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Out of business
Updated: Jun 8, 2023
HFX was a forex broker that scammed traders. HFX offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile forex trading top platforms. HFX.com offers over 50 currency pairs, cfds, indices, commodities, metals, and equities for your personal investment and trading options.
Website is down.  One less scam broker to worry about.


August 2013:  The FPA has confirmed HFX.com as a Scam.

HFX is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.  The FPA advises against depositing any money with HFX or any companies associated with it.  If you have money in an account with HFX, the FPA recommends you withdraw it immediately.


NOTE:  There is a warning on the FCA's Unauthorized Firms list for HFX Global (HFX.com). Click here to verify.
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1.211 • 15 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of HFX

Canada, Canada,
Dec 11, 2014,

I wish I had found this site prior to depositing :( I am new to forex trading and thought I would dabble a bit to see how it all worked. After depositing roughly $1600 US I brough my account up to roughly $4100. I was going to put more on.. on my own accord to actually start trading some real money. Before I do so, I thought I would withdraw the my full balance to see A) what their process was like and B) to see how they treated me.
My account manager was fine and I filled in the form to withdraw my funds. After about 4 business days, I get a call from the finance department seeing if he could come to some common ground so I wouldn't take out the full amount. I kindly said well it is my choice and there really is no common ground as its my money and I can do what I see fit. The guy agreed and he said it shouldn't be much longer and I would have the money. Today I receive and email saying that my account has been shut down and that I did to withdraw only the amount I deposited and that I broker the rules and I was trading un-ethically. They accused me of scalping? which I didnt even know what it meant until I asked my account manager about an ECN account to which he sent me some info and said that it is a great account for scalping ect.. Only then did I even know what the term meant. Still is wasn't my trading strategy, and if you look at my trades, most are help for hours, and not 5-10 mins if that like a scalper would be doing consistently. I basically traded from the signals my account manager sent me. So now I am out my money and they shit my account down for no reason other than they don;t want to pay my money. I have been nothing but kind to them. I did take a screen shot of my balance when I could log onto my account, now I can't even do that. They gave me zero indication that I was trading faulty, and my account manager would even commend me on what I was doing... I would love some assistance in the matter.

Kind Regards,

kholoud mohamed
manama, Bahrain,
Jul 22, 2014,

this company from the first day they give me hard time, i start with them buy minimum deposit to try them , nora sharif was my account manager she calls me many time to make me deposit 1000$ but i neglect her. i ask her to send me a from to wathdrow my profit , i sent all the documents they ask for then nothing everyday she call me telling me movies about the money then she told me they change the account number & password try to do more money before we send u the profit, i believed that my money is gone on the air & it happened in 3 days my account became 0.72$ . i think we have to get an action to stop this scam network, to protect other victims , it can be happen only by writting on websites, i think we can be all one hand to file a case against this company & we make the interpol interfere in this issue to ctach this scam network
Ario Soltani
Amsterdam, Netherlands,
May 5, 2014,

HFX lied to me Mr. John Harris a broker has stole from me. If any one like to join me to take these guys to the court, please contact me. ario@solmedia.nl
Adelaide, Australia,
Oct 31, 2013,

I have just received a text message I'm assuming from HFX. I have never signed up with them nor heard of them so they must of got my mobile number from somewhere! Paying off other sites to gain peoples personal contact details is the only way they could of got mine. Anyway on my text the name at the top read HFX and then the messages just said Your Contact details have been successfully entered into our system. A Forex expert will be in contact with you soon...what the?! I can't wait to give them an earful when they ring!
Naim Jb
Beirut, Lebanon,
Oct 22, 2013,

I got a call from someone in this company named Usama where he introduced himself and conviced me to deposit money.
Then someone named Shadly started to call me. he said that if i deposit 1000$ he will give me 300$ as a bonus and we trade with this amount and if i loose the 300$ i will withdraw the money.
Later on he told me to deposit 1500$ more so he can help me daily on trades but i only deposited 500$.
We made profit our first trades. the amount was 2500$.
I wanted to withdraw the whole amount and stop trading because i was risking a lot of money on trades with no stop loss.
Shadly called me and told me to wait for the end of the month. he then opened several loosing trades in one hour and the amount became 750$ and if i haven't closed the trades manually it would have vanished.
And so i stopped trading and it's been like 3 months and i'm writing mails to everyone in the company and no one is replying.
Qatar, Qatar,
Sep 20, 2013,

This the worst company ever it has been 2 months trying to deposit my money and nothing in return
, Saudi Arabia,
Aug 29, 2013,

This company is an impostor, they stole from me $ 126650 over 8 months, do not try to deal with them at all.
, United Kingdom,
Jul 22, 2013,

Warning: According to the court case where the company were found guilty- http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-forum/open-cases/25321-guilty-case-2013-059-najeeb-buyabis-vs-www-hfx-com.html
HFX reps are using other companies' registration numbers (XForex and Windsor) to prove they have a regulation while they are not regulated anywhere.
, Saudi Arabia,
Jun 16, 2013,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Turki vs. www.hfx.com | GUILTY
My beginning with the company(HFX) was with one of the swindlers when I found an advertisement of the company. I registered and received a call from a person named (Bassam Abdul Karim). Of course, this quorum left the company and moved to a similar company. HFX tried convincing me to deposit, i was hesitatnt, but after too many calls i got convinced and deposited 10,000 USD. I continued to trade with the company for about 18 months, my balance was increasing and decreasing and stable once i stop trading because I got busy with other matters. They also disappeared for months ,suddenly Bassam disappeared and i started dealing with a women named (Haifa Mansour) and (Shadli onalla - shadly@hfx.com ). Prior to the earlier two, i dealt for a brief period with (Marwan) and (Nour Azmi). Suddenly, Shadly and Haifa disappeared and no longer respond to emails and calls. (Fahad abdulla - faheda@hfx.com) pops into the scene which later i found that his original name is (Essam Abdulla) and has changed his name to Fahed after his scams were known to the investment community. He started insisting that i deposit more money, at least increase the balance to 20,000 USD. After many calls and emails, i deposited 10,000 USD and totalling a balance of 21,000 USD. During the period of a month, fahed only opened 2 contracts and made me a profit of 4000 USD. I sent an email to him requesting a callback and questioned his promise of doubling my money. He called me back and again asked for a larger deposit, during which he started opening more contracts that were totally against the market. Trusting his judgement, i looked at my balance after some time, shocked to see that the 25K USD have evaporated to 1400 USD!!
Again, sent an email to him and swiftly received a call back from fahad. Interestingly, he was questioning why did i open short contracts!! i responded that i never opened any contracts!!
He tried to calm me down, and promised that he will make it up to me if i deposit another 100,000USD!! which i refused because i just don't have access to this amount.

To avoid the shock and devastation i was in . I started trying to remedy what can be remedied and opened new contracts raising my balance to 3,500 USD . I again started emailing Fahed and a week later , i receive a call from him asking for …….MORE MONEY and that the US elections are coming , hence huge profit can be made!!.

I started working on my own for 4 days trying without luck while emailing and calling Fahed , again without a response. My balance became 0 USD and suddenly i receive a call from him, telling me that he is extremely sorry and if I'm interested in a new deposit!!!
This is my story with HFX.com !!!

London, United Kingdom,
May 26, 2013,

Dear All,
This is an official comment from HFX on this review. Due to the fact that the company cares about its clients and always place an emphasis on client's satisfaction, we would like to respond to the threads posted here.
As you can see on certain threads below, HFX makes a huge effort to answer any question and resolve any issues that our clients may have. Those messages are set by the Forum manager to give the most honest review and are marked as "this issue has been resolved".
As valuable as freedom of speech is, it also gives disappointed and obviously angry former employees as anybody else the opportunity to express themselves and to leave comments. How much value does such a comment really hold?
Hisham and Najeeb Buyabis. Since I cannot understand clearly what exactly happened with your trading, I want to invite you to send us a mail to customer-satisfaction@hfx.com and we will try to figure out together what went wrong.
We are interested in satisfied clients and thank you for your cooperation!
Regards, HFX