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Established: 2017
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4.652 · 123 REVIEWS
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Vladimir Ribakov,
Israel, Israel,
Jul 26, 2013,

Reply to John Butler -

Hi John. First, thanks for the comment. But I honestly have no idea why you say what you say that we have bad run last 3 months???

Yes we did have bad June, with small loss, but overall last 3 months had very nice profit. And here are the proofs directly from the account:

Signals -

Total around 250 pips profit last 3 month including bad June we had.

Investor's style -

Over 2000 pips profit

Stocks & Indices & Commodities -

Over 2000 points profit.

So? Why do you say we have loss?

Yes we have some trades running for long run, on JPY pairs and AUD pairs, which are hedged on some of the trades, and all is managed based on our plan which I share and update every week. But the trades are running and working, how can you say they make profit or loss before they are closed? Only trades considered profit or loss are closed trades.

So, John, why won't you explain yourself? As I see that, I assume 1 of the next ways happened.

1- You used leverages which I don't recommend to do with my systems.

2- You had some tech issues with copier?

3- You confused our trades with other trades you might get from other place.

Maybe there is something else, and I will be happy if you can explain. But before you say something like a claim of 3 months loss, please make sure it's really like that. And I just posted our 3 accounts we trade, and you can see yourself that we are in profits.

And yes, June finished with loss. And yes every trade is recorded on our site being taken directly from our trading accounts.

Please clarify John

Thank you for your time

Mario Castaneda,
Tegucigalpa, Honduras,
Jul 28, 2013,

After reading so much hate towards Vlad by some people I just realize and confirm once again I have made the right decision to choose him as a mentor. Its so obvious the haters must be one of the many scammers around the internet that are loosing ground due to many of us dicovering Vlad.

After years and years of trying so called pro trader services (EAs, Robots, signal service etc ) I met Vlad around 2010 and my trading life has changed so much. I used to suscribe to services that promised to make you millionare with a starting account of $1000, went from one to other over and over and the same result, money was lost and no knowledge left.... Funny part of my story is that I came to Vlad after a guy that scammed me with a signal service felt so bad when I sent a email asking for my money that he stole since he never gave me the so called secret robot, he told me dude im sorry if you looking for a real trader try Vladimir and blocked me from Skype and Facebook, went to google and found him, my first reaction was, this Vladimir guy is crazy!!! hes no Pro! he says if I suscribe I will not always win all the trades! But curiosity came into me, wow hes the first guy that says I will loose money when trading but with correct money management I will become in profit at month end, that said so much, he was sincere from the begining.

Suscribed to his service and I blew my account since I opened huge lots over and over, but it was MY fault, months ended in profits for my other friends on the skype group Vlad has. After one year of bad money management on my side he delivered another course, DIVERGENCE UNIVERSITY something I knew it did exist since many people attended personally this courses he gave wordwide, even had the chance to skype with some of them and they recommended me to enroll. I did and all I can say is THANKS VLAD, he opened my eyes on the way I need to trade, Was worth like $500 but if you come to think how many money have you given to scammers? how many time have you lost $500 by trading blindfolded? I have made good money since that decision and now with his new service (weekly and daily reviews) with a symbolic price, you can make the cost of the suscription easily in one or two days. So guys if you doubt about him just contact me and I can skype with you and show you statemets, hes a real person and an excellent trader, I now consider him a friend and hope to meet him someday and thank him personally. Go ahead guys, try the service, ignore this haters, they must be some scammers, beware of the.
Keep it up Vlad!
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Vladimir Ribakov,
Israel, Israel,
Aug 8, 2013,

Thank you very much for your words Mario. I respect everyone's view and everyone can say what he really feels. The only thing that bothers me mostly, is when people write bad comment (And they have all the right to do that) they don't explain themselves.

Everyone claim losses, talk to me first, let's see how come in my account which is proven and I can send all proofs needed anytime - there are profits, and someone else claims for losses.

If people have any problem, isn't that logical to check it first what is happening before running and tell lies to other?

That's not fair I think, and yes, as I said not once, maybe my trading style doesn't fit everyone, but I never promised it will, right?

The fact is that the hundreds followers that follow me over 2 years now make profits, and few guys claim they don't.

All I ask, and I think it's pretty fair to ask that, check if your claim is real and I am ready to help and check together, anyone can contact me. My accounts are proven and all is live data, that, I can prove as many time as needed.

Best regards to all, and once again, thanks for good words Mario

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Zadar, Croatia,
Aug 13, 2013,

After stumbling over vladimirforexsignals my first thought was "How do i know this is not just another one of those sites?" After doing research on Vladimir, the age since hes been doing this and his reputation i decided to give it a try and refund later if i end up dissapointed.

But this is really not something i wanted to do and the reason for this is not because i was instantly making crazy money throwing dollars/euros/whatever in the air:), the reasons are listed bellow

- Awesome community of people who also help eachother via skype room
- Great coach who really seems to care, explain things well and to help and direct you to good path with his experience
- Tons of learning material, most importantly webinars where Vladimir explains and teaches his trading style
- Live trading room with Vladimir
- Signals and Autotrading EA when i feel ready for it soon i hope

Do i feel like i have found ATM? No, because like everything it needs work

Do i feel like this is great place to learn from and make money from? x3 YES
California, USA,
Aug 18, 2013,

SLT is okay to me. RR=1:2 is the secret of this stratedgy. Sometimes loose trade 3 ~5 times straight makes most of traders feel fear. Like Mr.Vladmir say in the manual , sometime loose but in total make a little bit money. I think making a little bit money little by little is most important thing in Forex trading. I think traders don't have a chance to make big money quick. If you have big money, you have a chance to earn big little money. If you have small money, you have a chance earn small little money. I enjoy his stratedgy because gain more than loose concept is simple, easy and true. (hopely...)
Yordan Kuzmanov,
Plovdiv, Bulgaria,
Aug 24, 2013,

Hey guys
I think it's time to give my 2 cents about the club. I've been with Vlad since the
begging when the club opened. I'm not a millionaire yet but the stuff that I have
learned have no price. I'm now profitable which is most important to me.I came here, I invested in fees to make money and now I'm making money. We had some rough patches and we had some
amazing winning streaks. It's all part of the game but what counts at the end in longer run is to
make money and we do(check performances posted on independent websites). In the beginning i was using the cloners that the club offers, because I was working and didn't have time
to get my trades but when i became full time trader (yes that's right, i trade full
time now) I've started trading manually to learn even faster. One of my biggest issues i had,
as a home based trader, that I'm alone. When you get a few losing trades I started doubting
myself and my strategies. I think most people experience it. It is the nature of the field
that we have chosen BUT the community in the club, the skype was the pill that cured
that problem. You are finally not alone when it gets rough. And that's just one aspect of having
"work family". We trust each other, we advise each other, we share systems for is simply
I didn't become what i am over a few months and I'm glad I was consistent enough to stick around.
Don't trust me because I say so simply look at the results that are posted on independent websites.
Look at the seminars that Vlad holds worldwide and ask yourself if this guy was a scam would it be
like this? Do your homework and make an educated decision for yourself if you are looking to join
the club. Just keep an open mind. If you approach it with negativity the outcome is clear.

PS To all haters - don't hate the player, hate the game. if you couldn't make money here in this club
perhaps this is not your game

Phuket, Thailand,
Sep 12, 2013,

Hi everyone,

Vlad is someone very humble - he never say you are getting rich in a few weeks, but always keep you on the right side of the trading to be able to survive and make money on the long run.

His trading method is very much different from all we can read or see on the forum. His service is absolutely complete from Teaching/Signals/Daily webinars/skype group all to make you never feeling alone or lost in this industry. The people there are probably the best we can see - always trying to help each other to grow all together.

One more point about education from Vlad. He has created the "Divergence University" which is the best course online ever. You are learning all the secret from divergences to be able to feel comfortable to trade.

I would recommend anyone to be part of this service IF you are serious to trade Forex and want to improve your knowledge.
Sydney, Australia,
Oct 8, 2013,

I've joined almost a month ago, long story short, does it worth it? yes.
is it the right place for me? I still need to find out.

even before I receive any signal I've made a couple of good trades from reading his ebooks "double doji secrets" and the "secret of Japanese candlestick"

if you looking for a place with few signals a day with small stop loss, it's not the right place for you.

if you are novice don't go for the VIP membership just subscribe to vlads signals.

the live chat room signals are not signals they need some experience to execute them Vlad gives his views on a number of opportunities but it's your job to look for the entry, stop and exit.

so it's not something easy. in general most of his signals are long term with massive stop loss.

most probably I won't renew or maybe I'll downgrade to receive Vlads signal only, the reason why simply because Vlads signals does not meet my trading style, I like to trade with very tight stop loss and large positions and indicators confuses me i usually trade with clean screen and a couple of lines.

do I recommend him? yes I do for any one who wants to learn and get trading ideas without specific entry and exit point go for the VIP membership otherwise subscribe to vlads signals only.

is the performance report accurate? during the last month they published all the results accurately. (I am talking about Vlads signals and the investor style signals, not sure which method they use to decide on the live chat signals as there are no signals in the first place)

long term investors: this is the place to be. I've watched a video for Vlad that was recorded on Jan 13 about the 2013 price predictions for several pairs and I've went through almost every trade idea in that video and Honestly THUMBS UP Vlad.

in general, good customer service, good website (heaps of resources and materials), good technical and fundamental analysis. good value.
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Benjamin Kley,
, Germany,
Oct 28, 2013,


this service is the best I have ever seen! The signals are very good. The introduction is the best. Every day you can watch a short overview over the market. This saves me a lot of time. It is only important to take time to read all introductions and to view all beginner videos. After that and you set up your meta trader signals you only need 20 minutes a day for watching the videos and trading. Vladimir has very big experiences and I participate from him a lot! I make every month round about 300...600 pips with him. Additionally you get access to a very very big forex library with videos and tools. For my point of view the best Service in the forex market and I hope Vladimir will provide his service a long long time! Thank you Vladimir!
Laura Popescu,
Bucharest, Romania,
Nov 30, 2013,

I read the reviews written on this pages and I feel the need to share my experience.
My name is Laura and I am from Romania. Sorry for the mistakes, because my English language is not perfect.
I joined the Vladimir’s Forex Signals & Mentoring Club on March 2013. I started trading about one years ago. In my fist period I realized that the things are not as they seem on the outside and the Investment amount must be substantial, including advanced courses, personal support and signals.
But after I joined this Club everything has changed! Here I discovered everything I need: how to adapt my personality traits and control my emotions in my transactions, how to use and improve my abilities, I developed my technical skills.
In all this time, thanks Vladimir`s personal coaching I become a good trader. I watched his webinars, I graduated Divergence University, I learned new techniques like: Hedging, The Killer Intraday Principle, Scalping Techniques. I discovered amazing useful tools and indicators. So the mentoring services are awesome! After one year, I still have a lot to learn. Are so many information, that are always update and periodical is posted a new technique or update tool.
I reach the point where I can tell that I can do a successful trade alone. I trade every day, short to medium term trades, fallowing the techniques learned here. Investor Style is also a great innovation but is not for me at this moment. I made some mistake in this period, but finally I learned that if I strictly follow the instructions, I can't lose money. If you want to learn trading, this is the best place for you can find probably. If you want someone to manage your money and make 100% per month, don’t waste your and other people time here. This is not the place for you.
To increase my account I use the knowledge and signals that I received and every month I have good rewards with small risks!
With the Daily Forecast and Live Trading Room I successfully increased my orders number. It is much easier when you have a true example of a person with a clear vision about the market. In the LTR, I have the opportunity to analyse my personal orders. I like to have my personal orders that are not always the best, but Vladimir personally manage my order in the LTR so I'm always on profit. Thanks a lot, because you do all this for that little amount of the subscription!!!!
In the Online Trading Room, on Skype, I discovered great people from all the world that share the same ideals and beliefs. Everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to share here. And all that happens with the support and clear guidance of Vladimir. In Skype room we discuss 24/7. Here are the veterans that always have an good advice and the beginners that want to improve their skills. We discuss about trading methods, about opportunities in the Market so I never feel alone and lost in this big industry.
It happens to almost lose my temper and be tempted to close some of my bad transaction, but with the help that I got in real time I go through and I reach my goal. Now I realized that this club help my in my transaction mode and also help me to put my life in a new order.
Few days ago I meet personally Vladimir and some club members at a seminar. It was like I know them for a lifetime, because in this community we used to be friends!
So doesn't matter that I am a home-based trader. When I am at my computer, thanks to this community, I feel like I am in a huge company and I have all the support to make the right moves in the market. It is so comfortable to have this certitude and to know that in the other room are my kids, that are the best motivation for a big success!
``The only way to do great work is to love what you do!``
P.S.: For those who want details from a real person that started to be a good trader thanks this great person and his services, please fell free to contact me on my Skype ID: laura-ro-
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Traders Academy Club?

Traders Academy Club is an online forex training education center created by Vladimir Ribakov, where people pay a yearly membership fee to sign up and learn.

How much does Traders Academy Club cost?

Traders Academy Club charges an annual membership price of $297.

What platform does Traders Academy Club use for charting?

Traders Academy Club is using MetaTrader 4 platform for charting but it doesn't have to be MT4, you can trade with any platform.