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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.25 · 4 REVIEWS
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2.25 · 4 REVIEWS
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Sydney, Australia,
Dec 3, 2011,

Have been using RN for several weeks now in demo. I use 8 currencies plus gold, and am actually ahead. There are great days and bad days (don't seem to get too many breakeven days). The secrets for me going forward are (a) choose trades carefully - not ranging days as it states in the manual, and (b) set a small stop loss.

My goals are 10 pips profit, 10 pips stop loss, with trailing step of 9 pips. I also place another EMA line on the chart, which is 432 periods (3 times the 144 EMS used by RN). If you take a trade when the 432 EMA is in the same direction, and the 3 EMAs line up (ie short, medium, then long) in that order, then the probabilities are very high in your favour.

My rule for lot size is trade the same size as the account. For example, if the account is $5000, then buy or sell $5000 of currency (0.50 standard lots).

I am disappointed by the negative comments here. It seems so many people want a system that just works and requires no thinking. Get real! They don't exist. This system is not crap. It works if you put just a little bit of time and understanding into it.
The Midas trader,
Aug 11, 2011,

Paid $97 for this last week and have applied for a refund. I just hope their refund guarantee works better than their very misleadingly hyped forex system. Stay well clear of this. I have been testing trading systems for 10 years and this would have to be one of the worst I have encountered. This is because the surefiretrading challenge competition gives 20 competitors $1000 in a trading a/c to trade not just the markets but against each other for a $10,000 Prize so naturally they are going to take huge risks over the 30 day period to try and win since they have nothing to lose. The winner, who`s system is now being marketed used no stop loss, no profit target, lost $526.50 on one trade ( from a $1000 a/c !!! ) and was prepared to lose up to $800. Now I ask you in all fairness, how many times can you lose $526.50 from a $1000 dollar a/c ? So the luckiest (over 30 days) biggest risk taking trader is always going to win in this sort of set-up.. The Rover North Forex System is a serious wealth hazard which will keep blowing your account as often as you are prepared to refund it. There is a totally free simple, tested and proven trading system called "The three ducks trading system" available from a professional trader called Andrew Perry in Dublin. Andrew is a very genuine guy and when you prove his free system he can improve your trading profits further at a very reasonable fee. I have no personal or financial interest of any with him.
The Midas trader
May 4, 2011,

This product is utter crap. Stay away from it.
Mar 8, 2011,

Here's my update:
I ended up asking for a refund. Just not worth it. Trailing stop did work better than the Profit Grid, but hitting the stop loss on one trade wipes out all profits. I suppose if you set up the EMAs like they do and traded the system manually, you could get good results.
If you want to give Rover North a try, you can get it on Ebay for 5 or 6 dollars. You can actually get a lot of the current popular EAs on Ebay for a small fraction of what the vendors charge. Not sure if these people are selling them legally, and I doubt you would be able to get a refund.

2011-02-10 No Rating No rating since I have only had this a couple of days.
Very simple system with good EA that has you confirm weather or not you want to get in a trade when it signals you. It would be nice if they would give you some more information on what to look for when making the decision to take a trade or not. I imagine more experienced traders would know....
There are some cool things about the Trade Assistant EA that they don't mention in the sales page. You can set a default TP and SL, or it will set a trailing stop that you can define. I think the best thing is their "Profit Grid" management. This will place a stop loss that locks in some profit. Then it will add to the position if it keeps going your way while moving the stop accordingly. This allows you to walk away from the trade after the first stop is set knowing that even if the trade goes against you, you won't lose anything.
I did a couple of trades with this today that went against me, but I still gained three pips on each.
They have already posted an update to the EA, which timestamps the signals and allows you to use other indicators on the chart with it, among other things.
I think this one could be profitable once you get the hang of it. I will update after I've used it a while.
Mar 3, 2011,

Hey Mark, exactaly how do I get this system for free?
Feb 20, 2011,

This system is AWESOME .....IF you trade it manually. DO NOT pay for it. The stupid EA they made to trade this system doen't even trade it the way it is supposed to be traded. The manual version of the system...which is FREE...is very profitable. The EA is a killer. The EA gets about a 50% win rate with a risk reward of less than 50%.

I am just letting you know, the FREE version, which is manual, is excellent. The "paid for" version is a load of xxxx.
Feb 5, 2011,

You have to ask though: why are all Surefire Trading Challenge links in a Yahoo search going to the one website - Rover North Forex Systems? I can't seem to find the "official" site for this competition.