients to leave fake reviews.

Profit Forex Signal finally confessed to this deception.  Profit Forex Signal also confessed that the awards on their page were fake.  Those fake awards have been removed from their main website.

Then, the FPA recommends a HIGH LEVEL OF CAUTION dealing with this company.

Formerly ProfitFxSignal.com.  Other websites of this company include profitfxsignal.net and forexcalibursignal.com.

Profit-ForexSignals.com (was ProfitFxSignal.com)

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Profit-ForexSignals.com (was ProfitFxSignal.com) profile provided by Anna, Dec 9, 2014


Our team is a group of highly professional traders with many years of forex trading experience. We trade for multinationals, financial institutions, banks, forex brokers and money managers.

With the help of our credible service, we'll show you how to make a lucrative living from forex trading.

After you subscribe, you'll quickly realise our accuracy, expertise and years of experience is worth the investment.

Because your success is ours - and we do not like to fail/

It's why we are the only forex signal provider that has never suffered a negative trading month. Nothing beats our performance.

How do we do it?

Our technique has been tested over many years. We have access to real-time critical information that allows us to assess when and where prices will move. We know when an Asian central bank is about to buy or sell EUR/USD and what price they will offer, or when England central bank plan to defend GBP at market. There are no assumptions or predictions - just facts.

We don't predict. We know. It's our distinct advantage.

We see actual bank orders way before you notice this when reflected in prices from your broker on a basic platform. This sort of priceless information is synergized with other critical indicators in addition to out systems, analysis and professional techniques to provide you with the best forex signal service you'll find.

When seconds count, you need to rely on timely, critical information in heartbeat. Profit forex signal works for you 24/7.

No EA, trading robot or other forex alert service can beat our performance.

Our real-time, real-person expertise will be the best investment you'll ever make. We don't offer fancy packages useless technical indicators or free advices that end up being inaccurate.


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2.422 · 88 REVIEWS
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Home, Brazil,
Oct 15, 2018,
Registered user

My experience

You that are riding this: i invested 5.500 dolars with the automated forex signals.
i had no problem with them, and im receving all support, they answer very quick, and im having 100-200 dolars per day of automated trade

my experience right now is amazing.
i recomend
london, United Kingdom,
Oct 9, 2018,

I have so far used them over a month now and they are true to there words. Been very impressed, customer service is excellent and the traders so far been hitting more than 80 percent success rate. I would recommend them any day.
boltiere, Italy,
Oct 2, 2018,
Registered user

Very good service

Service is really good, support and Nino is very good person and very avaible if you have a problem.

I have bought ultimate package at 20 september and last week i made 600$ with a 2000$ as capital, that is 30% with signal and their copy trade.

Amazing Service at all.
Lagos, Nigeria,
Sep 10, 2018,
Registered user

Everything is perfect!

Fist signals provider what I found that all is similar like it is advertise. SMS and EMAIL alerts are perfect. EUR/USD and GBP/USD trades are awesome. Support is great, usually instant reply to all my email. First I was skeptical but now I recommend them to everyone. Their affiliate program also allow me to make extra funds per months, since that I know that sms and email signals will never fall down. More than 1500 pips, what is for me $1500 profit. Trade copier and other packages I will not comment because I am using only standard. Best regards for profit forex signals, just keep all like now.
Nea Flogita, Greece,
Jul 5, 2018,
Registered user

Recommended company for Forex

I feel responsible to put my review here. Profit Forex Signals is one of the best I've ever seen before! It is easy to work and it helps you every step of the way and makes it easy for you. Signals are very safe and accurate so I can easily make money. Currently I own of one Ultimate account and I am very satisfied with it. I am making more than 5000 pips per month even it’s looking unbelievable to someone. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to work Forex.
Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom,
May 8, 2018,
Registered user

partial resolution

Profit-forexsignals did refund the initial payment as promised in January. I have now entered into dialogue with them and they have promised as a result of administrative errors that the $1000 refund will be initiated immediately.
Thank you for your help and I will report back soon.

Russell Burton

Apr 28, 2018 - 1 Star I would strongly advise everyone not to trade with Profit Forex Signals ( https://www.profit-forexsignals.com/ PFXS )

Please read the seriously abridged version of events below:

It has now been over 14 weeks since $1000 was wrongly taken from my Paypal account.

Within 5 days I cancelled my Pearl Package subscription with the company on 14th January 2018. It was hard work but I was refunded.

8th February $1000 was taken by Paypal for the cancelled subscription. I had a warning from Paypal on the 6th February and tried to cancel the subscription but I was too late. This was done on the advice of Payal.

According to PFXS I shouldn’t have done this and it meant they could now no longer refund me through Paypal for 45 days. They said it would be quicker to do a bank transfer which would take 3 – 5 days. Later this was changed to up to 10 days.

28th February my bank details were given to PFXS

20th March I forwarded at their request my bank details again by forwarding the original email.

10th April PFXS said they would, “check immediately with accounts and update me.”

23rd April I emaiiled saying that unless I heard back by 27th April I could only assume they had no intention of refunding the $1000

What is missing from the above is dozens and dozens of emails, phone calls, skype messages/chats and messages through their website “chat” facility and many many many ignored emails.


I will update as to whether they have changed their mind and decided to refund the money, otherwise I shall start ramping up my experiences in dealing with this company on a wide range of forums and social media platforms. Hopefully I will be able to update everyone shortly.

Russell Burton UK

Jan 26, 2018 - 1 Star I signed up for the pearl service which is very expensive. After 5 days it was clear this service was not going to work as I was a reasonable amount down. I applied for a refund which was within their 7 days condition. I was told it could take up to 5 working days. It's now 10 days and despite constant assurances the refund has not been sanctioned. I'm so unhappy with their customer service and advise people to avoid this company. Russell

Reply by PFXSLTD submitted Feb 12, 2018 Everything is correct what is mention. Client got his refund with delay around 2 weeks. In that period we had lot of promotion, lot of holidays, and his refund really delay, but he received refund. What he can confirm and we can prove.
Reply by PFXSLTD submitted May 9, 2018:
It is correct, today we resolved this case as well, honestly with some delay, but what to do!? Out accountant ask for every single paper, so most of delay cause our legal and finance team. But we working and resolving issues by issues, always like we always do.
UK, United Kingdom,
May 2, 2018,
Registered user



I would give these guys 0 stars if FPA would allow me.

These guys are disgusting. They blew my £5000 account towards the end of last year (around September 2017). Since then the owner, Ninoslav Golubovic has promised to return my funds over and over again. It's clear he has done the same to a lot of people and not returned their funds.

He made some excuse about paperwork, not working due to illness and even used his son as an excuse to not pay. I actually think he enjoys blowing accounts for people and laughing about telling people he will pay them back and not doing it. It's all fun and games for him, yet he doesn't know the negative effect he has on people's lives.

I used the Pearl package and when DD was really high they decided to take 5 lot trades on my account. That was the last straw and is what blew my account

They even blew a $50,000 REAL account recently and removed it from their MYFXBook page.

They do partial closes to inflate their PIP COUNT so they would open a trade for say 0.5 lots and be in profit by 5 pips. They'd partial close it 5 times (so 0.1 lots each) and claim they made 25 pips. This is how they get their magical 9000+ pips per month. It's clear a load of c***.

I question whether they know what they're doing. If you look at their MYFxbook you'll see they always deleting trade accounts (because they've blown them) and starting with fresh account.

I'll leave it at this. If you join them, then you may as well flush the money in your account down the toilet. You will blow your account - that's a guarantee.

Good luck guys - hopefully my experience saves you time, a lot of money and frustration.
Reply by PFXSLTD submitted May 6, 2018:
Review is around 50% correct. Correct part is that client really lose funds, and that we have agree to recover loses. Recovering loses to clients is not our obligation it is our good will. Yes, there is delay with recovering funds, because we like company cannot just send funds to any personal without any kind of papers what describe why and how we sending him funds. As well there is lot of warning at website, that forex is risk and that noone should not invest funds what cannot afford to lose, as well at our website we have clear mention that our system maybe will not work with every broker ot with every client, there is satisfied and non satisfied clients. Also we have no obligation to recover any kind of loses to any client, it is only good will of our director Mr. Ninoslav Golubovic what you can see from lot of post that with delays he really recover funds to everyone to whom he promises. As well we are sorry because clients suffer loses and had bad experience with us, but like it is already mention in review we are working on recovering loses and find best way to do that.
United Kingdom,
Apr 18, 2018,
Registered user


I have registered with PFXS, 4 weeks ago having paid them $1000 for the privilege of trading my account. They then proceeded to blow my account of £4000 within 36 hrs.
They responded to my email saying it was all their fault and was due to software problems.
They promised to cover my losses and despite many emails of promises, no money has been returned to me.
I recommend that nobody should trust them with their money, as they run a scam of collecting a monthly fee, and without any care, they proceed to blow accounts.
hyderabad, India,
Mar 5, 2018,
Registered user

Resolved my past issues and now i am PFX and Nino..

i am with profit forex signals from past 1 year onwards.
and i have to stay that after we resolved issues,
i am stilll with profit forex signals, Nino is great..
Mar 1, 2018,
Registered user


These guys are scammers. They put out false information. Blew up my account in less than a week. They are unrNJegulated service and pretend to be legitimate service. They are so nice in front but when lose all your money, they are like cowards hiding and living. Please stay away and protect your hard earn money!!!

Feb 9, 2018 - 1 Star Here is a follow up to my blown account with them. Still no replies from them for my blown account.  All their data they report are false and F. They are running very deceptive operation and paying people to put a positive review. I am contacting Interpol to see if I can get them arrested for fraud. They operate from two countries Belize and Switzerland. Their main office is in Belize and they are unregulated. They just have a place to hang their hat in Switzerland.

Jan 31, 2018 - 1 Star I started the Pearl service around first week of January 2018 and in two days they blew my account of $3K at LMFX.They say it will be resolved but have not done anything since. I Nnow believe th to their customers. I will make it my life work to go after these people now since they can do this to so many innocent people that invest their hard earn money. Stay away from these people; they are a total scam and evil.

Reply by PFXSLTD submitted Feb 12, 2018 Everything is correct what client mention. He really lose funds in less than 2 days. Main problem is because we do not know why he lose funds. He is not our IB so we cannot see his account well. We believe that it could happen because broker slippage during Asian session, because low broker server speed, and slow execution, very low leverage. We got same reply like he did from broker, that all is our guilty.

We have very well investigate his mt4 report and first we could not find all our trades, then we find some ghost trades what are was not open by us.

So, to be honest we do not know what happen in just less than 2 days. That someone who first time heard for forex and open account will surely not lose all funds for 48hrs. So, we do not have explain because broker have put ball in our yard without giving us any kind of explain.

BUT WE ARE MORE THAN SURE THAT IT WAS NOT OUT GUILTY what we try to explain to him. As well we have offer him to recover his loses, even if it is not our guilty, as well we told him to open an demo account to see that it cannot happen. In this 8 years how we are in business this is more than strange situation for us as well.


Our company is Incorporated at Belize, under name PFXS LTD. reg number 144.194 at address Belize, Belize City - 1 ½ Miles Northern Highway, Central America, 31st March 2014, and it is well stated at website. Our owner is from Serbia.

Our address in Geneva, belong to our account and legal team, it is company what lead our paperwork and legal thinks, they give us their office for our needs as well, and we pay them for that. As well our servers, documents and main support is in Geneva. Anyone who would like can book appointment and visit us in Geneva anytime.

Our traders are world-wide, we have traders in US, UK, Australia, Swiss, Serbia, Austria, Germany. 2 traders work at sms and email server, while other 5 lead our trade copier system.