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4.693 • 137 REVIEWS

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Jun 30, 2011,

I have been following Vladimir for two years now and it has been great. I first got to know Vlad by reading his weekly reviews of what he thought the markets would do the following week. I started to build my account with those weekly reviews, and then when Tom and Vladimir started their ForexSignals a year ago I become a member. Both Tom and Vladimir were great Traders each had there own way of viewing the market and spending time with both of them tought me alot of what I know about the forex markets today. The Forexsignals was a great service and it helped me to become a succesful trader. I having nothing but great things to say about the service. Now though Vladimir has started his own service and I must say it is everything the old ForexSignals was and much much more! Vladimir has put everything you could think of into his new service. This signal service is more like a University of Forex. It provides traders with signals from Vlad, a live trading room with Vlad, a shared members account where everyone can share in the profits made, free programming, a chat room, discussion areas, daily reviews, weekly reviews, investor levels, and much much more. Even if a person did not take any of the signals give this service would still be worth the monthly cost. The way I first looked at the old service was what does it cost to take a college class at a University? It cost alot! Education is never free but not only will this service provide an all around education of the forex market it will make you money while you learn! Plus Vladimirs new signal service cost less than the old one but provides much more. Though I have heard he will have to up the price at some point to keep the service to a limited number of people. Im glad to be part of this Signal service and I hope that people reading this review take this chance to learn from Vladimir and change the way they view the markets forever. Here is a link to his site, see you on the inside.
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Martin, thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Jul 13, 2011,

I've tested the service and i'm not satisfied with the signals and everything on this site...he shows question, but i can't learn from it. His signals are based on H4 divergences and still now the members shared account made only loss.
Read the Review from Keith and check the link he posted at the end. THIS IS AN AFFILIATE sure that he likes the service :D.

You can test the service from vlad if you're not satisfied like me you can refund. But im waiting for my money about 2 days....
New Jersey, USA,
Jul 16, 2011,

I think it's too early for anyone to truly judge, however I give this 5 Stars already. I've only been a member for a week and a half, and the signals are not TOO often so far. HOWEVER, over-trading is what kills most traders accounts, and the three signals that I've gotten have been on-point like a sniper, all were profitable with one of them still getting pips. Just one of Vlad's custom indicators he provided plus the great new trade manager they just put up for download are more than worth the entry price. It's a slow time for Forex and I'm confident that the signals will increase and will continue to be more wins than losses overall. Even if a trade was to turn out a loser, which hasn't happened for me as of yet, Vlad will tell you to close a portion to reduce exposure in the event that it never goes the right direction. That is something I was never able to do when trading with my own emotions. Huge thumbs up from me.
Johnson < M
Aug 29, 2011,

the site is very difficult to use. The guy is supposedly on vacation right now not putting up new trades. the shared account looks really bad
, Singapore,
Dec 4, 2011,

Finally got my refund after 3 follow-ups and initiating a dispute for the order with Plimus.

2011-12-01 2Star I was only using the trade mirror service but there were no trades for Vladimir's signals for almost 2 weeks. The investor's signals, which look to be performing better than the other signals, is not available in trade mirror. Performance for the other signals available in trade mirror is also not consistent. I have requested for a refund which is supposed to be covered by their 'Absolutely Risk-Free 8 Weeks 100% Money-Back Guarantee'. Still waiting for a reply to my email and 2 follow-up emails.
Lisboa, Portugal,
May 19, 2012,


I have decided to write this review because I am currently using Vladimir services for some time and I belive they are great. Vladimir and his team are awsome and I do strongly recommend their services.

I have purchuase the LST system and I am currently learning how to use it with the help of the users in the skype room.

I am also using ther signal services and it has been an awsome experience

what I think it's amazing is the way that Vladimir and his team work, they are really helping so many traders, they teach and teach over and over and you have so much good information

This review is my way of just say thank you so much for your hard work Vladimir and team!

I wish you all the best
, Switzerland,
Jan 26, 2013,

Very few signals, a lot of cancelled trades, not serious for me. Its like having moving averages on H4 and Wait until signal.. Complicated trade copier, must open another account, another broker, otherwise there is another solution for 24$ more... Like a scam for me...
Israel, Israel,
Jan 29, 2013,

I am in this service for 6 months. So far over 20% profit. Not too many trades. Not classical trading style, but make money. The only thing to know is that in investors trading need never use leverage as vlad ask.

I like the club and the live room.

from all I tested, it is the only one that I believe now.

Peter Imalenenko
Russia, Russian Federation (Really Israel),
Feb 6, 2013,


I would like to share my views about this club. I am there from October 2012, and I am really satisfied.

Vladimir is not typical type of trader. He has his own trading methods (Which it took me long time to accept) with his own approach to money & management.

I wanted to leave after 3 weeks as it was hard for me to accept his style but I decided to give it a chance (After talking to Vladimir directly) and I never regret it. I use copier for his signals and guest trader signals. I don't trade the investor's style as my account is too small for that. I am around 30% profit during this period so I am very satisfied in generally.

If you look for real guy, this is Vladimir. Always helps and really trade.

But from my experience, you must give it a chance. Vladimir's trading style is not the classical one, it takes time to get it and to get used to it. But after you do, you will never look back.

If you are looking for fast profits, it's not the place for you and Vladimir is not the guy that will help you.

Good job Vladimir. When you come to Russia again, let me know by email.


Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star rating removed. This review came from the same location in Israel as the review left by Vladimir Ribakov on 2013-02-12.

There was a negative review for a competing service left from this location on 2013-02-10.

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Denmark, Denmark,
Feb 7, 2013,

I've been a member of Vladimir's service for about a year and I decided to write this post to warn you about the risk you may take when following Vladimirs traders. Sorry for keeping it this long but it was hard to shrink it.

First of all trading with Vlad can be sometimes really messy and once you decide to follow you have to be online and ready for updates. One of the reasons is that he sends updates just a few minuts before a price whould have reached an entry, SL or TP if you didn't adjust it. I know they have a trade copier but I can't use it with my broker (yet).
I experienced that issue a few days ago and unfortunately I lost 340 pips. Was late by half an hour... damn...

Let me give you an example with EURGPB. On 22.01.2013 he sends
Sell @ 0.8373 SL @ 0.8450 with instructions:
"Market sell. Completing 4H false break. Open target. Short term trade. Vlad"
At that point I decided to risk 1% of my account as he said it's a short term trade.
Now the price doesn't really go in the right direction and members are given an update:
"update tbe sl to 0.8570 please. the pair is creating a clear top and i prefer to give it chance to work.vlad"
Wow, now I have to change my stop from 80 pips to ca. 200 pis, so I'm risking ca 2.5% now.
OK, so far so good? No, that's just the beginning...
On 24th he sends another signal for EURGPB
Sell @ 0.8510 SL 0.8650, instructions:
"Sell limit! It is separate trade from the one running. Long term trade. Vlad"
How do I understand it, should I take it or not? At the same time the first trade is updated:
"I equal the SL for both trades running to 0.8650, going for daily cycle. Target for both trades is 0.8250"
Nice, SL for the first trade is now ca. 280 pips and I also take the second one.
The price is still going up and we're getting a third order on 28th:
Sell @ 0.8460 SL 0.8710 with instructions:
"SELL LIMIT!!! This is seperate trade from those we have. Please adjust SL of all trades to 0.8710 and TP for all to 0.8250"
OK, so my SL for the first trade is ca 380 pips and I took all 3 trades.
The third trade is closed with a few pips profit after a short while.
But I still have two running trades and he sends another update:
"adjust stop higher to 0.8860. the only reason i keep the trades is that we have weekly hidden div. and daily div. eur is overrated. vlad"
Half an hour later after this update the price goes above 0.8710. At that point I simply wasn't able to adjust the SL and my stop was triggered. Oops.. -380pips on a "short term trade" that lasted almost two weeks.

If I didn't miss the update that I would have SL 490 pips for a regular signal. Hmm...

So SL from 80 pips to 490 pips which is from risking 1% to over 6% on a single trade. Remember, there were 3 running trades at the same time.

Fortunately for the others, the price reached 0.8716 and retraced to 0.8450 (time of writing) so it all turned well. But was it a good trade?
Can you be online from around 6am GTM till 12am GMT?
How about you, US friends? :)

There is also something that worries me a bit. The performane stats you can find on the web site are not correct.
1. The SL has the initial price only (not the one that changes for on open position)
2. What is worse it does not show all the trades, e.g. I cannot find the EURGBP sell @ 0.8373 on 22.01.2013.
So if I can't find that one how can I trust it has all the others? Especially losers.
3. The investor style strategy has a impressive number of pips since january 2012. It is over 29000 pips now, but you will never find that all his open positions (as of 8.02.2013) give -20000.

It is public and you may find it here:

It is also hard to find a preferrend account size for trading this type of style. To me it's min 5000$ and trading 0.01 lots. He does the same on (link above)

Summarizing if you want to learn how to trade diverences it is a good place for you. You will get a lot of material, live trading rooms almost every working day, webinars, etc.
But you MUST bear in mind that to trade this style you MUST be prepared to lose even a few hundred pips on a SINGLE position - when following his daily singals and also be able to lose several thousands pips when trading investor style. Just to mentioned he's now -20000 pips on an investor style.

I dont believe anyone has gotten that far in reading it but I hope it was helpful anyway :)
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