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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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TradingEliteClub.com (Pappa C, Andrew Chalmers)

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South Africa,
Feb 21, 2011,

Bad, bad service.
This guy has no idea what trading really is.

Like the below mentioned reviews said, he changes currency pairs and time frames all the time in search of something that will give profit.

He's like a new trader starting out to look for the holy grail, only he is charging you for searching with him.

He is pure internet marketer and stretches project deadlines till exhaustion so you would pay one more subs just to check if he is true or not. Like holding candy in front of a child.

There is no proof of his earning, so don't blow your money on this clown.
Feb 10, 2011,

Since Paul came back to the full time signals.. he has had three losing weeks on the bounce.. trading his s2s...
Yesterday he changed systems (again) and after a eureka moment (honestly) he claims he had a winning day.. i on the other hand lost 50 pips.. so the new system is 'if it losses, i'll just lie that it won'
There has been so many funny moments and excuses along the way it was almost worth the £100.. but now he is just insulting peoples intelligence.. BE WARNED if you are happy losing money then T.E.C is the place for you, led by Paul 'proper clown' Chalmers
Feb 10, 2011,

Awful system. goal post changed. all losses arent recorded. doesnt know what he is doing. makes it up as he goes along.

STAY AWAY. SCAM. i dont think it even rates as a 1 star
Jan 9, 2011,

This signal service started in December 10 just purporting to trade GBP/USD on the 5min chart but when it started he (the self styled PappaC trading Mastermind) started using the E/U 5min chart.
After about a day he stopped the video service and it was just sound (not what was sold).

After a decent day monday/tuesday came black wednesday and black thursday he even dropped to the 1min chart and everyone seemd to be scalping, esentially it was made up on the go.

He closed early many days. someone figured it out as just a PSAR or crossover system fairly early on. PappaC is a marketer not a trader. Very Very poor, you will blow your account trading this.