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Updated: Jan 25, 2018
2.402 · 35 REVIEWS
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2.402 · 35 REVIEWS
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Jan 24, 2018,

Worst I have encountered in 15 years

THESE scam artists post THE only favourable reviews. Stay a million miles away from the unconscionable credit card serial abusers and scam artists . NEVER EVER let them within a million miles of your credit card details or you will have to get your bank to issue you with a new card to stop these people making unauthorised withdrawals from your card and they do not stop even if your bank has reversed the charges seven or more times
Do not get sucked in by some low priced loss leader offer
There is no rating low enough on the peaCE Army site for these credit card abusers !!!!!

Dec 13, 2017 - 1 Star Never ever give this shower of unethical credit card abusers your credit card details or you will regret it. They will stop at nothing to get your money. Contact your bank, ask them to issue a new card as a matter of urgency
They do not have a bulls notion about trading, they have years of practice raiding peoples credit cards
Ian Packham,
Lesmurdie WA, Australia,
Sep 15, 2017,


I read all these glowing reports - I wish I could - I signed up for a program -but didn't see it fit my scheme. Within the "test" period I email to cancel my subscription.
But no the b''//?? just continue to bill me. What really really annoys me
is I still have not received any of the supposedly fantastic course.
.No wonder he is rich beyond belief. Ripping of little people is easy.
C, Singapore,
Jul 10, 2017,

I subscribed to Winners Edge Trading Strike 3.0 in June 2016. It is a good system for forex trading. However I subsequently used some other system which I find more helpful for my trading style. I discovered I was billed for yearly renewal in June this year. I wrote to Winners Edge and they promptly refunded when I explained the situation. Their service and support staff are truly excellent.
Munich, Germany,
Jun 21, 2017,
Registered user

Winnersedgetrading are Scammers: Never give them your credit card data!

I tried to buy a Trading system at Winnersedgetrading.com (Casey Stubbs) at 26th April 2017. They offered a 14 day trial of Striker 3.0 for 7 US$.

During the order process something went wrong and I didn't get any link from them, also not login data or something similar. So I was afraid, that I have to pay something and get nothing.

I complained by mail immediately at the same day of 26th April 2017 with 2 mails. And I told them, not to take money from my credit card, because I didn't get anything and that I don't want this system anymore. It was not my fault, that the order process didn't work.

But they took the 7 US$, although I told them, that I didn't want their peoduct anymore. But this was not everything. They took also after 14 days 39 US$ in May 2017 and another 39US$ in June 2017, although I told them immediately at the same day of my order, that I am not interested in their system anymore.

So be careful with Winnersedgetrading, because if they have once your credit card number, they will try everything to get your money.

I cannot recommend them, because they are not honest and they hide behind some mysterious refund policies, which they don't show you, when you order there a product.

Be aware, because in my opinion these are scammers!
Atlanta, USA,
Apr 5, 2017,
Registered user

The absolute worst experience! After trying their service twice and expressing my frustration due to hectic schedule and traveling, Casey offered to trade for me using Strike 3.0 Auto and only take 10% of the profits. Great deal, right? Well my account was opened and started trading on March 31st. As of today (April 5th) my 3K account is down $600 and there have been 25 trades (1 winner & 24 loser). Their comments have been about the risk and markets and other crap, BUT who in their right mind can believe this guy is a professional trader. He had the gall to offer me a discount to train with him as my mentor & trainer for only $10K! Do not walk away from this guy-- run like hell!!!
BC, Canada,
Jan 5, 2017,
Registered user

Don't recommend them

I just signed up with Winners Edge Trading and wanted a refund they did not give me one. They said Casey has to have a losing month. If that was stated when you go to pay I would not have put my money down. Is that what they meant by a solid money back guarantee? I gave 3 stars because I have not used their system much. It is based on RSI over bought and over sold( I think.) If I find I can make money I may redo a review but I doubt it. I don't recommend this service. Other issues also which I wont go into because i am spending too much time doing this review already.
Reply by WinnersEdge submitted Jan 12, 2017:
Thanks for leaving a review, we would love it you would come back once you experience us more and upgrade your review. You say if you can make money you may come back, This system really works and with the extra training plus live coaching, if you put your mind to it you should do really well.

IF you need anything at all please don't hesitate to contact us. Sorry for the confusion about the refund policy. We are work hard at being transparent and making sure everything is easy to understand. If you contact info@winnersedgetrading.com we will work something out with you.

Also what service issues I wish you would have mentioned them so we can make them better, it is our goal not just to have the best trading system but also the best service.
Tony Mills,
Auburn, USA,
Dec 24, 2016,

They give you everything

WinnersEdgeTrading company is the best. For the low monthly cost, they have everything covered. They have a strategy that is a consistent winner, indicators that helps you find the proper setups, a trading room where you learn everything from a professional trader, not an instructor. Lastly a fantastic customer service guy who is always happy to helps you.
Reply by WinnersEdge submitted Jan 12, 2017:
Thanks Tony, we hope that your trading is going well and if you need anything at all just let us know.
Gerard Maguire,
Cavan, Ireland,
Oct 3, 2016,

I have no income due to an accident in 2007 and I have been trying to get established in this business for a few years now and so far I have only made losses that is until now. In my very first day using the auto trader I have a gain of 1.2% and I am excited about my prospects now.

Thank you very much Casey and all at Winners Edge I am looking forward to the future now with hope and gratitude. Gerard Maguire
Lake Tomahawk, Wi, USA,
Jul 22, 2016,

I've only been with Winners Edge Trading a short time and I am already extremely impressed. I've spent quite a bit of money on training courses and this company is top notch. Casey and his team's to the point training is exceptional. The pricing is way too fair and I almost feel guilty for all that the do and offer their students! Awesome company!! I highly recommend them!
Indiana, USA,
Jul 20, 2016,

I've been trading stocks and options for several years. I was looking to get into other markets, either forex or futures. I knew little to nothing about either of them. I was a little afraid of those since I didn't understand them.

Making it even more difficult everyone was wanting several hundred to several thousand dollars for any sort of training.

Long story short when Casey started the $39 month I was all in. This is an affordable price to see if I could even grasp trading Forex.

Two short weeks later I am now on a roll with this. The training is excellent and the tools will work for you once you learn how to use them. I spent my first week watching and re-watching the videos then trying what I thought I understood using a demo account. After a week or so of this the lights finally started to come on.

FWIW my biggest concern was that I am not much of a day trader. From what I had heard of Forex that was how it was traded. I also seldom heard of anyone watching chart patterns. It always seemed that they were talking about the strongest/weakest pair.

I learned quite differently trading with Casey and Tim. Chart patterns and swing trading in these markets is absolutely doable.

I am quite pleased with what I have learned from them and using the Strike 3 tools. Not done learning them by any stretch but well on my way.

Last but not least if you write out the trade plan and track your trades with the documents that Casey provides it will speed the learning process considerably.

Best of luck to all,