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Vladimir Ribakov


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Established: 2017
Customer Service:, +44 123 4480569


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4.697 · 137 REVIEWS
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UK, United Kingdom,
Jun 21, 2021,

Demo Trader, no myfxbook or track record????

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

All trades shown by Vladimir or Yordan are on demo accounts. There is no evidence of profitability and I think it should be shown occasionally especially if you claim you make your living from trading. I am not asking to see balance as that is personal but displaying yearly ROI % or real entry should be no issue to a legitimate trader.

I think it is clear that Vladimir Ribakov makes his money from selling trading systems, access to his academy and recommending brokers.

Everyone looking at this company should be extremely skeptical. Just a friendly warning.
Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Jun 24, 2021:
Hello Gabrijel

Thank you for your feedback.

You are 100% right. People should always be skeptical about anything online and check for real reputation and real feedback and credibility! That's why I invite everyone to do their own research about us and to see what do we really deliver for our members, and to see we are on the top of the industry for over a decade now with the highest reputation level during all this period!

I would like to answer your concerns -

1- Checking our records, there is NO Gabrijel from the UK that is a member of our club. That makes me wonder if you are really a client in our club?

2- ALL our trading ideas we share are 100% transparent and proved to the members. EACH trading idea comes with a video and is fully backed up in our trading journal for 100% transparency. If you are really a member, you should know it.

3- I see you are so concerned (totally understandable of course) of my profitability, and you don't care of the balance and personal info, here is one of the accounts I manage (one for 2021) -

I don't publish myfxbook due to personal reasons and mainly - I am not here to prove how amazing I am. I am here to deliver real-time trading ideas, real-time trading education, and back up EACH of my trades shared with 100% transparency by video and trading journal! This service isn't signal service, isn't money management service and nothing like that. That's a trading club for educational purposes based on real prevent trading techniques. I am an internationally certified financial technician so trust me I know a thing or two.

By the way, I suggest you watch this important video I've created and understand why myfxbook or other 3rd parties sites aren't 100% reliable as many think -

4- Of course we make money by selling the systems. I offer you real value and real trading solutions. Of course, it comes with a price. And yes, that's my online business and that's another source of income. Where is the problem with it and why are you trying to present it in a negative light? I offer real service and real trading solutions and yes, there is a price for it.

I wish you and yours all the best and thanks for your feedback.

I invite everyone who really to do own research and find out the truth about me and my team and why we are ranked on the top of the industry for so many years.

For any questions, don't hesitate to ask me at
Tal Herman,
Tel Aviv, Israel,
Jun 19, 2021,

The best academy for Forex traders

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

The traders academy club is everything a trader needs in order to be successful in the markets.
Top class service, very informative and above all Vladimir Ribakov, the best mentor around.
Always keen to help with clear and sharp Insights and explanations.
Highly recommended service for beginning traders as well as for the experienced ones.
Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Jun 24, 2021:
Thank you very much, Tal!
Perth, Australia,
Jun 3, 2021,
Registered user

Traders academy Club The Real Deal

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I have been with trader’s academy club for a while now and my trading has improved a lot with this club. Vlad is a great teacher and always eager to help.
Vlad is somebody who has years and years of trading experience and you will never trade alone when you join the club. Both Yordan and Vlad are very helpful for their students to succeed. If you want to succeed in trading you need to learn very seriously. The day you will use real money for trading you must take it as a business and with the guidance of Vlad and Yordan you will definitely succeed.
Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Jun 24, 2021:
Thank you very much, Saigal!
Vancouver, Canada,
Apr 24, 2021,

Bingo Service

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

This service is only good for people with very little experience. Soon you will find that it's in fact a bingo service where he makes 10 calls a week and submit a weekly newsletter picking out the best winning trades so it appears like he's making money left and right. Once in a while, you will have a negative weekly newsletter because you just can't always be right, have to make it slick.

I can almost certainly guarantee that he makes the bulk of his money as an EDUCATOR, not as a trader, with a good chunk coming from commissions when you subscribe to get his free system(200-300$) under his partnership broker. AKA, no matter if you make money or lose, he makes money from the commission of your trades. He just has to set a reasonable price point to sell to new traders knowing most will open an account with a broker using his referral and get the product for free, 2-for-1. No brainer.

I won't go into further details on how this business operates but he currently has 2-3 products which surprisingly all beat the market.

How does one team come up with so many products under 300$ which seems to always beat the market? If it's too good to be true, it probably is...

Because it's a bingo service, I am not sure I would recommend this to new traders looking for an actual trading strategy since he doesn't trade them himself, unless the call is very obvious.
Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Apr 26, 2021:
Thanks for your feedback, Vincent

Unfortunately, you choose to focus and base your review on what someone else earns or not (business model), rather than the real value that the service really delivers to its clients. Pretty unfortunate for the readers who are looking to see the real value of the service we deliver, but I hope at least it makes you feel good with yourself.

What you say about us choosing trades, it's completely not true and mainly - misleading. All our trading ideas are backed up in our live sessions, our trading reports, and our trading channels. 100% transparent and available for every members to see at anytime! All our trading ideas appear in our performance are all trading ideas discussed in the live sessions, the reports and the chat channels. Idea that works and delivered the move, appears as a win, idea that lost appears as a loss, and idea that was invalidated due to not triggering the technical setup we were following, won't appear in performance because it never triggered. It's as simple as that my friend. And for 100% transparency, as I mentioned - we back it up with live sessions (recording is available for members), detailed trading report and our chat channels.

All our trading systems are helpful trading solutions for traders that need them. They don't "beat the market" as you try to present it, they help traders to find trades based on proven trading strategy.

Once again, thanks for sharing your experience and your feedback. It would be very good if you would actually talk about all the things we do in the club, like all the live sessions, the detailed report, the comprehensive educational media zone, the 24\7 chat and more. I am sure, that would be more helpful to other readers.
barbados, Barbados,
Apr 7, 2021,
Registered user

Best online forex Academy

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

By far without a shadow of a doubt Traders Academy Club is the best place to gain concrete, define and complete forex education. The educators are world class and the support is a cut above the rest. No need to look any further TAC is the place to be, no fluff with all the fancy cars and houses just raw uncut information about the reality of the trading world and the priviledge to learn a complete strategy from two of the most skilled retail traders.
Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Apr 14, 2021:
Thank you very much, Peakpoise!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Traders Academy Club?

Traders Academy Club is an online forex training education center created by Vladimir Ribakov, where people pay a yearly membership fee to sign up and learn.

How much does Traders Academy Club cost?

Traders Academy Club charges an annual membership price of $297.

What platform does Traders Academy Club use for charting?

Traders Academy Club is using MetaTrader 4 platform for charting but it doesn't have to be MT4, you can trade with any platform.