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Updated: Nov 14, 2018
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Sep 3, 2011,

Yes, they have started another round of sales pitch, and have presented two of the three promised videos. So far, the implication is that everything will be free. No doubt the price bombshell will be delivered after the final video, when they will feel that they have suckered enough people into thinking that they are getting a bargain.
I hope my comments add weight to those of previous commentators and help readers to avoid being taken in by this scam.
Jul 2, 2011,

hi all
i purchased NOVA CODE system ,i paid around 1997$, i found out that its a useless indicators of 3 systems each of just 2 moving averages ,and i paid also an upsell of 275$ (one of 2 payments) for the ultimate NOVA EDGE which i didnt get till now and they still asking me to pay the second payment,i asked for refund but the vendor rejected because the vendor needs to see my account statment proof ,how do i show them a proof if i'm not convinced with their product and there is no way i use their useless software ,
Los Angeles,
Jun 23, 2011,

ALERT! I just got a new piece of Forex system junkmail called THE GOLDEN COMPASS SYSTEM when I clicked on the video the voice sounded eerily familiar then it hit me its BARRON SANCTIS' voice from this NOVA CODE Scam no question lol! Stay Away same garbage new name
tl watchman,
May 26, 2011,

If you liked the nova code - ha! you have to look out for Market Navigator - sounds like same people - same type of presentation. Same type of bonuses - recorded webinars. It's either Nova Code folks or the Event folks. But same presentation. Same high cost Beware!!!
May 10, 2011,

My experience was similar to Michal's - all 3 systems basically the same. They would all work so long as market was trending nicely - But would send you broke in choppy market. Requested refund repeatedly through Plimus and got an identical response from vendor many times. I escalated it to Plimus and was finally successful in getting refund. Glad to have dodged an expensive bullet.
wildblood hawk,
yorkshire england,
May 3, 2011,

nova code I avoided all the e-mails attempting to seduceme into Nova code however they got my interst by exposing Jason fielder ass a major scam artist and this led me to believe they were working along the lines of FPA It appears this is not the case and thank god for this website.
Apr 20, 2011,

I advise staying away from NovaCode. My experience is similar to other reviewers and I consider myself fortunate to have gotten a refund. It wasn't easy and the vendor wouldn't do it. But after a series of emails, Plimus was able to get the refund for me.
Dennis Weaver,
Northern Virginia,
Apr 19, 2011,

I purchased this "system" which was supposedly 4 systems. One was the alert system the other three worked inside this to provide alerts to differing market conditions. Trending, reversing, contiuation, you get the idea. Anyway, the systems are not integrated in any way. They are stand alone and appear to be little more than moving average systems. The alert system is pretty much useless due to whipsaws, etc, but does not incorporate the other thee into itself to give alerts, and the other three give the same signals regardless of market conditions, within a bar one way or the other indicating the moving averages are slightly different but not enough to accomodate the varying market condition. I have contacted them for a refund with their 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee, but they insist I trade with it for 30 days and prove to them it is not profitable. As it is not as described in any way, I have no desire to accomodate their request just to have them say I didn't trade the system correctly, or the correct time frame, or whatever nonsense. It is a delay to expire all options to resolve it thru my credit card, paypal, or plimus. No response from Plimus when I submitted the complaint. Adamant refusal to a refund by emailing Novatrader. I will do what I can thru the proper channels, but don't be fooled by the clever hype. The bonuses are junk, systems taken from other sites, and the one-on-one coaching is non-existant...if you were one of the first to order...as I am sure I was. Silly me.
Apr 15, 2011,

Hi All, I've bought their system few weeks ago. Yes, I am the "victim". I must say that I was overwhelmed by their sales pitch. The following day after I bought the system, I felt cheated. To my best knowledge, I could not understand how their product is related to what they were trying to promote.

Basically, I was given 3 trading systems with the manual. All these systems look similar to me. The manual is very simple and the trading strategies are all similar. There are no explanation on the methology behind the strategies. Plainly speaking, these trading system are truly simple to use.

I wrote in to them and asked under what conditions do I deploy the system, what is the different between each system and what is the methology behind each system.

I quote their reply:" The aim is to provide you a simple and straight forward system to follow and use. Each system uses a different set of indicators with different algorithm buit-in. So it's complicated to explain in details...."

The irony is they took so much time to promote their system, giving away trading strategies (price constant range bars, etc) and yet nothing was mentioned or explain in their trading manual. Well, let's put it this way, it is probably worth USD97 (being lenient here), but they are selling for USD1997.

I was totally disappointed and I decided to write in to ask for my money back. Well, this time the email address is no longer available. I've sent more than 3 times to them but failed.

At this point, I can only laugh at my own stupidity to fall for their trap. Although I am angry, I've no intention to pursue this matter. I took it as a lesson learnt. The reason why I am writing this is I hope by sharing this incident with you all, i can prevent anyone else falling for their trap. These guys have no right to continue to cheat people's money and give false hope to people.

Apr 4, 2011,

In their 'free' software package they use software which is my property, the script s-Constant Range Bars. The original script is in my web shop since March 2008 (http://www.mqlservice.net/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=29). They only changed copyrights strings. Moreover, the version of the script they have in their package is an obsolete old version from 2009. Of course when I've commented on their forum that the software is stolen they removed my comment. So they are not only scammers but also thieves, well this is the same, isn't it? Their contact address is a Youth Hostel in Italy. Their domain was registered in February 2011 of course anonymously. This kind of scammers are very dangerous for new trades. There should be a way to stop them. I hope FPA has some more possibilities than I do to track these thieves. I would even be willing to go to a real court against these thieves, but how to find them?

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