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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
1.779 · 8 REVIEWS
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NOTE:  This is another company that offers to train you to trade managed forex accounts and claims that they will then provide the accounts for you to manage.  Like all other such sites we have seen, there is no indication of where the money that will be managed comes from.  So far, we haven't heard from anyone who has joined a program like this and then been hired by the company that did the training.

The FPA advises extreme caution dealing with companies like this.


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1.779 · 8 REVIEWS
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, USA,
Mar 14, 2013,

Okay folks time to get real. If you think developing trading skill is going to be easy, you are in for a real disappointment. Want to make it harder on yourself, try doing it without training. I did and I wasted more money in the market that I care to admit. So I looked around for help and yep there are plenty of places that will be happy to take your money to teach you about trading, few will actually focus on helping you develop your skill. I chose Power Trading a year and a half ago because they were cheap and they focused on trading skill development. The information in the recorded class sessions was very good (could have been done more professionally perhaps but it was content that I was after). I learned more every time I reviewed it and it was good stuff that I could immediately apply in the market. That was the key for me; to use it, do it, journal it and learn from it. Nobody else can develop my skill but me and this takes discipline and work. This company has been good to work with. They are not perfect and sometimes take longer to answer an email than I would like and they certainly don’t baby you. You have to take charge of and accountability for your training and to use the tools they provide but they have been there for me every time I have asked for help. I never would have been able to accomplish what I have on my own (remember I tried). Their training and daily live class has been invaluable for me. Once my trading skill developed to the point where I began to consistently produce gains they took me live. I get paid every time I ask for it. I do expect at some point here in the not to distant future to have my own personal account built up with enough capital that I won’t trade with Power Trading any more. I talked with my mentor about that and he said that is the natural course of things, they expect it, it means they have done their job and through the process it has been a win/win for us both. I certainly agree and expect that my friendship with them will continue even when not trading with them anymore. Bottom line, they are not going to develop your skill for you and if you think this is going to be easy and that “they” are going to make you a good trader, I am telling you it isn’t going to happen; only you can do that. It takes a lot of hard work, more than you think it is going to. I can tell you though from my own personal experience with this company that when you are willing to pay the price and stick with it, these guys stick with you and they are good people to work with.
Fort Worth, Texas, USA,
Jan 22, 2013,

I'm sorry folks ...If something looks "too good to be true" it isn't most every time ! If I had a successful company like this ..I would have people standing in line to get an interview ! If I had talented traders that I had developed through my curriculum I would have it available free to them because they are going to make me money. Good companies pay for their employees education. If you believe this kind of baloney you need to wake up! Why is it it is always some newbie that leaves a good review and not the seasoned professional employee .( They don't have any seasoned professionals that they have developed.) I've asked if i could talk with one of their successful traders and it has NEVER happened !
If you believe this kind of foolishness then go give them your hard earned money. Oh by the way,do a fundamental analysis on them like you would a stock you were buying and if they make good grades then buy in.
California, USA,
Jul 20, 2012,

I spoke with Todd Miller for over one hour today 7/20/2012 via phone.
They advertise to trade with their Firm. To be able to trade their money and keep up to 80 percent of profits paid once monthly. Account gets reset every month to highwater mark.They have four levels.Novice,Trader,Specialist,Expert. Todd indicated no person has ever made it to Expert level in the two years they have been in
business. Better to trade your own account if you asked me...
Amber R,
Portland, Oregon, USA,
Mar 7, 2012,

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would put a post on here since this is the site I Initially went to when I was thinking whether or not I should move forward with Power Trading FX but after deep thought I decided to take the risk although some reviews stated otherwise and I am so glad I did. I have been with them for about 8 weeks now and I have progressed so far and Im starting to be consistent and begin supplementing my income because of their training and how it is structured to progress at your own pace. I felt obligated to put a post on here because I came to Forex Peace Army to help me make a decision and Im glad I decided to move forward even though I was skeptical initially. Dont ever let fear of failure hold you back from anything in life and make your own decisions.

Texas, USA,
Feb 14, 2012,

Here is my experience with them through series of emails after they pursued me:

From me= If you want my business, I would like to see several positive reviews about your company (not bogus company testimonials). I've read several iffy reviews about your service that make me uneasy. Let's not forget, I may have to "interview" to be selected by your group, but YOU are the one trying to sell ME something. And after that your firm wants me to, in essence, make them money. I personally think I have enough experience in FOREX to go out on my own, so I need convincing.

I look forward to hearing back from you,
Their reply: I am not hear to convince you or sell you. There is good and bad and of all the bad reviews there is only one yes 1 that has had anything to do with our company all the rest is speculation. We don't have an A- with the BBB because were bad at what we do. I think you are better off on your own. I doubt you would make it through the first round of the interview process with your attitude. We have the luxury of choosing who we work with, not the other way around. Best of luck to you. Go throw the $1000 it would cost you to start with us in an account and see how long it last you! I will scratch your name from my list! Thank you for your time


P.S We do not want or need your business, We create lasting profitable RELATIONSHIPS, thats the approach we take and we expect our traders to have the same mind set!
My Reply=“I am not hear to convince you or sell you.” – What the hell kind of business model is that. You are trying to sell something to me and you, my friend, FAILED. If you have so many people lined up to be part of your system, why are you looking for people to purchase your service?

Let me ask you this: If your service is so expert in Forex trading, why do you need other people to trade for you? Why aren’t you all just millionaires on your own merits, instead of feeding off of others success.

You think I give a damn about the BBB? So what if you paid for a good rating, anyone worth their weight in salt knows that the BBB is a scam. I’m talking about genuine complaints on sites where companies can’t buy a good standing.

If you don’t want my business, DON’T ASK FOR IT! You’re the one with ad, you self-righteous dick!
Dec 16, 2011,

I spoke with Todd, a supposed worker at Power Trading that was said to have retired a few months ago, and he was trying to recruit me. After being very frank and making himself clear that it wasn't for everyone, he said they were at capacity with 4 people but would accept one more because they liked my attitude. Upon giving him my information to verify my account, my card was denied.

They never asked me for permission to charge me, just to verify that it wouldn't be a burden. In addition, he asked if I had a limit on it, which I did. I have other funds and he wanted me, very much, to transfer them and call him back the same day, when I never agreed to being charged yet.

I got so caught up in thinking that over time I can develop into a great trader and realized that I felt used. I'm glad for looking around more, because I was going to put a burden on myself to make this investment. Yeah his webinar was great, but I never got a response from the guy who was supposed to contact me.

I thought that was also a little strange. I'm sorry if this is getting long, but I want everyone to know my story. Apparently, Todd decided to interview me himself and said that the other guy was sick and he sent him home. I don't understand why I never got a response from the guy I was supposed to be speaking with initially... which was two days before he got allegedly ill.

Anyways, that's my story and I decided I'm not going to take the risk. What got me was that he was so adamant about taking my money. I am going to call him and ask him for a contract to verify the courses, and everything, just to update you. Then I will say no.
Dec 13, 2011,

I have been with this firm for 4 months now. I began to trade live with their account two weeks ago. So far, all has gone as promised and I am beginning to make money back. I do recommend this program.

Review Moderation Team Note: This review was left from the same location that the FPA received email from a representative of PowerTradingFx.com.

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Aug 5, 2011,

Took classes from this company for 3 months. I was not happy with the fact they stated from the start that there would be a mentor that worked with a student from the start. This never did happen, hopefully it will in the future. They are not easy to get a hold of as well, always have to leave a message. Too much money for what you get.
San Diego, CA ,
Jun 29, 2011,

I have been training in the power trading course for 5 weeks now. So far my experience has been positive. I've been learning extensively. The way they train is very straight forward, and in a manner that is easy to follow and understand. I would recommend this program.

Review Moderation Team Note: This review was left from the same location that the FPA received email from a representative of PowerTradingFx.com.

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Mar 19, 2011,

I found this while searching on Google. They just advertised to offer this on craigslist. $799 training fee even if you are already successful you still pay and go through the training. $199/month desk fee and $2000 capital investment to cover your acct should you blow it.

Review Moderation Team Note: If you are already good at trading, maybe it would be a better deal just to trade $2000 for yourself. :)