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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.256 · 22 REVIEWS
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2.256 · 22 REVIEWS
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Bill Connolly,
Miami Florida,
Sep 23, 2011,

Everything said above is basically true. Except for the fact that the system has recovered those big losses in June and is back in profit again.
I stayed with the system because I didn't see it as the same type of $97 cr** systems that are thrown out there only to vanish in a short time. My persistance has paid off and I'm playing with the House's money again.
Geez! Anybody who's been trading Forex for awhile knows that a series of losses come along. I think Justin (like the rest of Us) got a little cocky, and had his ass handed to em.
Now here's the truth, Someof you left screaming and hollerig Scam, Cheat, Fraud, and lost money. A few of us didn't and fell justified that we stuck it out.
Sorry for your loss.
João Paulo Couto,
Sep 4, 2011,


I truly hoped I never had to write in this forum but I was played and scammed by these crooks that created AutoPips Profits (APP), among other useless software.

In April I received an email from someone who introduced himself as Justin Delmar and offered software that would allow me to have his trades copied to my account by a monthly fee of $67,00. A link in that email brought me to a well-designed and very long website with the usual Impact font in which he presented himself as one of the most successful traders in the world and I was pondering to adhere, given his 180 days no questions asked money back guarantee. You can check out this website at autopipsprofits.com.

A few days later he sent me another e-mail presenting a special price opportunity for traders in my area (I’ve yet to know where he got the information), for only $1,00 a month. Again a link was sent to website similar to the previous one except for the price. You can check out this website at autopipsprofits.com/47.html. I decided to give it a try and subscribed to the service, only to be charged with the $67,00 fee three days later. I complained, of course, but they told me that the trial period had to be reduced and to see the results within one month, because I would always be entitled to a refund if I wasn’t satisfied. I found a bit strange but I was willing to try it.

Results were quite interesting up until June, when bad trades started to strike my account one after another. By June 27, when I removed the expert advisor, my account had a drawdown of about 1.500 pips for the month! I immediately cancelled the subscription and asked for a refund for all my charges (a total of $202,00), but I was told that the losses would soon be covered. As I didn’t trust their services any longer I opened a dispute through Plimus to get the refund, but they told me those payments were outside their 30 day money back guarantee. I insisted through APP Support, back in the beginning of August and they told to wait while they were processing my refund. And I waited and waited until today. I know other people had bad experiences with them too and are having a hard time getting a refund, but I had still had some hope the people from APP had some sense of decency left. Attached below is my support ticket with my requests and their answers.

I have been way too patient but I had enough. My last attempt to get a refund will be through a direct contact from Plimus I got from another forum. If this doesn’t work I will file a case here against AutoPipsProfits.

Meanwhile, I got another email presenting a robot called PipsMultiplier. Basically, there was a video where someone claiming to have created a never seen very profitable robot but throughout the video the price was never revealed. I then clicked “Add to cart” but a blank page appeared with only a web address which contained the word Plimus. I thought it was a website bug and so I went back and clicked “Add to cart” again. Another blank page appeared with a similar web address only this time it said something like “additional order”. Then I went back to my email and I was shocked. I had 2 orders for PipsMultiplier for which I was charged $297,00 twice! I thought how could I be charged if I didn’t even insert my credit card information?! Plimus quickly processed a refund for both charges in this case, but I surely never click “Add to cart” again if I don’t intend to buy a product.

Later, when I checked my Plimus account to check my charges the seller of AutoPipsProfits was no longer EasyClickPips as it was when I purchased it but PipsMuliplier. Techical support email also changed from support@easyclickspips.com to support@pipsmultiplier.com. EasyClickPips, AutoPipsProfits, PipsMultiplier and who knows how many other well wrapped scams obviously come from the same team. And you know, Justin Delmar, Martin Foster, easily pronounced names with 6 letters each are probably just made up all for marketing purposes.

My only advice is to watch out for these people. They live in the border of lawfulness, taking advantage of working people who believe that the Forex is the market that which can bring the biggest return to their investments but can’t monitor it all the time and are trying to find the best automated solution to win a few pips.

Fortunately, honesty still prevails, and thanks to this website I found a lot of sound advice and fine Forex tools from really good people.

All the best,

João Paulo Couto

“Tue, 28 Jun 2011 07:24

Dear Sirs,

I have subscribed at your AutoPipsProfits automated signal service in April 9 and have used it up until today.

I have to let you know that this service isn’t even remotely providing the results you announced and, as a consequence, I would like to have a refund of all charges, based on the 180 money back guarantee.

This service performance has been, in fact, disastrous over the last 3 weeks, and has caused me severe financial losses.
The trading method is absurd, obviously not profitable and definitely doesn’t maximize the results. Plus, there is a huge drawdown of over 1.500 pips in all trades in June, which isn’t even over.

Basically, it seems that the last buy or sell signal is used, probably from Trend Squeezer, in order to enter trades, mostly at around 18.00 GMT. Two or three trades are entered at this time in the EURUSD and/or EURJPY currencies.

I may not be a professional trader but I do have a very underrated quality called “common sense”. And common sense tells me that a signal that was generated hours ago and sometimes the day before is bound to lose its validity soon.

That was precisely what happened in June 14, 17, 22, 23 and 24, when the trend took dramatic turns and made the trades hit the stop losses. At 18.00 GMT, the London market may be closed and New York market may already entered its second half, but volatility is still very high.

A profitable system would be simply to enter the trades at the moment the signals are produced and exit when the trend weakens or is about to change. I can’t do that myself because I have a day job and can’t stare at the charts 24 hours a day, and that is why I subscribed the service in the first place. If I knew for one second that the trades would be placed mostly at a fixed time, I would never get in, for I could do just that myself, at my own risk! You wouldn’t pay a monthly subscription to do something you could easily do yourself, would you?

For these reasons I would like a refund of all charges for this service. My license key is xxxxxxx.

Please don’t waste any more of my time and money.

Best regards,

João Paulo Couto

Tue, 28 Jun 2011 08:23 - staff

Hi Joao Paulo Couto,

We had several losing trades. The SL has been reached due to extremely volatility on market which was not expectable. There is no any system, EA or trader on Forex market, who doesn't experience losses at all. The main idea is to win in a long run. Yes, we could have several losses, but our final results - nice profit and increasing of capital in several times. We are trading often (several trades per day) and losses will be covered soon. We immediately took necessary measures and we will do our best to cover losses as soon as possible. Also, as it is not a EA, our system is flexible and it is easy to change it according to market's changes.

Thu, 11 Aug 2011 15:03

Dear Sirs,

More than a month has passed since the attached request and you still haven't processed my refund.

This is highly irregular and it suggests unethical business practices on your behalf.

I told you I wasn't satisfied with the service and showed you the reasons for my dissatisfaction, which I didn't even have to because you announced an 180 days money back guarantee with no questions asked.

Please proceed with the refund of all charges for this service now.

Best regards,

João Paulo Couto

Thu, 11 Aug 2011 17:43 - staff

Hi Joao Paulo Couto,

Please wait until we'll proceed with your request, so the refund will be made.”
Perth, Australia,
Jul 21, 2011,

Tried APP, lost money (big Draw down) and made no effort to refund. Plimus is the same (the line is always busy), I think they are just computerised escalating center.
Plimus and Justin are both crooks, they have created a dirty name for the industry. Stop buying thru Plimus and make a group complaint is the best strategy for us consumer.
Jul 11, 2011,

Issue escalated to Traders Court HogDustWillie vs. AutoPipsProfits.com | RESOLVED
Do not under any circumstances give these people your money if you have any hope of testing it under the 180 day guarantee. THEY WILL NOT HONOR IT! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY!

I am telling you this in hopes of saving yours. They advertise on their website the guarantee several times and I thought it was worth a try because of the guarantee. Maybe I was naive. But this organization is run by a group that intends to steal your money and you will not get it back.
Plimus refunded the last charge because it was within 30 days (which is all that they say they will do.) My credit card company got another refunded. but they ended up stealing $134.
The only way to root out the crooks in this business is to expose them for what they are. I hope this gets posted and is able to save your money.

I will be hitting the other forums also.
Blue Brazilian,
Jul 3, 2011,

Another scam, with Plimus playing a supporting role.
I escalated to Plimus after 5 attempts to get a refund from APP and they just closed the case with no refund.
How can Plimus link themselves with this sort of garbage? Isn't there some sort of law that says if you promise people a refund within 180 days then you have to pay it?
Last time I ever buy anything through Plimus. They are as crooked as Justin Delmar (or whatever his real name is).
Brett E,
Jun 28, 2011,

I am not happy about Plimus and supporting fraudulent products.
Reply from Plimus on a APP return.
Forced resolve – We apologize, however you are outside the 30 day Plimus money back guarantee. Should you need further assistance, the vendor can be reached at: supportATeasyclickpips.c0m
So there is no 180 day return using Plimus.
People need to know this and Plimus should not support fraudulent products. ClickBank is way better.
So out $201 and I never would have bought APP with a 30 day return for this is to short of time to test.

2011-06-23 1Star Licensing issue - In the website there is I no question asked refund( which has been violated) and a 160 day refund This is not good for they want a Reason. This is not in the contract, so no reason should be needed. You need to look at this service for they are not doing what they promised. Not only that I have lost a lot of money because of this. A lot more than you have on this return. Please cancel my order and I want a refund. Please abide by your refund guarantee. Thanks No hard feelings Brett E Order reference number: 58211950 account number 35486744 Order Date 4/5 2011 P.S. Please do not ask or try to have me reconsider. for I will take this a violation of your no questions asked. THERE ANSWER Hi Brett, Please, specify the reason of your asking for refund. Just describe the issues you have received with our EA and we will be more than happy to help you. You have a great opportunity to try our product, you may run it on demo account without risking real money. Please, just try out our copier and we are sure you will change your mind about it. I think it is time to go to FPA,and to post all you can on all forms and to start a cancel on Plimus but Plimus is not so good ether.. Read there refund terms. You will see that they can with there discretion not follow there refund policy. I see a breach in Contract. I see S#it. I see I am out of a lot of money.. so what is New?
Jun 27, 2011,

I started using APP on 5/27/11, and by 6/11/11, I was up $1800. By 6/26/11, I am now down $2200, for a net loss of $400. I'm currently in a drawdown of $500 on EURJPY, so I may be adding more to losses. There were several questionable buy trades while the bad news about Greece was all over the news, and the account was decimated. However, I am the one who rode the trades all the way to their stop losses. I am asking for a refund, and I'll provide update. APP started strong, but ended in flames.
Jun 24, 2011,

AutoPips Profits lost its profit ethics about 2.5 weeks ago and hasn't turned in a profitable trade since. I'm cashing it in ASAP if I can cancel via PLIMUS (one of life's major challenges).
They lucked out for the first three weeks with some profitable trades but now it's a real turkey. Loss after loss after loss. I could do better one handed and blind-folded.

2011-06-10 4 stars Trades irregularly but mostly profitably. Haven't experienced any long-term trades or drawdowns. Some sizeable losses that more or less equate to the SIZE of the gains, but that's to be expected.I have had reasonably prompt replies from support over a few weird and persistent error messages (which I've now found are inevitable if you self-close any APP trades). I too got stung with the GBPUSD Black OPS Sniper scam. It's worth the monthly fee if they can keep up the profitability, but it needs keeping an eye on all the same.
It's about 500% on HybridPips. Now that one is a real scam. It lost me a huge amount by suddenly jacking the lot-size (first to 12 then to 55). The only one of 25 trades that finished in profit was one I closed myself. The rest started in loss mode (naturally) ad stayed there. 9 emails and six trips to the Plimus website and I'm still not sure that I will see a refund, but I've been told to watch my credit card in a month's time for one. Compared to APP (total sainthood) HybridPips are evil swine and have totally misrepresented their product. The three traders they use are hopeless clowns.
Jun 23, 2011,

What a scam all they do is have super wide stops then when it moves in profit they exit on the APP system. The sniper system on cable has no stops & they just exit when it comes into profit. All this has lead them to show huge losses in the last 2 weeks with no real money management.

And getting a refund is a mission since they use Plimus so it keeps getting kicked back & forth. Point out the legal policy of Plimus titled prohibited items & dcma to Plimus & they will sort out the refunds for recent transactions.

At least i had the sense to not use my live account on this!!
Tennesse, USA,
Jun 13, 2011,

I bought the APP software just hoping it might be half as good as it claimed in the hype. So far it has been the only EA I have bought that I have not asked for my money back and I have tried a few. I am ecstatic with the results so far. I tried it out on demo for a few weeks then put it on my live account 4/18/11. The stop losses and targets worried me in the beginning but I have basically used the default settings. I don't think any trade has took a full original stop. It has consistently made me money. I had one problem in the beginning that was actually my fault. I had it on a VPS and the EA accidentally got turned off with 3 trades open. These were the only large losses I have had with it. Not counting those 3 trades APP has made $2250 on about a $3500 account in less than 2 months. I would not give up this service and I hope he plans to keep doing it for a very long time. I am one happy customer so far.