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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.75 · 4 REVIEWS
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3.75 · 4 REVIEWS
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Gary Davis,
Indiana, USA,
Jan 8, 2013,

I have been using this and get profitable trades 9 out of 10 times. I give this a win win... well worth the cost of full copy. Pays for itself quickly.
Aug 5, 2011,

Follow-up to my review and two-star rating dated 2011-04-25: Since then, the vendor revamped the EA and released it as version 5.0. After I downloaded V5.0, I demoed it for awhile with excellent results. On 2011-06-27, I put V5.0 on my live micro account at IBFX, which you can track here: http://www.myfxbook.com/members/DennisL/steadywinner-v50-ibfx-live/124231

Needless to say, V5.0 is a much better robot than V4.3 and I am thrilled with it. It trades only once or twice a week, but it is a Steady Winner! If it gets through the typically difficult month of August for FOREX trading robots, I am going to throw some serious money (something like $5,000) at it.

Customer support is excellent, too. One of the two authors always answers my e-mails quickly.

I hereby upgrade my rating to five stars.

2011-04-25 2 Stars Follow-up on my review of 2011-04-11:

I took this robot off my account today because when it loses, it loses big. The wins are too small to compensate for the large losses.

Thankfully, I traded this robot on a tiny live micro account, so I lost only a few dollars with it. But in terms of percentage of starting account balance lost, it was large.

2011-04-11 No Rating I recently purchased the full version and put it on an FXDD demo account for a few days. I got two trades, both winners. After that and reviewing the demo that FPA has been running since March 17th, I decided to put SteadyWinner on my small live micro account with IBFX. No trades yet with IBFX, but I like what I have seen of this robot so far. The robot is clean, simple, and conservative. It trades only one trade at a time on EURUSD H1, so no problems with the NFA and CFTC regulations in the USA.

The robot will not let you risk more than 3% of your account's equity on any one trade. I am running it with the default setting of 2% risk.

SteadyWinner appears to be just what I have been looking for -- a simple, true "set it and forget it right out of the box" robot that actually works without large drawdown and won't blow your account. No martingales or any of that nonsense. It's definitely not a get-rich-quick robot, and the vendor doesn't claim it to be, either, because we all know that such a robot does not exist.

On top of that, support from the vendor has been outstanding. All e-mails have been answered within 24 hours -- most almost immediately or within one hour.

I have high hopes that months from now, I will be saying that the $28 I spent for this robot was the best $28 that I ever spent.

After I have some live trading with this robot under my belt, I will come back here to assign a rating. For the time being, I definitely give the vendor support a 5-star rating.
Roger Cox,
Swindon, England,
May 10, 2011,

I bought the full product. I have been running live for about one month. It seems to just about breakeven. I hope it will improve soon.
Colin Hayden Lyon,
Perth WA,
Apr 6, 2011,

I decided to buy this EA rather than use the limited test version and am pleasantly surprized at its ability to generate pips Ive had 15 trades since the 23-3-11 todays date 7-4-11 only 2 of which have ened in the red ,