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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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alan hensley,
gastonia, USA,
Aug 11, 2012,

for me, just copy and past what Feliks has said, luckily, i bailed when my 20k went to 10k in 3 way oversized trades. a complete con, stay away from this idiot gunslinger. he does not manage accounts, he get hold of an account, goes all in and hopes to get paid. if trade fails, oh well, no skin off his back , on to the next sucker. STAY AWAY!!!
chennai, India,
Mar 15, 2012,

Every one he does a child play in Forex trading He trades lot size as 2 , 3 , 4 for a account size of $5,000.No fool will do it. Any child can earn by fluke in Forex .A seasoned professional will not take a lot size of 2, 3, or 4 for an amount of $5,000.He did it to me and has blown my account in 24 hours.

2011-10-10 1Star Hi Every one,

I humbly request every one not to belive Roman Balash ForexAMF.He washed my account $5000 in 24 hours. When I asked him he asked me to fund $5000 more. May be he could have succeded with some accounts. He is s*** .I can prove it .If required please mail to vengalsam@yahoo.com

Jul 29, 2011,

Hi,Asked this guy a lot of questions?He couldn’t provide any references(no email/phone/names..in fact his english is ‘turgid’….just a blunt NO);he refused to trade my demo a/c and he went this far to say people on the net actually trusted him when I pointed out it was pretty gullible and naive to put faith in someone with your money who you hadn’t met/spoken to before.Glad I searched the net for this guy.Thank you ForexPeace Army.
Mar 9, 2011,

I gave my account of $3,000 to be traded by Roman Balashov who need exactly 14 days to lost it. To be honest: First he doubled account in a week but he lost all in next 3 trades. Mistake is in his trading approach: He is using whole account for 1 position. Even forex rookies know it's just a question of time when account will be lost with that way of trading.
Before I gave my account to be traded by this guy I wrote to Roman that I don't look for such incredible gain of 120% per month which he is promising on his site. I wrote exactly: Important is not to lose account and not how big monthly return is.
Now I know 2 things more:
1. He supports his offer with many performance statements. But they are all short. Why? Because he lost all accounts on the end. In all statements he is showing only the part where he won. If he would be so successful there will be no client who will stop his trading after few gains...
2. Roman is asking 30% performance fee after each increase of 1/3 of a balance. Why? That way he is collecting money after each trade. And in case if he is losing next trade, he doesn't need to recover account. He already collected money.

And here is the best part: After he lost almost whole account (balance felt from $6,200 to $600) he disappeared, After a week I asked him if he won't recover account. He answered after my 3rd email with just one line: "can you pay me 20% while I am recovering loss? Roman."
Be aware of this scammer!