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Updated: Dec 10, 2017
1.321 · 14 REVIEWS
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2015-0082015-01-07top1000 vs eztrader.comresolved


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1.321 · 14 REVIEWS
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Nov 14, 2017,
Registered user

Better stay way from this SCAMMER Eztrader.

Eztrader is a real SCAMMMMMM. My withdrawal of $100 small amount was dragged on for more than 10 days shows Eztrader is desperate for your money. BEWARE for small and big investors.

Bearing in mind Extrader was suspended by CySEC in 2014 means they have not changed and merely cover-up their leopard skin and would scam you whenever possible. BEWARE also that their trading platform is unstable & their Acct Manager useless and would not help you when your withdrawal dragging too long. Better stay way from this SCAMMER Eztrader.
London, United Kingdom,
Nov 12, 2015,

The way they scammed is different about week a go I received an email from my known contact list with a link which took me to a video
of some tv programme posing as real where a guy is handing over award for an excellent innovation for their trading algorithm software called "ultimate4trader.net" and asking them various questions and putting up a show like a real one.you can see it in their link http://www.start-up365.net.
I registered with ultimate4trader.net and started trading in demo account and result were very good. Ultimate traderwebsite is linked with eztrader.com so when you open an account with ultimate4trader.net it directly opens an account with eztrader.com
after trying demo account I deposited £250 (their minimum deposit) and without my permission they added 50% bonus of £125.00. when I started trading real time I lost all money in two days.
, Belgium,
Jan 7, 2015,

Issue escalated to Traders Court top1000 vs eztrader.com | RESOLVED
Review Moderation Team Note: We are happy to report that this issue has been resolved.

Hi. I have a very big problem and don't really know where to go. It's about eztrader.com they have me ripped off for 26500 euro,

The persons who are directly responsible for are John Davidson and David Parker. I'm beginning trading with them about a year ago I had 300 euro transfer and after a few trades I wanted to stop. But was soon thy called me, they said they were going to help me with trading. I had to transfer 2000 euros, I have done that and they get more my confidence. They asked if I could transfer an amount of 10000 euro because they needed it to trade safe, in this very procedure they have never asked to additional information such as a copy of passport or id. They have accepted my money without controling.

My account manager John Davidson was going to teach me how to trade. But a month later I left for a year to Australia. I asked if there was no other way to secure my money until I came back. He asked me if he could trade with my money I found that not a bad idea. So I said ' yes '. He said he would trade small quantities without too much risk. I saw no bath in it because I saw that he made a profit. The first weeks, after a month he asked for an extra 10000 euro and that is the time when they take all my money, without any signal or warning to me they have lost all my money in a week thy lost 20000 euro I never give permission to trade all my money.After a few emails that I send to ask how that was possible , because contacting me they found not necessary after losing more than 20000 euro. They said it was because of the crisis, I asked why they don't asked me if they could continue to trade when they had lost the first 10000.

After many emails and phone calls where I ask to help me I never got a reply. After a few months I finally get a phone where in they said they were going to help me.David Parker would help me further because he had a special system whereby they never could lose so much money again . But they needed again 10000 euro to recover my funds. I had them given 4000 euro. They had lost the same week everything again , everything was gone. John says that David has frequently traded and vice versa I got totally no contact with one of two after thy lost my money again, I filled a complain to the company and it taked weeks before I get a answer thy say that is true thet john Davison was trading with out responsibility but that thy not can help me and that was the end of it
Pereira, Colombia,
Dec 23, 2014,

More than 45 days to withdraw, although they promised 7 days, each email I send they said that its in the way.
I decided to ask for refund when saw wrong price movement and lost one operation. Then they refused withdrawal due to a bonus which I didn't asked nor accepted, whren finally cancelled the bonus, they charged cancellation bonus fee.
One of the worst brokers I met.
, Netherlands,
Oct 19, 2014,

EZTrader & their tool OptioNavigator are absolutely a SCAM!!

They manipulate their trade-systeem, see i.e. here:
and do a search at YT "ezatrader scam" to find many more.
Besides that: their BONUS is BOGUS, just another way to steal your money. And if you would become a VIP you'll loose your money even faster.

Come unite with us at claimsEZT@gmail.com
We're taking all kinds of actions against these illegal practices.

PS WARNING: The "good stories" here are submitted by themselves and people they pay to do so! They do that everywhere where people complain about their "service".
Coventry, United Kingdom,
Oct 15, 2014,

Extremely bad. I have entered a few trades with this company just to get away from the exit penalties and am still waiting for them to release my funds back to me. The platform is difficult to navigate. There is no countdown showing how the position is performing. But most of all I disliked their marketing from someone called Misha Winner. Promising the usual easy money if I deposit a minimum £1000. This made me wary and I decided after the 3rd call to close to my account. Unfortunately this was just the start. Weeks later I am still awaiting the clearance. They are regulated in Cyprus and I would be interested in anyone that has managed to get money back from them or successfully raised a complaint with the Cyprus SEC.
Thomas Van Dijk,
Rotterdam, Netherlands,
Aug 4, 2014,

In my opinion, right now Eztrader is the rising star of binary options market. They improved A LOT in the last year, especially with their Dutch support desk.
Deshun Xu,
Provo, UT, USA,
Feb 8, 2014,

They told me my withdrawal will only take 5 days. After waiting for 5 days and still pending, I called /chatted with them. Now they told me "SOON" forever. I called at least three days and warned them if I can not get my refund in the next 3 more days, I will resort to all means to get my fund back, including legal action. Today, I read so many bad reviews about EZ Trader binary withdrawal. I wish that I had read those reviews earlier. Too late.
Rick Patterson,
Nicosia, Cyprus,
Dec 15, 2013,

Hello all,
My name is Rick Patterson and I'm an account manager in EZTrader.com. EZTrader is definitely not a scam, it's one of the most safest and reliable binary options brokers in the market. If anyone had any kind of problem with our platform, please post your details here or send them to my mail: rick@eztrader.com. I will check the issue and resolve it. Thanks. 
Lasing mi, USA,
Nov 25, 2013,

Been waiting for a withdrawal for 27 days now. They have not even processed it yet. All my documents have been uploaded and verified, yet they still are waiting to process my withdrawal. STAY AWAY From this company