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Updated: Apr 15, 2016
4.333 · 3 REVIEWS
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4.333 · 3 REVIEWS
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, Italy,
Apr 13, 2016,

This strategy is not enough to be successful for long time. You can read the chart on multiple timeframes to look for the same direction but it's not a guarantee that the direction will not change right after taking the position. I was amazed on the beginning but later disappointed after more trading time.
, Italy,
Jan 27, 2016,

"The Trend Following Strategy is the only strategy that worked in any market for decades". BUT, to work properly, you must to know to read the charts how is described on this best book. This Trajectory strategy which really works - is without the popular bull*** like fundamental and technical analysis, with indicators or patterns where you see the past for a temporary or no return.

"Who can - he do it, who can't - he teaches others". The owner of this successful strategy can do, he just wrote a book to help others, no need for other expensive useless courses.
Sam The Man,
Tampa, Florida, USA,
Aug 31, 2012,

I have read the book Trajectory Forex and it is written very well and his idea is excellent. HOWEVER I was sad because the book implies at the beginning of chapter 7 that his wisdom is based upon the physics formula dealing with trajectory and using this equation for finding the strength of a trading signal, CLEARLY GREAT WISDOM. BUT then comes the big let-down . . . the author says that no physics formula will be included because it causes confusion. This is probably true but as a result the bottom line of this book ends up being like all others. You look at charts at different time frames and look for a trading opportunity. When I began reading the book I was excited to think as the cover implies “a proven mathematical methodology to identify trends and profit” and for the first time I was going to find a formula that would improve the old fashioned idea of looking at charts and timeframes. I fully agree with the author that indicators simply do not work on a continual basis. It was not the formula in and by itself, but additionally missing were the instructions as to how to apply the result of the calculations. I went out and found a physics formula that deals with velocity, distance, time . . . but the issue is how and when to apply the result with timeframe. I WANTED TO DISCUSS THE ISSUE WITH THE AUTHOR (BY EMAIL) BUT THERE IS NO CONTACT INFORMATION FOR THE AUTHOR OR PUBLISHER. All the books on Forex trading I have read usually have an invitation to the readers to express their thoughts and questions directly to the author at an eMail address or contacting the author indirectly through the publisher. Because of all these issues I felt that an excellent book with an excellent Forex Trading idea must end-up as average. I must conclude that I wasted money on another book.
NH, U.S.A.,
Oct 1, 2011,

Ok, I have been meaning to submit this review for several months now but just haven't gotten around to it.

Trajectory Forex is awesome! There, I said it. It is based not on magical indicators but on the real-world analysis of price movement and time-frame. But, unlike MTFA where you look just for alignment among multiple time-frames, Trajectory Forex also looks at the velocity of price. This makes the total difference. By watching currencies move over time, you really get an innate feeling on how to trade profitably.

Sparks provides excellent advice in the book about when to get out of a trade. He also mentions numerous time about taking a loss. Don't lose big. Ever. Losing is fatal. Don't do it. This is his advice and it really makes sense. Win large, lost small.

Once you latch onto a currency move (either trend or micro-trend) it will add pips into your account like nothing I have ever seen. If you are wrong, you will know soon enough as we keep the mental stops very tight.

It took me a long time to move past technical analysis and the voodoo of believing that prior price activity can predict the future price activity. When you really think about this, you realize it is total lies. Now, my chart only has candles on it - nothing, I mean nothing, else. People who watch me trade wonder what i am seeing. What I am seeing is profits - consistent, repeatable profits.

I can't thank Sparks enough for his book, his excellent email responses to questions, and for really taking on the establishment of TA.

Trajectory Forex, at least for me, has been a tremendous lift to my forex trading.