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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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2011-0582011-07-25The Hornet vs www.appleinvestmentcompany.com.auguilty
2011-0352011-04-11Steve Callaway vs www.appleinvestmentcompany.com.auguilty


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0.825 · 6 REVIEWS
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Alex Herbertson,
Perth, Australia,
Dec 9, 2014,

Stonekey is not buying toxic debt - it is a complete scam.
Contact aherbertson@hotmail.com to find out what the stonekey scam is.
We have correspondence from Allen Weingarten of the real Stonekey and he can confirm this is a scam.
The scammers are targetting scams run by Stephen STEO Keating and his organised crime squad on the Gold Coast. We have information on these scum.
Apple investments, KPI, AIC International, LTC Services, Cosgrove International, Synergy Financials, Sansar, S-Connect, Princept Trading, PTPlatforms and more scams run by Steo keating, Sean ODalaigh and Keatings brother in law Anthony ANT Hartnett.
Have plenty of info and am in contact with the Qld Fraud Squad and the Qld CCC.
These guys need to be arrested for organised crime, gaoled, seizure of assets then thrown out of the country in ten years when they get out of gaol
matthew ,
melbourne, Australia,
Sep 21, 2014,

Apple Investment Company have been banned from trading for 5 years by ASIC. Stone Key Group are purchasing toxic debt for anyone interested in retrieving any of their lost investment in the trading platform. They can be contacted at admin@stonekeygroupllc.com
Sep 28, 2011,

I have had the misfortune to believe their spiel and buy their program.In 15 months it did not a profit for any month. I continually spoke to the office and was told it would and I would have to operate it for the 24 months. It used the $5000.00 account in 15 months and Apple would not offer any compensation. The program is useless in providing successful trades on an ongoing basis.I would suggest anyone looking at this program not to waste their time and money.
The Hornet,
Jul 14, 2011,

Issue escalated to Traders Court The Hornet vs www.appleinvestmentcompany.com.au | GUILTY
This company promises the world and delivers nothing. To buy the FX Calibre System it cost me $15,800.00 plus $10,000.00 trading capital and after 13 months of continual losses my trading capital fell to 50% ($5000.00) and after demanding a refund I was told that I need to trade for a full 24 months for the company to 'consider' a refund'. I was promised an average monthly return of 13% over 24 months and just recently the company has lost its AFSL which adds even further to the fact that this company is a scam that just takes peoples money and loses them even more longer term. Stay away from this platform it does not work and the company will not take responsibility for producing losses.
Jul 5, 2011,

The auto-trading is an abject failure. Their claims are unsubstantiated. They appear to change the rules each and every time they record continuous losses. Don't go near them unless you have money to burn.
Nerdie ,
Jun 19, 2011,

I contact Apple Investment Company Pty Ltd after reading through their website information. I wrote to them for information on their MDA investment program. They stated that I could not invest in their MDA until I had an education on Forex trading and had traded for at least 6 months. I subsequently found that this was not true and not enforceable from other MDA investors.
Despite my upfront assertion to their representative that my ISP was unsuitable for online business and I was too busy to take a course in online trading their representative insisted that I would be pleasantly surprised at how easy this would be and it would get me into the MDA after 6 months time.
Apple Investment Company Pty Ltd misrepresented their education package, trading software product and MDA to me on the phone, on their websites and in their product information brochures. They continued to do this in subsequent conversations. I asked for a refund about a month after purchase partly due to changes in my circumstances but also because I had a bad feeling about the way I was being pushed by their people into "trading". Eventually I registered the product 7 months later, saw that it was going to take a lot more work to learn than the representative had said and shut it up.
I have not received a reply to my emails or faxes (since September 2010). I was told via the phone that the reason I didn't get a refund was because of a problem Apple Investment Company were having with the software people at the time.
By the time I got into the trading platform despite their niceness on the phone and in emails I had little confidence in their ability to tell me the exact truth, teach me how to trade or provide me with an education package worth $9,600.
I asked their customer service about the "virtual server" system for clients with unsuitable ISP. He said it wasn't working. I stated again that I wanted a refund and he went to "talk to someone". Without internet the education package software was not usable. I should not have been sold this product at all and their salesman would have known that at the time.
I didn't get to even try the software due to my ISP. I have not received a refund from Apple Investment Company despite my efforts and those of others on my behalf - yet.
Furthermore information I have on the ROI of the MDA indicate that their salesman overstated the capacity of this to provide me with a good income. He said I would do better with either the software or the MDA than I would with real estate or shares.
With an ASIC regulated AFSL listed on their website I expected more sensible, responsible and honest behaviour from these people. It has been an expensive, steep and stressful learning curve to understand why they think their "business practices" are acceptable in the Australian legal framework.
Given the choice I would not deal with this company or with any of the staff or office bearers associated with it again.
They have destroyed their own good name by their actions.
I do not trust them at all.
Steve Callaway,
Western Australia,
Apr 10, 2011,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Steve Callaway vs www.appleinvestmentcompany.com.au | GUILTY
Appalling. Makes huge claims that don't prove correct.
Claims documented guarenteed returns which don't happen.
Claims to trade consistently & profitably - garbage.