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Updated: Feb 4, 2019
3.886 · 42 REVIEWS
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KeonConsultancy.com profile provided by Keon, Jan 24, 2013

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3.886 · 42 REVIEWS
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Manjeet Singh,
Delhi, India,
Feb 1, 2019,

So far so good!

So far so good Anand. I would keep tracking your forex trading closely to consider increasing my capital.
Satish P. Manwani,
NCR, India,
Jan 31, 2019,

37% with 1;30 leverage

I have an account in Tickmill UK with small leverage of 1;30 on major and 1;20 on minor forex pairs as per ESMA. I am pretty surprised that Keon made 37% in two months in spite of this small leverage. Drawdown was mere 15%.
Aug 7, 2018,

Double in less than 4 months by Shares-CFD

Slow and steady trading in stocks. Less no. of trades cost me less brokerage commission. I got my account doubled in less than four months even after deducting fees. Only 9 trades so far only in shares of Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Intel; running profitably in Google. CFDs of shares gave me more margin for trading.
Khushi Roy,
Jun 4, 2018,

Good trading!

Good trading so far since Jan, 2016, thinking of putting in more funds & getting better returns on investments.
Reply by Keon submitted Jun 20, 2018:
Thanks for taking your time to write your experience.
Abudhabi, United Arab Emirates,
May 29, 2018,
Registered user

One day you will remember me, wait and seee Mr.Anand

Hi This is Niyaz Mohammed from Abudhabi, i already posted 2 post earlier, now i need to come again , because 1 person from Bangalore whatsapp me asking about Anand Kumar Dubey service, i shown him that i emailed to Alpari Broker,UK and their confirmation about Anand Kumar Dubey is no longer associate wil Alpari,UK after my complaints they noticed that he plan was to cheat..

Now he saying anyone can open any broker account i will trade like that , this his new idea to attract a client.. One day u will come to know Mr.Anand, on that day u will definitely will remember my words because of cheating my money and you got IB commission around 5200$ , U forget almighty GOD and still cheating people now

My dear friends just think in your mind , why u need to give your hard earn money to this kind of basturds fund managers ??, again i am saying this people big fraud, they wont trade with their money, they will trade with others money, if they can trade in their account will be millionaire now, again again my i am saying atlast we wil be looser u cannot blame him and u cannot catch him also if he makes lose your money.

Every time if a negative comments came he will always blame this is belongs to NIYAZ / JAYSHEEL , dont u hve shame Mr.Anand ??.. even we people can understand any positive comment came its doing by Mr .Anand and his team , i am 100000%% sure.. Hope you remember that last 2 years before u called me and requested that to delete my comment in FPA, after that i will pay all your lost money ..

If Still my friends had any dought please whatsapp me or call me 00971507014493. or if you need to loss you

May 22, 2018 - 1 Star Hi All

Hai this is Niyaz Mohammed, i need to come again in forex peace army for complain Anand Kumar Dubey. Some one call me from Bangalore today and ask about Keon Consultancy, i had sent him all details , in bigning he said Niyaz belongs to Jaysheel and in last chatting he said i had personal issues with Niyaz. so he is big lier, please check my previous coment posted in Forex Peace Army

My dear friends please please dont loose your hard earn money trust me.. now he claiming that any one can open account in any broker, so that i cannot take IB commision, this is his new idea to get client..

Just think yourself ,If he can make money by forex trading, why he is not trading in his account and make money, because he cannot take risk on his hard earn money..He wants others money to take risk, so he can trade relaxly and take every month 30% profit sharing..

so please study yourself and trade yourself, i am one of the victim of Anand kumar dubey, again if you need any proof please whatsapp i will show all chat proof with him & i complained with Alpari broker and they deactivated him from Alpari also, for more clarification you can whatsapp me or call me 00971507014493..

Please find the some email which i forwarded to Alpari Broker below, i had chat history with Anand Kumar which cant mentioned here if any one need i will show

From: Niyaz Mohammed [mailto:rvniyaz@hotmail.com]
Sent: 12 November 2013 08:40
To: Alpari (UK) Customer Services
Subject: Cheated by Money Manager Anand Kumar Dubey (868109)

Dear Alpari

I have been cheated by Fund Manager - Mr Anand Kumar Dubey (868109 micro). i had invested 10000$ on last friday 08NOV13 . i funded with credit card , I given my username & password to him . he trade my account with in 5 minute account balance is below 3$.
So he is targeting only for IB Commission. so please now i am in bad situation. i lost my money.

I dont wanna happen to anyone of the customer in future for the same issue . please tell me what is the best solution for this.

Alpari (UK) Customer Services 
Tue 11/12/2013 1:04 PM'Niyaz Mohammed' (rvniyaz@hotmail.com)
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email.

We will investigate your query and we will come back to you in due course.

Kind regards,

Lilian A.
Senior Client Services Representative
Email: support@alpari.co.uk
Tel UK: +44 (0)20 7426 2900
Fax: +44 (0)20 7426 2949
Web: [www.alpari.co.uk/support]www.alpari.co.uk/support

Email: support@alpari.de
Tel DE: +49 (0)69 742 225-251
Fax: +49 (0)69 742 225-055
Web: [www.alpari.co.uk/support]www.alpari.de/support
From: partnerships@alpari.co.uk
To: rvniyaz@hotmail.com
CC: partnerships@alpari.co.uk
Subject: RE: Alpari UK Partnership Termination - Unlinking Trading Account from IB Dubey Anand Kumar
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 09:14:22 +0000

Dear Niyaz,

Thanks for your email.

Mr Dubey Anand Kumar is no longer an associate with Alpari UK.

Your trading account 914441 has been unlinked and has been set live and you are able to trade on it.

If you require any further assistance, please let us know.


Kind Regards,
Rocio F.
Partnerships Department

Tel: +44 (0)20 7426 2870
Fax: +44 (0)20 7426 2879
Alpari (UK) Limited
5th Floor
201 Bishopsgate

Web: http://www.alpari.co.uk

Mar 13, 2016 - 1 Star Dear All

I am Niyaz Mohammed from Abudhabi, hope you have read my comments on last july 2015, 3 days before he call me to remove my comments which i posted & he give me a offer that if i remove my comment he will pay my all money.

Here i can see some positive comment coming from various people . I am DAMM SURE that this comment is created by him (Anand Dubey Basturd) & his friends.

So kindly take care from this basturd .that his always looking for IB Commision & to vanish the accounts. If you still doughts please sent me email niyaz@ggtt.ae & my mobile 00971507014493, i will show all chat & trade details by Team Viewer .

Kindly trust my words , if i am a fraud why should i post my email address and my mobile number.

2015-07-14 1 Star Dear All

My name is Niyaz Mohammed from Abudhabi last 20JUL14, i posted a complaint against Mr.Anand Kumar Dubey who Vanished My account of 10000$ for getting IB commision of more than 4000$ from Alpari.UK..
Well he commended that ( this person is Jayasheel (Pune) or one from the group of Jayasheel (Pune) ,We do not had any client named as Niyaz).
Well he called me 23JUL14 for removing the add from forex peace army, he told me once u remove the add from forex peace army i will return your money, i said i cant. after that he replied.

This is my email niyaz@ggtt.ae or call me 00971507014493 or watssupp , I will show you all history of chat & his email in team viewer. also please dont trust his words, he will say many excuse.

Finally he dont believe in all mighty God, if he believe he cant cheat anyone, finally still people used to call me to check regarding Mr.Anand Kumar Dubey & i already shown all details from chat history & email from Alpari.,I believe that i could save some people from this bastard

Review Moderation Team Note: If you have any files you would like to share, please do that in the FPA's Forums.

2014-07-20 1 Star Please do not join with this guy (ANAND KUMAR DUBEY), he is really bustard, last Nov 2013 ,i given to manage my account 10000$, he vanished with in 2 minute , to get IB commission, he got almost 4000$ IB commission . he told me its by mistake happen, really his planning was to cheat to get IB commission.If you wanna still join with this bustard, before that sent me email to niyaz@ggtt.ae or call me 00971507014493 ( DUBAI) i will show you all history of chat & his email in team viewer. so please dont trust his words, he will say many excuse.

Comment: Added by Keon on 2014-12-26
We are damn sure that this person is Jayasheel (Pune) or one from the group of Jayasheel (Pune).
We do not had any client named as Niyaz.

Again, It's ridiculous , Jayasheel. Grow up, you passed the college 3 years ago and now you must behave like a grown up man.

Anand, Keon and Team,

Reply by Keon submitted May 6, 2016 Whoever thinks that I can trade recklessly, should open account in any broker other than my partner broker. In this case, I will not be your IB and will not be earning any IB commissions. That's all. This guy Niyaz (Jayasheel or his agent/friend/whatever) has personal problem with me since 2011.
Mar 28, 2018,
Registered user

Keonconsultancy and Anand must not be trusted or invested in

Keonconsultancy has a lot of questions about them. One must avoid people like Anand and Keon. He does not have character. He seeks to wow you with plenty talk just so you can invest. I looked at his trading history and pointed out that his lot size is too much for a 1000usd account. How can one trade 0.1 on an account of 1000usd. The site raises a flag when been reached as insecure on my browser. If you are not a novice and you ask him professional questions, he gets fidgety then paranoid and then he begins to insult you. No professional does that to a client or an intending client. I was referred to him and when I sent the printscreened message to his referee, he was ashamed and disappointed. If he cant answer simple questions and be detailed to an investor or intending investor, he is obviously covering up something. I have evidence of what I speak of. I will advice people to invest in Brokers in the UK as they are better regulated and not some tram that is answerable to no one. I promised him one thing, that i would not stoop to insults by replying him , but I will make sure I warn the world about him.
Reply by Keon submitted Apr 20, 2018:
Anand: He himself claims here that he is intending to be an investor but he is just a middle man looking for some monthly income. Therefore I didn't continue talking to him. Anyway, we are free not to accept those who are deemed unfit to be a client. He says that he is intending client but I believe he does not fit to be our client. It's very simple
MN Appaji Gowda ,
Minneapolis 55435 United States, USA,
Dec 15, 2017,

Keon Consultancy is not only for profits but also selfless business guidance. This is my personal experience.
One can relay on them for money and advice without second thought.
Best of luck and business prosperity to Keon Consultancy team.

-MN Appaji Gowda
Minneapolis 55435
United States
Manju Nath,
India, India,
May 12, 2017,

My account has been quadrupled

Consistency is repeatability of excellence. And yes KeonConsultancy has excellently been trading in profit. My account has been quadrupled .
Bangalore, India,
Dec 27, 2016,

Forex Trading Course by Anand sir was great.

I highly recommend Mr. Anand of Keonconsultancy.com for forex trading course. I just want to write a single line,
"Great Anand sir. Just keep it up in the same way. I am very lucky to get an amazing mentor like you."
Forex Peace Army
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Dec 1, 2016,

Untruthful and unethical

I have been with Anan for approx. 1 week and he has lost my whole account in that time. He emailed me a statement to prove how well he is doing, however when I compared my live trading accounts trades with the one that he provides, totally misleading. He cherry picks the trades that he wants to show on his statement and in reality only shows approx. 25% of the trades he takes. He claims (and shows on his false statements) that he you will get approx. 30% return per month, however he managed to loose 95% of my account within a week. When I asked him if he has many loosing months, he said never. I believe based on my experience that he is unethical, in that he shows false statements and has not got any money management in place. A lot of his trades have a profit target but sometimes don't have a stop loss. When a position goes against him then he waits, prays and hopes it will come back before you get a margin call. He was ok replying to emails originally but upon blowing the account, I have not heard from him. He does a combination of martingale and revenge trading. If his trade gets stopped out on the occasion that he uses a stop loss, then he reverses the trade and doubles up on his lots and hopes that he will get a good run in the opposite direction, if he gets stopped out then he does it again and increases his lot sizes again. Wont be long in a sideways market that you will run out of margin and your account will be wiped out. Hope this has been helpful and I have saved you some potential loses.
Reply by Keon submitted Dec 7, 2016:
Neither I am using martingale nor I am losing. And, I don't have any client named as Kamil. So I doubted that Niyaz/Jayasheel (previously used names) may have written it because he is the only person who has been writing against me using different names and locations for more than two years due to personal problem. To be sure, I called him on his official no. from a different phone no. and I pretended to be a customer of his company. Then, he gave me no. of his colleague for assistance because he is in Australia on free trip offered by his company as he said. Hey idiot Jayasheel/Niyaz, I am always a mile ahead you & you can't defame me. If you have guts, come face to face.