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Vantage FX is a forex broker. VantageFX offers the MetaTrader 4, MT Mobile, and WebTrader forex trading top platforms. offers over 40 currency pairs, gold, silver, oil, indices, and binary options for your personal investment and trading options.


Regarding the BTN Lightning Incident


BTN Lightning made some very unusual software that really could probe for price delays (unlike most other similar claims the FPA has seen).  Although the delays in nullifying trades were excessive, the UK FOS has clearly ruled in Vantage's favor and confirmed that BTN's software was designed to cheat the broker by this sort of probing.  The FPA is happy to report that Vantage assures us that their backend software has been improved.  The improvements should make this sort of abuse much harder to do and also make detecting it faster.  In the unlikely event of any similar occurrence, any abusive trades should be dealt with much more quickly.

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2.4 · 16 REVIEWS
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Andreas Wilden,
Tönisvorst, Germany,
Mar 26, 2013,

They cancelled all my profits. I made scalping trades during big movements. But not really scalping, i held positions ofter more than 5 minutes
Rome, Italy,
Mar 26, 2013,

Hi Guys,

be far away from this SCAM broker! Here you are the whole story:

I have opened this account on 2012/12/27 and I have funded it with EUR 1,050.00 (one thousand and fifty).

I was trading with two scalpers and was gaining some money. I received the daily and monthly report and everything was going beautifully. On 2013-03-20 I

received an email with subject: "Suspension of your account", that contained this text:

Dear (my name),

We are writing to you to inform you of the action Vantage FX has today taken in respect of your account 102789.

Following a request from our liquidity provider, Vantage FX have today suspended your account pending further investigation into suspicious trading and in

particular usage of internet and connectivity delays in order to take advantage of arbitrage on the Trading Systems. The suspension is in accordance with

Clause 20.5, of Vantage FX’s terms and conditions duly accepted by you prior to opening your account. Please click here to view full terms and conditions.

Until completion of the investigation, no further trades on your account will be allowed and no further withdrawals can be made. It is envisaged the

investigation will be completed within 90 days. Once completed we will write to you further outlining the results of our investigation.

If you have any current open positions on your account and wish to trade, please contact us on +44 207 332 4954.

If in the meantime you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Trade Support
(with no one signing it, of course!)

On the 21st I replied with this email:

Dear Mrs. / Mr.,

good evening. You wrote me, among others that will argue later, “Following a request from our liquidity provider, Vantage FX have today suspended your

account”: as the only owner of my account, with my funds segregated on a major bank, I ask you To show me the “request from your liquidity provider” (scanned

in PDF). Second, I want to know exactly where my funds are in this moment (Bank, name and number of the account).

Sure you will answer me ASAP, for avoiding to increase the relevant money damage you already have done to me, I wish you a nice evening.

Best regards,
(I signed it with my name and surname).

I received no news and I forwarded my email on the 22nd with this text:

Dear Trade Support,

good evening. I have sent you an email more than 24 hours ago and I still miss your answer; maybe you didn’t receive it, so I resend it.

Best regards,
(name and surname and attached the previous e-mail).

Instead of sending me what I had requested, I received today (2013-06-23) this email:

Dear (name),

Further to our email of 20th March 2012, we have now been able to conclude our investigations.

Your account xxxxxxx has now been reviewed and it has been confirmed as using an automated trading robot which had the below characteristics:
• Causing systematic manipulation or abuse of markets
• Interfering with the markets efficiency and integrity
• Exploiting mispricing
• Operating in Breach of our Client Agreement 20.5
As a result, all of the trades executed by this automated trading robot will be cancelled and the associated profit and loss will be adjusted. The net

adjustment to your account is calculated below. At your written request we can provide you with a transaction record for every trade calculated in this


Cash Adjustment – P&L = 1984.5
The adjustment listed above is denominated in the base currency of your trading account.
Your current account balance is now available for withdrawal once more.

We understand that many clients have downloaded an EA /Trading System or alternatively given their Login and Password to a third party, who is carrying out

trading on clients behalf. The strategy of these systems may not be clear to clients and we appreciate that you may not have been aware of the nature of these

systems when you allowed them to trade on your account. Please refer to your provider.

If you would like to continue trading, we request that you remove the BTN Lightning (or an associated trading systems) from your account and reply to this

email requesting for your account to be enabled for trading (please only request your account to be re-activated for trading once the current trading systems

have been removed). Alternatively please contact your account manager.

Kind regards,
Trade Support

Now, I want to open a compliant with the the Financial Services Authority.

So, I suggest you, to skip or abort any relationship you have with this broker.

Stay tuned with some update.
Pierpaolo Palazzo,
Foggia, Italy,
Mar 20, 2013,

The problems started when i begun to withdraw some money.
They blocked my account saying that i exploited their delays to have successful tradings.
Their investigation will last even 90 days.
From my log, out of 396 tradings:
1) 83 contracts lasted 10 minutes or more and their profit was EUR 3,452.44
2) 313 contracts lasted 9 minutes and 59 seconds or less and their profit was EUR 202.54
So, they feel free to sequester my money
Sayed Sudip Ahmed,
Dhaka, Bangladesh,
Jan 4, 2013,

Hi there,
A quick update from me, still Vantagefxuk did not replied my mail, even they are not professing some withdrawal request from Bangladeshi traders.I I am waiting to hearing from them soon.

Wondering to see, how a good broker totally changed in a couple of months !!

2013-01-01 1Star My E-mail to with past reference mail from Mr Jay from, as a regulated broker, they will help us out we hope.

Hello there,
I am your old account holder, account number: 101276. My Friend's account number is, 102819, Name: Raju Mitra with you. His moneybookers account has been disabled. And legally no one can open more than one account with MB. He deposited with with Moneybookers. But as his MB account has been disabled by moneybookers so he can not withdraw by moneybookers any more. At this situation, he wants his money back in his bank account, account transfer charges can be debited from his money. His Bank account name & other info if same as saved in, then can you refund his money in his bank account please? At this situation, if you guys refuse to help him, what can he do? His mb account can not be de-activated, this is confirmed. Before I open account with, I questioned Jay that, if my MB account is disabled, how can you return my money back? That time Mr. Jay replied back that you will return that money back to my bank account which name is same as my account.
Hope you can help him. Thanks

Here I add mail from Jay before:
Sayed Sudip Ahmed sudip022002@XXXXXX
to Jay

Dear Jay,
One more question came from my circles, need your kind answer, some times money brokers or even liberty reserve account got shut off by mb or lr with or without showing any valid reason like exchange. In such case, what can be the withdrawal process, suppose if some one deposit by money brokers and then his money brokers account got shut off or hacked, also please note, in very rare case happen like this. Thanks

Best Regards

Jay Mawji
to me

Thanks for the email. The easiest thing would be to set up a new LR or MB account. Failing this, we could send the money back to your bank - provided we received a notarised copy of your bank statement. We will always help our clients, as long as we stay within rules of the FSA.
Have a good evening,
Regards,nnJay K Mawji

More info is here:

2012-12-11 3 Stars They are taking more time than before for withdrawals now a days & the process of withdrawal is not smooth now. They don't have any swap free account for Muslims. Last time while making my withdrawal from my account 10127*, i felt i am dealing with HotForex. But their over all spread & execution are ok. Hope they will over come from their miss management soon.

2012-11-02 5 stars They are one of the best broker i have ever used, lower spread, instant execution, regulated with good customer care support. They give auto chartist free. One more thing i want from them, if they issue any master debit card for withdrawal... what ever the deposit method was,
I give them a five star & hope their service will be always like now.
China, China,
Dec 26, 2012,

The online chat is not working. The MT4 platform got freeze over an hour. I will keep you all update about their response.
P Sallin,
Fribourg, Switzerland,
Apr 3, 2012,

After trying a dozen of Forex brokers over the years, I have decided to give VantageFX UK a trial and I have been pleased on every level. Their customer service (especially Jay) is always there when you need them. Their MT4 platform is stable and they have NO surprises in store. What you see is what you get. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a professional and serious broker in Europe.
Neil McMillan,
Nailsworth, United Kingdom,
Dec 17, 2011,

The spreads are about as low as you can get. My trades are immediate with no apparent slippage. I too have a relatively small account with Vantage UK and Jay is also my account manager. From the start he has always treated me as a valued client and helped when asked I have not tried to withdraw thus cannot comment,but the attitude seems excellent.
brian gregory,
Sep 27, 2011,

all i can say about Vantage is this they have the best customer service available anywhere. they may have there problems with the platform from time to time but they realy do try to sort things for you. and with tight spreads it should even itself out
my contact there is Jay Mawji he is always helpful.and will do all thats possible to help if its reasonable. though i have a small account i get the kind of service you would expect from having a much larger larger one. i can highly recomend this firm.
Czech Republic,
Sep 13, 2011,

I wanted to contact them after 7 times in 24 hours and the result is always the same :
-Please wait for a site operator to respond.

-All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

Is this normal???