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Updated: Mar 21, 2018
4.872 · 34 REVIEWS
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4.872 · 34 REVIEWS
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Mar 19, 2018,
Registered user

Very good service

I was following chartingtodayblog.com site for about 5 month and was amused by accuracy of the given trading signals. Later i decided to sign up for a paid signals i was amused even more. No, you won't get 100% profitable entries here, such doesn't exist, but you definitely will have 70-80% profitable trades and if you follow all safe recommendations Tanmay patiently gives to each trade - you can rise it up to 80-90% trades closed with profit, even if TP didn't hit.
Sum it up with feedback, quick recap of sudden market moves without any scheduled news and you have pretty clear picture what you pay your money for.
Pasadena, USA,
Apr 13, 2017,
Registered user

Reliable signals and top notch support

Hi, I have been with them for 2.5 months now and the best thing about them is their very responsive support. My emails get replied on time. There are signals everyday and the charts that Tanmay puts out each day show honesty and tells me that he is confident with hie charting. I have made an average 5% per month for the past 2 months.
Darren Christian,
singapore, Singapore,
Nov 2, 2016,

After using their signals service and getting my account managed for almost 2 years, I can now say it with greater assurance that it was a very wise decision to do business with them. They not only bring extreme professionalism with them, but also they are so incredibly hardworking. The poor guy says sorry everytime his signals stop out or give a large draw down which happens rarely anyway. Highly recommended.
James Self,
Houston, USA,
Apr 8, 2016,

I've used Tanmay's signals for 1 day and I can already tell you that he is as professional as it gets. Clear and precise instructions, charts and probability factor with each trade signal. Tanmay has now become a permanent part of my strategy.
Siobhan Kellighan,
Cork, Ireland,
Feb 19, 2016,

They offer great service and are among the really impressive ones in the Forex business. Not always right, but more right than wrong. Recommended!
Sergio ,
Oct 2, 2015,

I have been using Charting Today for about 7 months now and I have to say that Tanmay is a master of the charts. I have been in several past trading rooms but the losses would pile up quickly with a trade gone bad in the other forex rooms. Tanmay provides trades based on technical analysis, Pivot points, Fibs and other criteria. I took his education seminar for one month which is all you need to know to follow his strategies. I am consistently in the green with his trades, amazing ability to see the charts and wait for the trade, not force it. I highly recommend you to try the free trail, thats what I did and I will say rarely does he have a trade that goes against him, but ya sure it happens, but more often its usually a positive trade. I started trading with mini lots and have moved up to regular lots since I was learning the system and being cautious. Just today we had 3 trades worth over 100 pips providing you follow the rules!
Mukesh Agarwal,
New Delhi, India,
May 12, 2015,

Dear Mariam,

Starting with this line you quoted "We’ve never had any subscriber by the name of Mukesh Agarwal from anywhere in the world. " Where I said I am your subscriber! FPA itself didn't review your performance and left for people to reward you star reviews :) Since FPA is better SCAM exposing site for everybody and NOT necessarily for who is number 1 ranking service :) You said I have no idea on Indian forex market! How did you know! I understand you are Knowledge queen of forex. Why don't you show live performance of your managed accounts? Give us Investor passwords to see what you are doing for last few years. You may display on your website. Do not show with fxjunction,fxbook etc since those statistics can be manipulated. Yeah I need no FREE trial only show managed accounts examples with Investor passwords instead. :) No more replay with your essays okay? Just simply replay ...Could you plz what I said? Good Luck.

2015-04-26 No Rating We cannot verify his trading performance. Give us 2-3 accounts with investor password to verify your performance. Of course you have right not to share with public :) If you so genuine there is no harm to share your performance on your site. Your charting-today blog isn't sufficient to understand. Posting charts and trading exactly what you post mean something differently. All such positive reviews can be done by freelancers :) Tell us the real truth Tanmoy .

Comment: Added by Mariam on 2015-05-06
Content: Dear Mukesh,

We have to agree that positives reviews can be posted by anybody but is it not applicable for pointless feedbacks too? If everything can be manipulated by companies in their favor, can’t the competitors flood this forum with negative feedback by “freelancers” based all over the world? If our services were never up to the mark, I am pretty sure that we would have been flooded with bad reviews over the past 5 years, so I believe we’ve earned the reputation with our professional work. From our thousands of subscribers in the past 5 years, isn’t 36 reviews a very small number? Goes to show, we’re never after the subscribers to post over here.

We’ve never had any subscriber by the name of Mukesh Agarwal from anywhere in the world. Additionally, Indian nationals do not subscribe to us due to the currency trading regulations there. Since you are a non-subscriber who has no insight as to how we work at Charting Today, feel free to drop us an email should you need a free trial to our forex service. Cheers.

Best Regards,
Operations Manager
, Czech Republic,
Mar 16, 2015,

I tried both signals and trading room and I am just amazed how precize can be the entry timing with Tan's simple strategy. Tan is the best teacher I ever had in forex industry and after one month of trading room, I feel comfortable trading this strategy on my own. Im looking forward to their PAMM service, because by my humble opinion, it will be equal to printing money.
Bangkok, Thailand,
Nov 17, 2014,

I have subscribed to ChartingToday a few months ago, after reading reviews on FPA.

I have been a spot FX trader for many years and have even worked on a spot FX dealing desk for a very big name (before electronic trading even existed).

So far, I have been really pleased by ChartingToday's service. Tan is a lovely person, always available and his trading method is very sound. His capacity to pinpoint entries is absolutely stunning!

I have also subscribed for his education program. I found a passionate trader, who had a plan, followed his plan, and shared most of his secrets with the subscribers.

If you like to trade with predetermined entry and exit levels. If you are patient enough to wait for Tan's trades to be executed. Then I have no doubt that you will love this service!

The only little concern I would have regarding the signals, is their Risk/Reward ratio which is around 1/0.9. But this is compensated by the high percentage of profitable trades.
Ryan Hughes,
Los Angeles, USA,
Sep 9, 2014,

It is quite obvious that Tanmay has put in years of hardwork into his study of charts and technical analysis. His accuracy and the way of finding the supports and resistances is incredibly simple, yet highly effective.
These guys are really sincere towards their subscribers and go above and beyond anything you would find with the other providers. Highly recommended. :)