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Updated: Jul 18, 2018
2.704 · 13 REVIEWS
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HantecFx.com is Hantec Markets in the UK.

Related sites include HantecMarkets.com in Australia.

Hantec Markets is a forex broker. Hantec FX offers the MetaTrader 4 and Currenex fx trading top platforms. HantecFX.com offers over 50 currency pairs, and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.


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2.704 · 13 REVIEWS
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Brian R,
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 16, 2018,
Registered user

Good customer service and available analysis

Customer service exceeded my expectations. The content produced by analyst is quite good too.
London, United Kingdom,
Dec 8, 2014,

Don't open an Islamic account with this broker. They make you sign a contract that they can close your account without reason or notifying you. They closed my account without reason and told me that it was the managers decision. If your not making them enough money avoid.
INDIA, India,
Dec 2, 2014,

Hantec is a good broker i have just started working. but i found very helpful people and broker have all solutions which good trader need,
, Turkey,
Jun 17, 2014,

The worst forex broker, avoid! I tried closing a profiting trade but the system data had an error. They gave me a bonus credit for a couple of months, which I could keep after opening 5 lots worth of trades. After meeting their criteria, they took their bonus back when I withdrew my money.
Choose wisely and avoid hantec.
London, United Kingdom,
Apr 13, 2014,

Excellent broker, true STP model! One of the best brokers in UK, never had any spillage or stop hunts.
mendrisio, Switzerland,
Mar 4, 2014,

Hantecfx its very bad broker. It happened to me exactly what happened to Oscar, stay away from this bad broker he just trying to take your money.
Oscar V.,
, Ecuador,
Jan 10, 2014,

It was a terrible experience, below the reasons:

- The demo and real feed prices and excecution are completely different, I tried my scalping strategies on demo succesfully, but, I couldn't trade a day in real account due slippage. It's a kind of cheating and fooling people with tricks like this...
- I deposited from another broker but they rejected to transfer my money to another broker because of their "rules and clauses". They did an exception for deposit and not for withdrawal???, again, a trick of not serious brokers...
- They charged me 25 USD because of a "Dormant Fee" without a proper notification, they said they sent an email that I didn't received... They could notify us through the platform too! or send more than one mail... It looks not too many traders are trading with them, so they have to create a "Dormant Fee"...
- They charged me 60.53 USD for a withdrawal! I have lost 85.53 USD (Withdrawal fee plus the "Dormant Fee") and not because of trading... It's crazy!

I think, many traders will stay away of this "broker"...
dhaka, Bangladesh,
Nov 13, 2013,

Im an IB of this co, My Ib acc no is 3930. they deduct 546.38 usd from my commission without providing any proper details from my account. one of my client opened account hantecfx under my ib in late april or early may 2013.He traded up to 20th of june-2013 after that he stooped trading with them and during that time he made $3209 total rebate.

after 1 and half months in aug-20th of 2013 hantec send us an daily confirmation email where we saw that they deduct $546.38 from my commission.
after seeing this we contact with them and asked for the reason, they only informed me that that client has some due balance so according to the agreement they deduct from my commission.
Ive no problem withthere agreement, but in their agreement it is alos mentioned that if there are any due amount lesft by any trader it has to be paid within 5 days other than ib shall pay that value. my question is he joined in april/may he traded till june 20th, but no one from hantec informed me that my client has some due amount left.
if they informed me in due time i can hold his rebate amount and adjust from that amount, but they informed me when he stooped trading and after almost 1 and half month later. so that he can collect his rebate from me, than they charged me.
I sent several emails to them to provide me proper documentation of that due amount, and also asked for the reason why they didnt inform me on time. bcz its not acceptable that they informed me 2-3 months later of client join and after 1and half months after the clinet left.

And ive doubt that that client is known by them, i mean some one of hantec ppl and that client made this intentionally, some one from hantec person helped him to do so. other than why not they informed me earlier within 2-3 months period, only informed and deduct amount after he stooped trading and getting rebate from my side.
so that i cant get $546.38 from that client and had pay him hiss due rebate.

So im requesting FPA team to investigate this issue and get back my $546.38 from this hantecfx.

i have all the email and monthly report from their side.

burhan ,
turkey, Turkey,
Mar 14, 2013,

I registered them via %100 bonus ads that you can see in everywhere. Firstly, their customer service is very bad. You should wait a lot of time to see answer.
I spoke with customer rep about bonus terms and they did not explain me bonus terms and conditions. And they told me that bonus should be added to balance. I opened 1,7 lots and follow equity and saw that there is enough money. Then I saw that my account is zero. When I asked them, they told me that the bonus is not including to balance.
I did not see this conditions anytime. It is not a bonus, hantech bonus means only more leverage. So their ads are fake, they lie about bonus. They did not explain anything in order to open an account. They told me that you accepted terms and conditions.
Yes I trusted them and accepted terms and conditions.
Thanks God that I lost only 1k. But no one should not lose their money with fake ads and companies.
It is sad to see regulated company can do something like this.
So I can't recommend anyone to trade with hantec.
GZ, China,
Dec 4, 2012,

It works fine when the start of trading. Once you have some earnings, this broker disconnect your MT4 every 30 min. So be careful if you are running scapler EA.