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Updated: Dec 11, 2017
4.556 · 60 REVIEWS
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4.556 · 60 REVIEWS
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Collins, USA,
Jul 11, 2017,


I have been a member of Fxlivedaytrading for the past two years. I am more than happy with their services..... as this company really tailors to their customers needs. They will do their best to explain the trades taken. There is never a question left unanswered.
Italy , Italy,
May 22, 2017,

please say Gerard is very good at what he does and i recommend his trading room is very helpful and informative!
Jan 19, 2017,
Registered user

I just started trading in this room in December. Great teacher the results are very consistent to. It´s definitely worth the price of admission.
Minnesota, USA,
Jan 19, 2017,
Registered user

FxLiveDayTrading is a Professional Grade Service That I Follow With Good Results....

FxLiveDayTrading has allowed me to learn and trade the Forex Market. I have been a follower of FxLiveDayTrading for many years now and the information I receive is Professional information from a Professional. More times than not I have been proven that BT Trader has and knows what to look for in the Market. He keeps it simple with no complicated charting to follow or EA Crap stuff....This is not a 24/5 babysitting room, however if you can follow some simple instructions and have patience, you will no doubt add pips to your account overall.
Tegucigalpa, Honduras,
Sep 5, 2016,
Registered user

Great costumer service

Gerard has a great actitud and he is always pending on his cutomers. He is very attentive and passionate on what he does.
Walter Satizabal,
Morgantown, USA,
Jun 18, 2016,

I have been a member for a about four months now and I am very pleased with their Forex signals. I am currently doing the one on one training with BT......so far the training is exceptional. He is very informative and patient with me.
Bauchi, Nigeria,
Mar 24, 2016,

great community of traders helping each other. Have been around since 2011. Very good education! Great results with their service

2016-03-21 5Star FX Live Trading is one of the best trading platform I have come across, with multiple platform for trading, professional and standard. You are offered a virtual account for customers to practice without risking any actual money. They have a step by step course for beginners that will guarantee them with the best trading practice.
Indore, India,
Feb 26, 2016,

I have been working with fxlivedaytrading for over 1 year now. They provide and excellent service and are honest and work very hard. I am sure there are many people who envy them because of their work ethic and success, so I feel this maybe why some bad posts. I urge you to see for yourself why this is the best Forex educational learning website I have discovered after looking for many years.
Estonia, Estonia,
Feb 22, 2016,

You are liers. I havent stated that your service is excellent. I saw from day 1 that your signal service is SCAM and random market scanning. Why you are telling that I was selling your signals. And what rent???


2016-02-16 1Star
Review: Hello,
Very bad signals service quality. They are sending some random signals and hoping to be lucky. Was there for 10 days and that was enough. It was not bad luck, it was unprofessional service. PLEASE DO NOT JOIN THEM. They even agreed bad performance and offered 50% discount on next month service and if I did not agree and wanted full refund then they told I am dishonest and wanted to use their service for free.
Thank you.

Added by Eric Perez on 2016-02-22
Content: Dear Juri,

We service thousands of Forex Signal customers daily who are very happy with our service. We never admitted to bad signals, in fact you stated our service is 'excellent with signals from BT and Marco!' in your email, however your mentioned you are not able to send to your customers fast enough because we transact many market orders instead of pending orders. When we informed you that our policy states "Our signals are for retail only and cannot be sold" you began your tirade that you would post a bad review if you do not get a refund since you could not send signals to your customers. We mentioned to you that you could have a 50% discount on the next month but that we do not offer refunds. You then told us that you need the money to pay your rent this month. Your email is also under paypal investigation for fraud as they told us on the phone, it appears you have done this many times to other services.

As mentioned in our policy, we forbid the use of our service as a 'wholesale Forex service'. Furthermore, unlike many services on the web who cave in to threats, we have plenty of happy customers since 2010, and will continue our service for many years to come.

Finest Regards in your Trading,
Stgt, Germany,
Nov 25, 2015,

I thought, I wouldn't have to write this, but I need to. I had my skype open and one day, I was invited to a FXDaytrading skype group.

When I checked my Skype and wrote a question in the group that shows me, what past performance they had, I got a response like "stop asking those silly questions" and why I am in this group??!

Sorry, but are they to stupid to know, whom they invite in their group? Is this my fault? I don't think so. I left the group afterwards and I am very disappointed.

Don't want to have anything to do with them anymore. What a cheek.
Reply by Joe719 submitted Nov 30, 2015:
Dear Philip S, It looks like you followed through on your threat to post a bad review if you did not get free service from us, oh well its our duty to post the truth....We appreciate your offer to help us work on our website, however this was a management decision that was made and we do not understand why you got so very angry. We apologize that we had to refund your monies for the month after you verbally assaulted several members in the trading room who did not agree with the fact that you were advertising your web design services at digital-instinct.de. You must understand that the 5 complaints we received by our customers about you clearly points out that you were stopping others from learning. Please understand outside solicitors are not allowed in our trading room, this is in our policy terms. We also do not appreciate the fact that you threatened us that you would hurt us with a bad review if you did not get free monthly service. As a small business owner of digital-instinct in Germany, you should understand that honesty is important, and is even more important for small businesses. We understand you design Forex websites, so maybe this is why you were so interested in finding out how our system worked. Either way this is unethical and we feel that your intentions were to try and disrupt our stellar reputation on the web. You will see that your unprofessionalism will eventually come back to you, as it always does. We are a learning educational trading room and we have been around since 2012 we expect to be coaching students for many years to come. Regards, Eric