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Trading Strategy Guides creates simple-to-follow trading strategies for traders and also develops online indicators and trading systems.

Since launching this business, Trading Strategy Guides has helped thousands of traders and began generating $50,000 of monthly revenue in less than a year.


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2.443 · 36 REVIEWS
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dr basel,
riyadh, Saudi Arabia,
Jun 21, 2016,

hi all:

further to my previous review regarding winners edge trading i reached a compromise with casey, they refunded me the whole money..and if they are scam they will not refund any surely they are not..and you could not find good products in any company all the time, but with them you can find good products to buy most of the time..i advise anybody to join them..

2016-03-12 1Star hi:
i had opened an alert scam file for this company due to not refunding my money on explosive program done by casey stubbs when he promised to refund all the money if he failed to double his account, but they are uncooperatative till now in refunding us as i paid the money from november last year, after many emails they refunded only 200$ OUT OF 2500$...SO PLEASE HELP ME IN REFUNDING MY MONEY..
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand,
Aug 27, 2015,

I have given our friends over at winners edge a task to complete that if my break & go tools don't expire after 30 days which falls on about the 19th of September 2015 I will be posting up here. What that means is they have been telling people they have to pay $27 a month in order for those indicators to work wel lets see guys, I wont hold my breath on this 1 lol

2015-08-21 4Star Dam I cant speak for everyones experience here with winners edge trading
You even got a bad review from my country new Zealand WOW
Maybe its just me but I can see the potential. I am sharing my experience of what I have achieved with winners edge. I signed up 4 days ago and have placed some trades off of the continuation strategy and have closed my first trade for 60 pips profit. I checked my mt4 today and see I have now closed 110 pips profit with 55pips in profit still open over this weekend. I have been trading forex for 6yrs now & I have had some great teachers. I know that what I got for $27 alone for the continuation tools is worth 100 fold what I paid for it. It maybe just me but I aint going to down Cassey or winners edge for all these bad comments as I know 90+% of people fail at trading. As for the refunds I cant speak for that or the loses you have incurred over the trade copier service maybe that needs further investigating HOWEVER I am using 1 indicator to help me see the entry points better but that doesn't mean I or anyone else needs to use it. I can tell you with the trend indicator & level indicator alone anyone can have great success.
Here is how I use the tool. I look at the 4hr and find the trend then place a trend line & match up atleast 2 points then I look for entries down on 1hr 30m & 15m and enter when trend line along with important levels are hit just this alone is enough to set anyone up. Again I cant speak for anyone else but for now for myself is I am happy with Cassey Stubbs & winners edge trading for offering this tool.
George Adams,
LONDON, United Kingdom,
Apr 12, 2016,

My experience with Winners Edge in just the first week i have been trading with the tools has left me speechless. I have been round the block many times in the past 12 years trying to find an on-line opportunity that is easy to do affordable to invest and profitable ,Forex Trading has always done the opposite. I am happy to report that Casey Stubs Winners Edge 3.0 has more than delivered my future income goals will be easily met stress free . Thank you to Casey Stubs and Winners Edge i will be free at last. G Adams
Paul Stevenson,
, New Zealand,
Dec 16, 2014,

I remember this bunch of scamming clowns from years ago. Cassey Stubbs or whatever the clowns name is can not ever trade 10 yrs ago, and still can't . You would think after 10 yrs of trading he would have some trading success, well he doesn't, PERIOD. They sell cheap indicators to go with trading methods that DON"T work. These people are just another FX scam basically.

Winners Edge Trading,
, USA,
Jun 24, 2016,

In Response to Marks comment about MT4 not matching up.

Our products we advertise are 100% matched up with what we deliver.

And also we have spoken with you over the phone and told you that you qualified for the refund but you had to comply with the terms you agreed upon when joining.

Our goal is to help traders which is what we do and we are more then willing to help anyone.

Mark I am extremely disappointed that you posted this review. However I wish you the best in your trading and hope you have success.
Kolkata, India (Really WinnersEdgeTrading's offices in the USA),
Apr 2, 2015,

use the striketrader for 6 months and made 33 percnt return. very good result for me!

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, USA,
Dec 17, 2014,

Strike trader is up about 35% for me in the last 3 months. Best product I ever purchased

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star Rating removed.

This review came from the offices of WinnersEdge Trading.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.

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Jan 24, 2018,

Worst I have encountered in 15 years

THESE scam artists post THE only favourable reviews. Stay a million miles away from the unconscionable credit card serial abusers and scam artists . NEVER EVER let them within a million miles of your credit card details or you will have to get your bank to issue you with a new card to stop these people making unauthorised withdrawals from your card and they do not stop even if your bank has reversed the charges seven or more times
Do not get sucked in by some low priced loss leader offer
There is no rating low enough on the peaCE Army site for these credit card abusers !!!!!

Dec 13, 2017 - 1 Star Never ever give this shower of unethical credit card abusers your credit card details or you will regret it. They will stop at nothing to get your money. Contact your bank, ask them to issue a new card as a matter of urgency
They do not have a bulls notion about trading, they have years of practice raiding peoples credit cards
Ian Packham,
Lesmurdie WA, Australia,
Sep 15, 2017,


I read all these glowing reports - I wish I could - I signed up for a program -but didn't see it fit my scheme. Within the "test" period I email to cancel my subscription.
But no the b''//?? just continue to bill me. What really really annoys me
is I still have not received any of the supposedly fantastic course.
.No wonder he is rich beyond belief. Ripping of little people is easy.
Atlanta, USA,
Apr 5, 2017,
Registered user

The absolute worst experience! After trying their service twice and expressing my frustration due to hectic schedule and traveling, Casey offered to trade for me using Strike 3.0 Auto and only take 10% of the profits. Great deal, right? Well my account was opened and started trading on March 31st. As of today (April 5th) my 3K account is down $600 and there have been 25 trades (1 winner & 24 loser). Their comments have been about the risk and markets and other crap, BUT who in their right mind can believe this guy is a professional trader. He had the gall to offer me a discount to train with him as my mentor & trainer for only $10K! Do not walk away from this guy-- run like hell!!!