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BBinary.com (Banc De Binary) Review

Updated: Oct 10, 2018
1.161 · 74 REVIEWS
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The firm of Giambrone Law is organizing a class action lawsuit against Banc de Binary and its affiliates. CLICK HERE for more information.


June 2015:  Based on 3 Traders Court Guilty votes, charges filed by the CFTC, other regulatory warnings, the large number of complaints in the forums and reviews, and the attempted legal blackmail by the CEO, the FPA now considers Banc de Binary to be a Scam.

Banc de Binary is hereby blacklisted by the FPA.  The FPA recommends against opening accounts with Banc de Binary.  If you have an account there already, the FPA recommends you attempt to withdraw your funds immediately.



October 17, 2016.  Banc de Binary's license in Belize has been revoked for non-compliance by the Belize IFSC.  CLICK HERE to verify.

January 2016:  Cysec has fined Banc de Binary €350,000.  CLICK HERE to verify.

May 2015:  Banc de Binary Ltd / BDB Services Ltd added to ASICs list of unlicensed companies you should not deal with.  CLICK HERE to verify.

May 2015:  There is now a second FPA Traders Court Guilty vote against Banc de Binary.

May 2014:  The CFTC amended it's complaint against Banc De Binary and added charges against several related companies and the man in charge of BDB, Oren Laurent.  CLICK HERE to verify.

April 2014:  There is an FPA Traders Court Guilty vote against Banc de Binary.

Oren Laurent, CEO of Banc de Binary has threatened to sue the FPA over content of the forums and reviews.  He wants to control what his unhappy clients are allowed to say about him and is willing to use legal blackmail to try to accomplish this.

June 2013:  The CFTC filed charges against Banc de Binary.  CLICK HERE to read more about this.

Banc de Binary is on the SEC's PAUSE list.  CLICK HERE to verify.

February 2012:  Another spammer for Banc De Binary has visited the FPA's forums.  This one appears to have been hired from Pakistan.

Second BBinary Spam Incident

The FPA recommends
against dealing with companies that feel the need to advertise in this way.
May 2011: Banc De Binary spammed the FPA in from their headquarters in Israel.  After talking to the CEO, the FPA initially agreed to remove warnings from this review page based on his personal assurance that there would be no further incidents.  Since more incidents happened, the warning is back.

First BBinary Spam Incident
Websites of this company include BBinary.com and BancDeBinary.com. Related websites appear to include Option.fm.


Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.
BBinary.com (Banc De Binary)

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Case IDFiledCase nameVerdict
2015-0962015-06-07NetoB vs bancdebinary.comguilty
2015-0622015-04-26naveen1020 vs bancdebinary.comguilty
2014-0492014-02-28fxtrader2011 vs bancdebinary.comguilty


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1.161 · 74 REVIEWS
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Plovdiv, Bulgaria,
Aug 15, 2018,
Registered user


Big scam.
They took money out of my account without permission.
Had a very hard time getting it back, had to submit a complaint.
South Africa,
Feb 21, 2017,

I have made a deposit to BDB, then was told that they are closing down, I have now waited over a month to get my withdrawal approved.
Lucky I have not lost any money but I need to get my deposit back.
Total amount $5000. The complaint department does not help they only tell me to be patient. Who can help?
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Dec 12, 2016,
Registered user

Banc de binary is a scam they give you wrong trades to wipe your account and add bonuses without explaining conditions so you cannot withdraw

I have a personal experience with banc de binary where they manipulated me and convinced me to put more money including borrowing from the bank. They also added bonuses without explaining the conditions I have lost 64K with them and I am not going to go down without a fight. They initially gave me good trades and later it was just on decline because I started wanting to withdraw. My account Manager was Eva Ramirez and another crook that cleaned my account under the pretence of being the Head of Trading was Adam Cross. When my balance was 41000 I placed and withdrawal and they refused to pay all the money because of the bonuses they only paid 16000.
Malaysia, Malaysia,
Nov 17, 2016,
Registered user

Banc De Binary is a scam

Do NOT open any account with Banc De Binary.

Hi... name name is Choon Seong Low and I have been scammed by Banc De Binary.

Can anyone help me to get back my money?

The account manager David Levy kept asking me to put in more and more money. Enticing me with free bonuses. He never answer my questions on how things work. He just gambles (maximum bet each time) with my money for his personal gain and lost all my money USD10k within 1 week. He then continue to ask me to put in more money.

Kindly revert. It's my hard earned money and I lost all the money I gave them in less than 1 week.

CS Low
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Oct 31, 2016,
Registered user

Banc De Binary Cheating case

I got registered into Banc de Binary (BDB) in the month of June 2016 and my account number in BDB is 9/0001516434 and the account manager name is Ryan Hawkings (may not be his name) and I have been trading or thinking that I was trading for few months now. I have invested 15,000 USD in this account and things were fine till I asked for withdrawal.

My account was at 78,000 USD and suddenly in a matter of few hours my account was 250 USD and I’m sure this is done for asking withdrawal. I was promised to take out 50,000 USD by end of October 2016.
Now, the account manager calls up and ask me to fund another 10,000 USD if I want to recover the rest of my money or else I lose all the money I invested and I’m in no position to get more money now and I feel I was tricked and cheated with their manipulated trading software.

I have reached out to the Financial Ombudsman Office.

Request you to guide me on further action and get back my money
SELANGOR, Malaysia,
Oct 19, 2016,
Registered user


They Cheated me of USD10,152.50. I didnt place a single trade, they changed my password and traded all the funds without my knowledge. I submitted for a chargeback but i lost the chargeback because of reasons unknown. The bank didnt trust the evidence i gave despite having emails from them that mentioned "i may have not traded the money and they want to return the money to my account"
Oct 14, 2016,
Registered user



I have been scammed by Banc De Binary in early June 2016. Made me deposit close to 4k USD. Asked me signed a bonus agreement. Started trading for a few days, grew to 16k. I asked them to stop & I wanted to withdraw the full amount but scumbag broker by the name of Isaac said no problem, he can do it for me & can make that withdrawal arrive into my bank account faster. In the end he only withdrew for me 100USD which did arrive to my bank in 3 working days tops. He asked me to continue trading with him as he can push me to be in the platinum account but not without asking to deposit more money. I said I have no more & he understood hence, the next day, that final day I will ever hear from him. He asked me to open up some reckless trades & all of em to be double up in which all are losses. My emails & calls got ignored or unanswered. I feel so foolish right now because prior to discovering this forum & learning from all the other victim's stories.
Karol G,
United Kingdom,
Sep 26, 2016,
Registered user



My dispute with Banc de Binary is resolved.

They refunded whole amount of money i deposited.

Sep 2, 2016 - 1 Star Big scam -7k$ defrauded
I never in my life felt so stupid.
Fake names, many lies, and i believed in that.
Doha, Qatar,
Sep 25, 2016,
Registered user

This broker sucks

The only good thing about this company is their fast withdrawal process (within 5 days) if you still have money in your account of course :).
They keep calling you money times during the day asking you to deposit, they even ask you to take money from your friends or take a loan from the bank if you tell them that you don't have money, they keep changing your account manager if you refuse to deposit hoping that the new account manager will convince you to deposit.
I opened an account with them with 250$ after they convinced me that I will get all the guidance I need, but after creating the account my account manager disappeared, and another one called me in the next day asking me to deposit 6000$ in order to be able to generate a good income and receive golden account signals but I refused.
Two months later I deposited 2000$ after receiving so many calls from different account managers, at that time my account manager made me a profit of 1000$ but the next week we lost them and lost another 1000$, and he disappeared, after that another one called claiming that he is more senior and asked me to deposit to make up for my losses, i asked him to show me what he can do before I deposit, so he sent me two signals in the evening which eventually lost and he disappeared, for the next two months they kept calling me asking me to deposit but i kept telling them that i don't have money, one of them told me to ask my friends for money or take a loan, he told me that I should reach 5000$ deposits to be in golden account to receive more accurate signals, so i deposited the remaining amount to reach the 5000$ golden account but after that he sent me 3 signals that also lost so I blocked him, at the end the master of the masters called me claiming that he will do miracles, so I made a deal with him and challenged him in 15 positions for 1$ each, he was able to win 5 out of 14, and I challenged him again and deposited another 1100$ to show me what he can do, and he lost another two positions for 50$ each, so I withdrew my remaining money and told them to go screw themselves.
The result is that binary options are pure gambling with no strategies nor analysis since it is related to expiry time. So whatever your binary options broker tells you, don't believe him.
Auckland, New Zealand,
Sep 7, 2016,
Registered user

I have always had an interest in share market and forex trading so when I came across BANC-DE-BINARY decided to do a bit of homework and got excited at the thought of earning a little amount of extra income on the side it was only going to be a small investment of $250.00 which is their recommended starting investment. So I signed up online and received a call within 15mins of signing. A very confident account manager called Andy Miller talked me through the processes and the trading platform and how it all worked by this stage my confidence in Andy is right where he wants me. He then proceeds to email appropriate paperwork (to cover themselves) with a declaration for me to sign to say that I have given them authority to take money from my credit card, they also require a photocopy of my drivers license, a copy of a utility account, and a photocopy of my credit card ( with important info covered up). He quickly shows me how fast the money can be reclaimed from the platform by asking me to credit back $100.00 from the first $250, back to my credit card (this appeared back on my credit card the next day) Wow what a system. Andy then talks about their bonus system, to which BANC-DE-BINARY match what you put in, if you invest more money. Andy wants me to be be a "Premium" member minimum. ($10,000USD) investment. He convinces me that if I really want to move steady I'd need to put in $5000USD which with their bonus give me $10300.00USD to trade with. Unfortunately each investment you make needs to go through compliance so again all docs needs to be sent through again I sign a declaration and copies as per previous. Next day still no trading compliance not complete then it's Friday evening, Andy calls to tell me that we can go live and trade.

Jump online put your money on these 7 trades and I'll call you on Monday. (I

nvested $4000USD) 40 mins later (profited 2995.00USD). Winning 6 of the 7 of trades. Well at this point Andy has my attention and knows what he's doing as 6 out of 7 is pretty amazing odds and BANC-DE-BINARY’S Signal system is pretty spot on. On Monday we trade some more with the same results winning 5 of 7 still great odds. He's got me reeled in now. So with my $5000USD Investment I'm sitting on $15000.00 profit. Andy has shown me what is possible now he wants more of an investment from me. Even though there's now $20k in the kitty. I can possibly scrape a little more together and tell him that it's got to come from my business the next day he's taking my CC details down whilst having a very casual conversation with me I tell him I can only do $3500USD Which he does he then proceeds to tell me he's going to try for another $1000.00 I say no but it's already underway. The transaction has been cleared.... So I have no choice. So we trade some more and make more. I then mention that I want to pull some of the profits out. As we have a nice sum of (at that point) $31000.00USD. Andy Then says no problem, but let's trade some more.... Six trades later we are down to $21000.00. He than pushes me to invest more money at which point I say No I have no more money to put in at all. Zero. Ok let's trade some more. He sets me up with 5 more trades to FAIL. BOOM, it's all gone... He's got what he wants out of me he knows he can't get anymore... He then tells me to go to my bank and get a loan... Go to my credit card and get an extension. He won't take no for an answer. He then goes away and calls me an hour later to say that his manager has got $2500.00 for me to try and recover my loss. So he sets me up with a block of trades and they all fail as well. As he is telling me to place these trades the market is moving in the opposite direction while he's telling me to place the trades. Keep going keep going he says... UNBELIEVABLE.

2 days ago a get a call from a new BANC-DE-BINARY account manager Mr Paul Harris (If thats his real name) wanting me to invest more to recover my account. I argued with him to which he absolutely denied all my accusations so I hung up on him.

I know that my loss is very small in comparison to some, but nevertheless its still money Ive worked hard for and these Leaches have no prejudice as to whom they rip off

For those innocent, hard working individuals out there, that are considering, or have already donated your money to these scam artists you may be interested to know That BANC-DE-BINARY actually operates out of ISRAEL and that their address is 36 Tuval st Ramat Gan

I also have the name of the owner should anyone need it for their investigations.

I am also happy to assist with information to aid any legal action taken against BANC-DE-BINARY