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Updated: Dec 6, 2018
3.119 · 150 REVIEWS
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August-September 2016:  Multiple fake and highly suspicious positive reviews submitted for Forex Fury and Forex Steam.

September-November 2012:  Large numbers of highly suspicious positive reviews submitted for this company.

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3.119 · 150 REVIEWS
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taiwan, Taiwan, Province of China,
Nov 6, 2018,

5 year member

i am long time member of steam for 5 year, and i still use steam light to this day. i think this robot is the best, and it is even better now then it was when i first bought. this is rare, cuz i use 10 robot, always change and only steam i keep always.
Viet Nam,
Oct 18, 2018,

over $400 win

this steam service work to grow my account with fast effort. i have go from demo to live n jus 3 week, and now 3 month i make over $400. this v9 steam m5 favorite, i test on eurusd 1 account, usdjpy 1 account, usdcad 1 account, and i pick what best, like support say, good.
Cape Town, South Africa,
Oct 9, 2018,

Losses exceed wins x 9

Stay away from this EA. It definitely loses more than what it wins. As some users already mentioned, you have a couple of wins in a row but then 1 loss wipes out all those wins. Back-testing also gives the same results. Bunch of thieves with a marketing network (forexrobotnation) promoting their own EA's and posting fake results. You've been warned.
Reply by Forex Steam submitted Oct 16, 2018:
You need to enable pip retrace, and ensure that it's working properly by contacting support. This comment is mentioned rarely by other clients that haven't properly enabled this feature either. Which is why over 90% of our feedback is positive. As for FRN, or any of our other over 100 promoters, they all use affiliate links, and are upfront about the affiliate relationship. There is no advanced network or conspiracy.
Sep 27, 2018,

i wake up to many win agin today and think i must say now this work better than other ea. it is like win more than other robot and that all i want.
Washington, USA,
Sep 19, 2018,

Use all 4 licenses for testing

In now using all 4 lcienses that come with the Steam package. I am running 4 different settings configurations.

1. I use the default settings (working very well up 23% in 2 months)
2. I use the trailing stop feature (working better up 35% in same period)
3. I tried hedging in this account (up 5% - not going as well)
4. I use trailing stop feature with different pair USDCAD (up 55% in 2 months)

See if any of my configs help you out. and definitely use all 4 licenses for testing.
hong kong, Hong Kong,
Sep 11, 2018,

very good service, lot of pip, lot of trade, use lightv9 like other and do good. it not first robot but it last robot i ned. sorry for language not good.
De Wet,
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Aug 30, 2018,

No Solution from the help desk

this is my second review on the ea and if I could give them a -1 rating I would. I have been in contact with the help desk for the last 2 weeks. all that they are saying is that I must use different settings but they do not recommend any new settings or help. they want me to change my review to a more positive review due to the fact that they answers emails but the answers means nothing.

I agree with a previous review that this ea are making losses that wipes out all profits.

if there is someone who uses this ea and are profitable can they please give me the settings because Forex steam are not able to.

I wish I can get my money back....

Aug 10, 2018 - 1 Star i have bought the ea a week ago and struggled to get it going. in the beginning it work well for a couple of days but then it started to open trades with huge lot sizes and without stop losses or taking profits. Made huge losses. i have contacted desk support but they try find any excuses. hope someone else can help me but desk support is not assisting

Reply by Forex Steam submitted Aug 17, 2018 There are quite a few changes we have suggested, and we are waiting to see them implemented. We will continue to work with you to ensure you get the results, that our other clients are achieving.
oregon, USA,
Aug 29, 2018,

good start

just starting with steam, everything is good in my first 3 days. the support team helped me with the install and acutally responded way faster than any other provider ive ever been with so thats a good touch to.

ill look to update this in a few months, but its a good start.
Seth H.,
Illinois, USA,
Aug 26, 2018,

No Brainer

Worth the few bucks it cost me to help grow my tradin' account. It's a real no brainer, for an autobot tradin' a few hours a day.
Michigan, USA,
Aug 23, 2018,

Good quality, and good for beginners too.

Very good product.

Been with teh Steam team for 4 years and running.

Happy with the results, the support, and their market approach.

Good quality, and good for beginners too.