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Vladimir Ribakov


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Established: 2017
Contact:, +44 123 4480569


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4.699 · 116 REVIEWS
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Nov 9, 2017,
Registered user

The best retail traders club

Vlad's club is probably the best I've ever seen out there in this chaotic world!

Vladimir has submitted a lot of profitable systems, always supporting them in the past, after publication 100%, and will do so in the future for all his subscribers. That's what I call devotion!

But that is not all at all, above all he is an excellent educator and tutor, challenging his club followers to learn more and more in daily and special webinars.

To me his quality, wittiness and willingness to help us are unheard of in the retail business! His down-to-earth mentality and honesty are unique! He always responds personally to every message you send him! I must state that honesty and friendship are the most valuable virtues I know and I fully feel these fulfilled by Vlad and his club.

My conclusion is that his club is the best in the retail trader business and will stay so, God help us!

Thanks All and best regards,

Nov 6, 2017,
Registered user

just excellent, who doesn't join the club is in own fault.

joined Vlad and his Team a time ago and it is word's have look by your own.
for me it was a opener to look market in other views. i try a lot...really a lot of other services, mentor's, unfurtenly clowns....but this is really what i have needed. clear instructions. every weekend i look forward to the weekly review, where Vlad go over the charts and explain in which direction to trade and where are invalidation levels when game in the direction is over. also in the sessions with Yordan or Vlad in the week, where the different systems will explains, and the weekly report would become after the live sessions updated when tradedirections change, invalidationlevels triggered or so.
i also go with the Scorpio Systems, which make my trading clear and have to stick to the rules. that's very helpfull for me.
so before i came to the club...i was for 6years in search modus, lose money....and after a short time in the club, i have clear trades and profitabel weeks, also loser weeks, even then when i doesn't follow the rules. but anyway at all my trading result are on positiv way.
looking forward and i can really recommend to join the club. the price is really nothing for that what you will become.
BUT you have to listening the clear words and also to break your own faults with clear instructions and rules.
Good time to all
California, USA,
Nov 3, 2017,

Excellent resource for traders of all levels

Joined Vlad a while ago when it was about providing signals. Now the traders academy club is just that, a traders academy. Everyday market analysis based on what is happening right now helps traders learn to see the market as it is. Shows you how to trade in all market conditions and most importantly when not to trade. Vlad and the guys trade for a living so what they share comes from market experience not just hypothetical scenarios. The traders academy helps all traders. Those who use a trading system or those who trade on price action alone will benefit. Since trading with TAC and having clear explanation of what to do in a given situation my trading has greatly improved. I am not a full time professional trader yet but with the support and mentorship of Vlad and the guys trading is headed in the right direction.
Trinidad and Tobago,
Nov 2, 2017,
Registered user

This educational platform has taught me alot so far and im grateful for the opportunity. Everyone that is running the club genuinely cares about the success of an individual. Thank you alot for your support and guidance trader's academy club.
Wee Tiat Eng,
Malaysia, Malaysia,
Oct 31, 2017,

The best club for traders who want to be successful.

I have been a member of Trading Academy Club for a couple of months and within this short period my trading skill have transformed to a new level, now my goal to be a successful trader is achievable. Thanks to Vladimir and his team for their dedication in providing trainings and guidance to apply the strategy correctly on a DAILY basis. The cycles philosophy coupled with Vladimir's strategies give an amazing success rate.

This club is the perfect place for traders as Vladimir does not feed you fish but teach you how to fish so that you can fish for yourself and others. God bless Vlad and his team.
Miami, Fl, USA,
Oct 30, 2017,
Registered user

Great investment for learning the ropes

Love this site!! Vladimir and Yordan are great! Monday thru Thursday there are live trading rooms for the Euro and North American sessions, with Yordan doing the first and Vlad the second. Daily reports are emailed to me with the information discussed in the live trading rooms. There is an amazing library of videos in the media zone, and Telegram groups with traders like, Rudi, there to help new traders. Well worth the investment I made for the yearly membership.
Etienne L.,
Quebec, Canada,
Oct 27, 2017,

The best Club ever !

Since I'm a member of this Club, I can say that it's the best Forex Club I've ever participated in.
First of all, we have access to a lot of Webinar, for beginners and experts alike.
Second, we have weekly and daily US and EU analyzes.
Third, they teach us best practices and warn us when the market could be risky ...

We have access to the transactions of all systems and proves the true results.

To summarize, it is the best club to frame one day to become a real Trader. It's an honor to have the opportunity to be coached by one of the best Trader! The club sastisfy all my criteria and it was part of my daily life!
Oct 22, 2017,
Registered user

Great educational materials, daily updates, live rooms and team interaction

Overall and in a few words, I’m extremely satisfied with the service and the team and would surely recommend it to others. It’s awesome.

I first joined the older format of the club: VladimirForexSignals. It was already providing a great service in both educational materials and performance. I just joined the forex world, starting to learn, and had an account where I executed the trades from the club.. even counting a few money management mistakes on my own, in the end of a period of 8 months I closed in profit, slowly and steady growing, month by month. So I can say from personal experience that if you follow the rules and advices you are going to be profitable, in the long run.

When the format of the club changed, I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, since it did not provide signals anymore (which was great), only directions and explanations on how to trade on your own with Vlad systems, or any other system. But as soon as started to follow, I realized the service offered is much better than before and if you have the time to attend and learn, it will make a huge difference in your trading. You just don’t blindly follow signals, instead you have to think and understand why and when you take a trade.

Now a bit of detail on different aspects of the club

Website: there is tons of material and you will need weeks to see it all. From beginner to advanced topics. There is a guest traders section which is also great, where you see different contributions from Vlad team of traders.

Live trading rooms: there are two live sessions daily, one with Vlad and one with a member of his team, in which you can review live the markets directions and updates, and interact with them. If you can’t attend you can download later the recordings, and ask your questions, which are always answered. This is really of great value, and Vlad and his team put a huge effort in preparing the sessions, recording, and uploading, and most of all looking for the best possible value for the members.. also, they are open to suggestions about the format of the session, and in general other aspects of the club.

Telegram rooms: there are 4 telegram rooms, two interactive and two informative. One for general chat, one exclusive to talk about systems and setups; both are of great help, I like very much the systems, because you have the opportunity to post your trades and get feedback directly from Vlad and his team, or other traders. This is a great help to improve, and many times you realize that you are almost entering into a bad trade, and change your mind. The more you participate, the more you improve. The informative chats are for report updates and guest traders ideas.

Members interaction: this is one of the best parts, and I like the way Vlad and his team interact and moderate the talks.

Reports: you get daily reports with all the directions we are trading, with validations and invalidations plan, and the reasoning for each of them.

Price of the service: you get one year access for approximately 100$, or free with broker sponsorship.
Oct 18, 2017,
Registered user

I am extremely pleased with the Traders Academy Club!

I joined the Traders Academy Club because I've purchased most of Vladimir Ribakov's systems and they are all nothing short of exceptional. I did, however, desire continued education and wanted daily hands on mentoring to drive home all that is needed in becoming a great trader. I joined the club only a few months ago and am absolutely thrilled with the membership. There are two live webinars 4 days per week and they are jam packed with education and trading analysis for forex pairs, market indices, commodities and so much more. In addition, detailed reports of this analysis are sent out after each session to reinforce the trading plan for each instrument covered. The club also offers trading communities where we can interact with Vladimir and other traders. Additionally, the club provides you with an education center filled with previous seminars on important trading topics. I cannot believe how much the club offers for such a small price. I would highly recommend the Traders Academy Club for anyone who is serious about taking their trading to a new and higher level.
Georgia, USA,
Jul 22, 2017,

Reliable signals! Support is not quite what other services are, but they definitely have a real trader who knows what he is doing more then 95% of FX traders and that's what matters to me. Almost every month I have been a member has been a winner as well. This is what I call a good trader!
Surabaya, Indonesia,
Apr 13, 2017,

Vlad is truly mastering his work. I never see a man like him that really works so passionate, committed on the job. I'm so eager for his weekly and daily videos upload. It's like a treasure for me. He's simply just the best for the forex.
Larry Harding,
Georgia, USA,
Mar 27, 2017,

Really nice signals, these guys are very professional and have good support with strong signals. Anyone who bad mouths them does not understand FX trading. If your first week is slow that doesn't mean it's bad, give it a chance. Up well over 2000 pips since I became a member a few months ago.
London, United Kingdom,
Aug 14, 2016,

Do not shop around and might get a scamed.Join the club which is proven already.

Started with Vladimirs signals&mentoring 4 years ago.There are many forex mentors and signal providers but somehow Vladimir looked for me more realistic.I decided to give a try and was not wrong.Vlad is a real master of forex trading .Works hard and tries to make each of his students to professional traders.He is not promising quick and large profits( as others do)and always tells what trading is not an easy job.Vlad is very passionate in trading and in teaching new traders.After knowing more about Vlad I decided to take his individual forex mentoring to try to go deeper in forex trading methods .Even had opportunity to visit him in Israel and take his lessons in his office where I get invaluable experience.So in quick words for someone who wants to get professional forex trading signals and become a trader this is place to be.It is proven by me and by many other traders in Vlads club.
scarsdale, USA,
Apr 9, 2016,

Purchased it 2 weeks ago.Had technical flaws since day one and still not doing its job. A lot of promises and plenty of excuses but so far terrible support team. Will update the review if improved.
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Vladimir Ribakov,
, Israel,
May 7, 2015,

Hi David

If you had issues, why wouldn't you just let me know? I am there by Skype and email, I have my own support team inside the club.
But most important thing, why you come to a page that is talking about the trading club and talk about Gemini Code? :)

Anyway, if there is an issue there are million ways to reach me. If I was scammer like you say, would I have the legitimacy to be so popular online for so many years?

My Skype is Vladimir.ribakov

Think about it....


Review Moderation Team Note: If you click where it asks "Is This Your Site" you will be able to add comments directly to individual reviews.
, USA,
Apr 30, 2015,

I received my package 2 weeks ago and I get all your emails except for the one that I need that’s the one with the Gemini code login information. I have sent support multiple emails. support I haven't gotten any yet. I was excited to receive the Gemini code material but what good does it do me with out the login info the I need to get the indicators. And to access the web site. this looks like another forex scam to me ill make sure to post this on the internet so nobody else gets ripped off. Please I could use some help with this. . Also left a massage on your phone support that was useless.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Feb 26, 2015,

My journey with Vlad and his team has began 2 years ago.
In the beginning, I was bit doubtful as he trades way different from other traders. The first and most important thing he taught to me is that one can be defined as a successful trader if s/he is in profit in long term not only in few months.
So, it didn't take too long to understand that trading should not be a burden in life and thanks a lot to Vlad for teaching me the way of stress free trading as he is perfect when it comes to money/risk management.
Also, I am very happy to have him in my life as a person to whom I can rely on in this trading world. He stays behind every each word he says. Whenever I have problems with website it was enough to contact with him.
On the other hand, he cares a lot the members in the club. Although I couldn't be able to attend the meeting I know how friends enjoyed the meetings that he arranges for the club.
Finally I wanna thank to Vlad again and again for being the best mentor in the world. Being a member of his website is one of the best thing that happened in my life.
Gurhan Basyildiz , DDS
Vincent Chang,
Australia Melbouene, Australia,
Jun 25, 2014,

Hi, everyone my name is Vincent from Australia, I'm here today to write a review for those of you wondering about the service and the club provided by vladimir, the master of divergences trading along with simple and logic concept behind the trading world. I have been trading for almost 5 years now on and off, at the beginning of my trading career I have been trading with a lot different techniques and purchased many different ea and indicators that claimed to be working and promised to make big bucks, I remembered I have also purchased several of Vladimir software such as the Pips carriers, and one of my favorite SRS trend rider, which have shown good results if patiently waited for the opportunity, since then I have always been watching Vladimir's weekly review about the market forecast which I found it very helpful and useful as a guide to expect the upcoming move of the trading market. During this period I have also tried my own way of trading and trying to find out which techniques are the best for myself, in the end I realised that divergence trading never lies, and combining with MACD along with support and resistance is basically enough to trade profitably with a few right money management strategies it's just the matter of time that the move will come eventually and risk the right amount based on your account size/capital that's the biggest mistake many traders has made, you can't just afford to trade something that your account size can't afford to handle, leaving enough breathing room is a must depending on trade setup opportunities. I have blown several account as many traders do I believe, hence I wanted to be part of Vladimir forex mentoring club to enhance my level of trading and trade more confidently I finally decided to join the club as a VIP member and hoping to be trading and learning and sharing experiences. Here I am now with Vlad's group, he is a man that will help you in any way and give you the best opinion of the current market direction with logic scenario and things to be expected, I love his teaching and explanation of the market behaviour, he worked very hard and spend a lot of his precious time analysing the market and sharing it his members, we get market update everyday along with trade setup and opportunities. I have been in the club for several months now, I would like recommend to anyone who is interest to know the truth about the trading world should be part of this community as you will learn and understand the real trading world is not as easy as it seems but it require time and the right setup with logic approach to make it a success and everyone in the club are friendly and willing to help and share especially master Vladimir Ribakov which is someone I respected the most in the trading world society. My conclusion is for those that would like to seriously learn about trading should be part of this group and you will realise that you have come to the right place and your knowledge of trading will improve significantly. Cheers and wish you a success with your trading career. Thanks for reading my review
Nicola G.,
Milano, Italy,
Feb 28, 2014,

Hi all guys, I'm an Italian trader who work on forex since many years now and browsing on the net I discovered the Vlad's service, so I started to read about it. As divergences argumentations have fashinating me since always and Vlad master them very well I decided to subscribed his VIP membership: a new world has opened in front of me! Hours and hours of videos well explained, clear and detailed. Indicators for metatraders, ebook, the support is fantastic and last but not least Vlad is not only a name, a face on his website... Vlad is a person always available, very nice and present when you need of him.. he reply to you personallly and motivating what he is telling, always! Vlad now has become a friend..
I have opened an account only for his signal service and his accourancy is fantastic... I can guarantee that you can gain back what you pay for the service... so stop to fight the markets alone, better to pay for a mentor that make you win the markets, than pay the market becouse we think we are able to fight alone! He have a trading plan (95% of trader don't have it) and he know what is doing...
Every day he send detailed analisys and make online webinar to study the markets togheder...these are not only analysis appointments, but following him day by day you will see that his method will enter inside you... and day by day your eyes will see the charts in a different manner, in order to find trade opportunitys by yourself.
I'm fully satisfied of this service and I recomend it for you that are a beginner, but also for expert people like me to learn more useful things (in trading nobody finish to learn) and to diversify our portfolio management!
Vladimir Ribakov,
, Israel,
Jan 1, 2014,

Hi everyone,

First I would like to wish everyone a wonderful and happiest 2014! I hope that this year will bring a lot of happiness into your lives this wonderful year.

I want to take the moment and to thank everyone for the wonderful support and words said here lately, I am sorry I couldn't reply earlier but have been very busy in the projects for my club.

I always did and always will do my best for everyone who believe in me, support me and give me a real chance.

I am not perfect and I try to improve myself every time. Even I have still a lot of room to get better and I will do all I can to be the best possible for those who give me the chance to help them.

Last year was not bad at all but not as good as the previous ones. We still managed to generate profits though despite the few trades we still have running with losses for the long term trading.

I always say and I will repeat it again - I don't want to be right. My goal is to grow and generate profits for long term. I also do mistakes as everyone else but my goal is to finish every trading journey, short term or long term with the bottom line and knowing that I did my best to manage it correct, even if it means managing trades not on standard way.

As I said, I always look to improve myself and I will do all I can that 2014 will be wonderful year. I am always working very hard for my followers.

Once again, thank you for your words here and for your support, I wish everyone the best year!

Truly yours,

Vladimir Ribakov

Laura Popescu,
Bucharest, Romania,
Nov 30, 2013,

I read the reviews written on this pages and I feel the need to share my experience.
My name is Laura and I am from Romania. Sorry for the mistakes, because my English language is not perfect.
I joined the Vladimir’s Forex Signals & Mentoring Club on March 2013. I started trading about one years ago. In my fist period I realized that the things are not as they seem on the outside and the Investment amount must be substantial, including advanced courses, personal support and signals.
But after I joined this Club everything has changed! Here I discovered everything I need: how to adapt my personality traits and control my emotions in my transactions, how to use and improve my abilities, I developed my technical skills.
In all this time, thanks Vladimir`s personal coaching I become a good trader. I watched his webinars, I graduated Divergence University, I learned new techniques like: Hedging, The Killer Intraday Principle, Scalping Techniques. I discovered amazing useful tools and indicators. So the mentoring services are awesome! After one year, I still have a lot to learn. Are so many information, that are always update and periodical is posted a new technique or update tool.
I reach the point where I can tell that I can do a successful trade alone. I trade every day, short to medium term trades, fallowing the techniques learned here. Investor Style is also a great innovation but is not for me at this moment. I made some mistake in this period, but finally I learned that if I strictly follow the instructions, I can't lose money. If you want to learn trading, this is the best place for you can find probably. If you want someone to manage your money and make 100% per month, don’t waste your and other people time here. This is not the place for you.
To increase my account I use the knowledge and signals that I received and every month I have good rewards with small risks!
With the Daily Forecast and Live Trading Room I successfully increased my orders number. It is much easier when you have a true example of a person with a clear vision about the market. In the LTR, I have the opportunity to analyse my personal orders. I like to have my personal orders that are not always the best, but Vladimir personally manage my order in the LTR so I'm always on profit. Thanks a lot, because you do all this for that little amount of the subscription!!!!
In the Online Trading Room, on Skype, I discovered great people from all the world that share the same ideals and beliefs. Everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to share here. And all that happens with the support and clear guidance of Vladimir. In Skype room we discuss 24/7. Here are the veterans that always have an good advice and the beginners that want to improve their skills. We discuss about trading methods, about opportunities in the Market so I never feel alone and lost in this big industry.
It happens to almost lose my temper and be tempted to close some of my bad transaction, but with the help that I got in real time I go through and I reach my goal. Now I realized that this club help my in my transaction mode and also help me to put my life in a new order.
Few days ago I meet personally Vladimir and some club members at a seminar. It was like I know them for a lifetime, because in this community we used to be friends!
So doesn't matter that I am a home-based trader. When I am at my computer, thanks to this community, I feel like I am in a huge company and I have all the support to make the right moves in the market. It is so comfortable to have this certitude and to know that in the other room are my kids, that are the best motivation for a big success!
``The only way to do great work is to love what you do!``
P.S.: For those who want details from a real person that started to be a good trader thanks this great person and his services, please fell free to contact me on my Skype ID: laura-ro-
Benjamin Kley,
, Germany,
Oct 28, 2013,


this service is the best I have ever seen! The signals are very good. The introduction is the best. Every day you can watch a short overview over the market. This saves me a lot of time. It is only important to take time to read all introductions and to view all beginner videos. After that and you set up your meta trader signals you only need 20 minutes a day for watching the videos and trading. Vladimir has very big experiences and I participate from him a lot! I make every month round about 300...600 pips with him. Additionally you get access to a very very big forex library with videos and tools. For my point of view the best Service in the forex market and I hope Vladimir will provide his service a long long time! Thank you Vladimir!
Sydney, Australia,
Oct 8, 2013,

I've joined almost a month ago, long story short, does it worth it? yes.
is it the right place for me? I still need to find out.

even before I receive any signal I've made a couple of good trades from reading his ebooks "double doji secrets" and the "secret of Japanese candlestick"

if you looking for a place with few signals a day with small stop loss, it's not the right place for you.

if you are novice don't go for the VIP membership just subscribe to vlads signals.

the live chat room signals are not signals they need some experience to execute them Vlad gives his views on a number of opportunities but it's your job to look for the entry, stop and exit.

so it's not something easy. in general most of his signals are long term with massive stop loss.

most probably I won't renew or maybe I'll downgrade to receive Vlads signal only, the reason why simply because Vlads signals does not meet my trading style, I like to trade with very tight stop loss and large positions and indicators confuses me i usually trade with clean screen and a couple of lines.

do I recommend him? yes I do for any one who wants to learn and get trading ideas without specific entry and exit point go for the VIP membership otherwise subscribe to vlads signals only.

is the performance report accurate? during the last month they published all the results accurately. (I am talking about Vlads signals and the investor style signals, not sure which method they use to decide on the live chat signals as there are no signals in the first place)

long term investors: this is the place to be. I've watched a video for Vlad that was recorded on Jan 13 about the 2013 price predictions for several pairs and I've went through almost every trade idea in that video and Honestly THUMBS UP Vlad.

in general, good customer service, good website (heaps of resources and materials), good technical and fundamental analysis. good value.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Phuket, Thailand,
Sep 12, 2013,

Hi everyone,

Vlad is someone very humble - he never say you are getting rich in a few weeks, but always keep you on the right side of the trading to be able to survive and make money on the long run.

His trading method is very much different from all we can read or see on the forum. His service is absolutely complete from Teaching/Signals/Daily webinars/skype group all to make you never feeling alone or lost in this industry. The people there are probably the best we can see - always trying to help each other to grow all together.

One more point about education from Vlad. He has created the "Divergence University" which is the best course online ever. You are learning all the secret from divergences to be able to feel comfortable to trade.

I would recommend anyone to be part of this service IF you are serious to trade Forex and want to improve your knowledge.
Yordan Kuzmanov,
Plovdiv, Bulgaria,
Aug 24, 2013,

Hey guys
I think it's time to give my 2 cents about the club. I've been with Vlad since the
begging when the club opened. I'm not a millionaire yet but the stuff that I have
learned have no price. I'm now profitable which is most important to me.I came here, I invested in fees to make money and now I'm making money. We had some rough patches and we had some
amazing winning streaks. It's all part of the game but what counts at the end in longer run is to
make money and we do(check performances posted on independent websites). In the beginning i was using the cloners that the club offers, because I was working and didn't have time
to get my trades but when i became full time trader (yes that's right, i trade full
time now) I've started trading manually to learn even faster. One of my biggest issues i had,
as a home based trader, that I'm alone. When you get a few losing trades I started doubting
myself and my strategies. I think most people experience it. It is the nature of the field
that we have chosen BUT the community in the club, the skype was the pill that cured
that problem. You are finally not alone when it gets rough. And that's just one aspect of having
"work family". We trust each other, we advise each other, we share systems for is simply
I didn't become what i am over a few months and I'm glad I was consistent enough to stick around.
Don't trust me because I say so simply look at the results that are posted on independent websites.
Look at the seminars that Vlad holds worldwide and ask yourself if this guy was a scam would it be
like this? Do your homework and make an educated decision for yourself if you are looking to join
the club. Just keep an open mind. If you approach it with negativity the outcome is clear.

PS To all haters - don't hate the player, hate the game. if you couldn't make money here in this club
perhaps this is not your game


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Traders Academy Club?

Traders Academy Club is an online forex training education center created by Vladimir Ribakov, where people pay a yearly membership fee to sign up and learn.

How much does Traders Academy Club cost?

Traders Academy Club charges an annual membership price of $297.

What platform does Traders Academy Club use for charting?

Traders Academy Club is using MetaTrader 4 platform for charting but it doesn't have to be MT4, you can trade with any platform.