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Updated: Jul 2, 2015
4.818 · 11 REVIEWS
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4.818 · 11 REVIEWS
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Charles A. Floyd, II ,
Matteson, Il , USA,
Aug 17, 2014,

I am pleased to announce that the indicators have been sent to me today by Mr. Tan. He has done exactly what I asked him to do. Thank you FPA for being the medium that was able to get this resolved.

2014-08-16 1Star Tan wrote me today with more excuses claiming that his "ex staff" should have sent the indicators and made apologies, but still did not attach the indicators to the email. He did however ask me to delete my comments posted on FPA. I stated that I am done with this conversation until he provides the indicators, and reminded him that I have email proof of his unfulfilled promises, made over several months.

2014-08-11 1Star I purchased this Tans' product. After the indicators expired, I requested that he send updates. Please bear in mind I paid over $1,000.00 for them. He promised to send updated indicators. That was over 3 months ago. I am still waiting. Since then, he has provided nothing but a litany of excuses, including citing financial problems, crashed hard drives, etc. I would not suggest that anyone does business with this merchant, as he appears to be either unprofessional, incompetent or unethical. At no point did he ever imply the indicators would expire or require renewal. Deeply disappointed. I will pursue this this matter in traders court for unethical behavior.
FX Champ,
, Saudi Arabia,
May 9, 2013,

Usually, I never write review for any course but for this course, I feel its totally worth my time

The course cost a mere amount of $99 and you learn a strategy that you will not earn elsewhere with the support that you cannot get even from a $1000 course.

The profit targets are usually met within 3-4 hours of the trade entry and there is no confusion where to go long or short since everything is crystal clear and known before hand.

Unlike in other $79-$99 courses, this is not about "MACD crosses above signal line and if there parabolic sar is also below the candle, then go long and vice-versa" etc....

This is based on PURE PRICE ACTION which is: MOVE - RETRACE - CONTINUE.

Works like MAGIC!

Please note that though this is a GREAT STRATEGY, you will not be able to make a living since the trade set-ups are not so frequent.

Despite the above, I recommend this strategy with full confidence!
, Thailand,
Aug 3, 2012,

I have to say that I am very impressed by this very clean and simple trading method. Chin Tan has an obvious talent to teach in his eBook.

High probability trades is essential in our trading. Chin Tan gave us all we need to achieve our goals.

Thanks a lot Mr Tan.
Minnesota, USA,
Aug 8, 2011,

I would like to change my rating of this product. I have been trading this system for a while now and have come to the conclusion that it is not for me. You have to put in way too much screen time!! The trade set ups are few and far between. It's just not worth it for me. I am changing my rating to 3 stars.
Thank you,

2011-07-31 5Star I simply love Tan's strategy! It is so simple and effective. I also purchased the indicator he created to make trading this system easier. The support is wonderful and I highly recommend it.
Thank you Tan!
Jul 25, 2011,

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Tan, reveals an incredible way to attain high probability and good risk to reward trades that are attained within hours!

In addition, the support is unparallel, as responses are received timely and address all questions and concerns. On top of that, Tan recently created an indicator which searchs for trades and really makes trading this strategy much easier. There are constant live trade descriptions to further educate the students in how to properly trade this strategy.

I have never experienced this level of commitment from a real forex trader before and highly recommend this course to anyone trading. You owe it to yourself to check it out - You will be blown away!
Jul 25, 2011,

I have to agree with the reviews listed below.

The strategy is very simple yet very powerful.

I am watching 28 FX pairs plus CFD's on commodities, indices etc and can say that this strategy works very well.

You won't get trades everyday - but you do get trades when the market moves in a good trend. So, on awful, choppy days you are not in the market, which in the past has cost me a fortune.

Support by Rose has been fantastic, always cheery and responds quickly.

I have never communicated with Tan but he is clearly an honest and clever guy - I am hoping he releases his other strategies too!!

Results wise, in my first week trading this I increased my account by around 20%, I made a couple of mistakes but the way this works is zero stress so I wasn't worried.

Highly recommended.
Jul 6, 2011,

First of all, I would like to clarify that I am not an affiliate for RWTF. Anyway they do not have this affiliate program too. For those who are looking into learning real trading I would sincerely, earnestly and honestly recommend this course.
For their support I would definitely rate it at 10 stars... Full marks for that as just only a few days of buying the course, I have bombarded them numerous e-mails and ALL of them had been answer by Rose or Mr Tan himself.... Excellent Support I must say.
For strategy wise, FANTASTIC, I bought the course on 5th July and got a trade on 6th July, 2 trades were valid, 1 was not entered as price did not retrace to my entry point and the other trade taken profit. One more thing I can say for sure is that you will never regret buying this course as this not not somthing abt indicator, it is pure price action as what he said. No other course offer you this strategy too which I have never come across of.
You will regret if you did not buy it.
Thanks Mr Tan and Rose, appreciated your help in all your answer. I never know making money is easy now.
Jul 3, 2011,

Hands down! Most Legitimate course available on Internet!!!!!

With RealWorldForexTrading, you will be able to learn profitable trading strategy. It’s simple and efficient. The method is very objective and very simple to comprehend. I was up and running with this method in virtually no time. I have never come across any courses that gives such robust support to such robust trading system.
Mr. Tan has been really very helpful and he provided with all knowledge and tools that you ever need to succeed. Now, I can see that earning money from markets isn’t as difficult as being thought by everyone.

Yes. Like other reviews, I have to say that you will not get trades everyday. But then who wants to trade everyday????? I’m happy even if I get strong set-up around 10 times a month. Its enough to grow your account. The best thing is once your order is filled there is least to no drawdown and price almost runs immediately in our favor!
I was never so happy with any other courses.

RealWorldForexTrading – The best profitable trading strategy!!!!
Jul 3, 2011,

Real World FOREX Trading is an effective profitable FOREX trading strategy supported by a real and professional trader…PERIOD!

I have been scammed quite a few times in FOREX always looking for profitable forex trading strategy. So, I was always doubtful and skeptical when it came to new courses who promised effective profitable FOREX trading strategies. I can say FALSELY promised. One day I saw one suggestion in a FOREX forum answering a newbie that it is worth going for this course. Of course, I was very doubtful like always but at the same time since the referral was given by someone who is independent, I decided to write to them (Real World FOREX Trading) with all my questions…I was surprised to see a very prompt, genuine and honest response within no time. I decided to give it a try given that it is not expensive and seems very honest…So, I bought the course and I have to say that this is the better than any other course available currently…The support is very very good…It provides a solid simple profitable FOREX trading strategy. For the first time I have been so happy with my decision. This is by far the best decision taken in FOREX education. I look forward to make money with this strategy and I’m sure I will.

Positive Points: Simple yet Profitable strategy, Excellent Support, Straight to the Point PDF Guide (Only 49 pages) and stress free method

Negative Points: I do not get trades on a daily basis. On an average, the set-ups occur around 10 to 12 trades per month.

Jun 24, 2011,

I agree with all reviews below….It has been a wonderful and profitable experience trading this methodology….I bought the course because of all the positive reviews and I have benefited tremendoubly from it….The support is awesome…The strategy is simple but very powerful and making money is so easy now….I highly highly highly recommend this course to all trades who want to make serious money. The best that I’ve seen in my