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4.615 · 124 REVIEWS
Forex Peace Army

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Sydney, Australia,
Mar 29, 2021,

Possibly a scam

Service use: Other

Length of use: Have not used

I registered myself under broker affilication program which I was told is regulated by ASIC but then someone from Richmond Super called me asking to depot $250 in their account. He told me that they are not broker but I will have to deposit money in their account and they will do trading on my behalf. They were not regulated by ASIC or any other institution. I thought that it might be a mistake and I tried again and this time someone from Top market cap rang me using the exact same script.
I have no idea how have they got so many stars but I guess they are all fake.
Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Mar 31, 2021:
Hello Aa

What you say is a very serious concern. All the brokers we work with are regulated and if someone tried to scam you I must know what and who it was. It's hard to understand from your feedback here who is the broker that called you, your details, or anything that will allow us to assist you.

Please contact me directly at ; or contact my team at, so we can find out and solve it with the broker you claimed scammed you.

P.S - Do you really think it is fair to rate a service that you even didn't try to use, especially when you even didn't try to contact us to find out the issue and solve it? All the stars you claimed to be fake, are all real members of our club that actually use the service and when you join our club, you see that yourself.

Best regards,

Perth, Australia,
Apr 5, 2021,

Harassing phone call's

Service use: Other

Length of use: Have not used

I signed up to see if I could get a deal where I deposit money with a broker then I get the informaiton/software for free. Somebody called me straight away from "Trader's Academy Club" as soon as I signed up and I hang up on them twice and I have received 5 more phone calls throughout today from similar phone number which I didn't answer. On the second phone call I did say "I'll be right". Then I hung up. So there is no question about the phone line dropping out un-intentionally.
Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Apr 6, 2021:
Hello Anonymous

Thank you for letting me know. All the brokers we work with are regulated, and we never had any issues like the ones that you described. It is a serious concern and I must check who of the brokers do that and if it's not some scam.

Please contact me directly at and please provide me with the information who is this broker and what did they tell you. I have to check what is going on.

Regardless, you can join our club any moment regularly, without using the brokers program. Thank you.

Best regards,

, USA,
Apr 30, 2015,

I received my package 2 weeks ago and I get all your emails except for the one that I need that’s the one with the Gemini code login information. I have sent support multiple emails. support I haven't gotten any yet. I was excited to receive the Gemini code material but what good does it do me with out the login info the I need to get the indicators. And to access the web site. this looks like another forex scam to me ill make sure to post this on the internet so nobody else gets ripped off. Please I could use some help with this. . Also left a massage on your phone support that was useless.
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scarsdale, USA,
Apr 9, 2016,

Purchased it 2 weeks ago.Had technical flaws since day one and still not doing its job. A lot of promises and plenty of excuses but so far terrible support team. Will update the review if improved.
  2 traders have found this review helpful
, United Kingdom,
Apr 8, 2013,

I have shown enough to warn anyone foolish enough to deal with this guy.

Like I said, don't trust people who use screencasts rather than myfxbook or a ForexPeaceArmy account. Anyone with a computer can create these.

You will also notice that Vlad's trades also has 2 trades open from August 2012. Note these are not "investor trades" but "Vlad's trades". You'll never know if this guy will keep increasing your stops to hundreds or thousands of pips and keep them open 6 months or a year or whatever.

At least you know now he has publicly admitted it here. Forewarned is forearmed.

2013-04-03 No RatingIs something wrong with you? The trade you keep showing as proof at is a completely different trade which shows an entry price of 0.8810. What the hell has that got to do with anything I am talking about?

Bottom line is Vlad says:

1. That he tradecopier must have missed the 2nd increase in stop loss to 700 pips
2. That by sheer co-incidence, I did not receive the usual email about changing the s/l on the very same trade that the tradecopier missed!
3. By even more co-incidence, the trade copier also missed the increased s/l on the second trade!!!
4. And by incredible co-incidence the email was also not received on this one too!!

No wonder "Vlad" doesn't use myfxbook or a ForexPeaceArmy account where his results cannot be tampered with.

2013-04-02 1Star What “Vlad” is saying is this:

He opened the first of the 2 trades, and increased the s/l when it went against him, which was copied ok by the trade copier. But when the price kept going against him then he increased the s/l again (to 700 pips!), but this particular change was not carried out by the copier. He offers this screenshot as proof:

He then says that the second of the 2 trades is also open, and was also missed by the trade copier, and offers this screenshot as proof:

He then starts screaming about lies and so on like a maniac, presumably to cover his own lies. The second trade opened as I stated below on 25th January at 0.8522, but “Vlad’s “proof” is to show us all a trade that opened on the 11th March at 0.8810, almost 300 pips higher!

Of course the 2nd trade, if it was still open, would be shown together next to the 1st trade in the first screenshot. It isn’t.

Childish ranting and raving, backed up with “evidence” of completely different trades, on a different month at a different price! Ridiculous.

Buyer beware. At least you now know he has admitted publicly that he will increase any trade’s stop loss to at least 700 pips when he feels like it.

2013-03-31 No RatingAs stated, these were by the autotrader, and did not appear on Vlad's results page.

I have never mentioned leverage or that losses are unexpected. This is dishonest argument.

You will also note that the trade "Vlad" refers to in the post below which is a short at 0.8810, is a completely different trade to the two I am speaking about, at a completely different entry price on a different date. It is a red herring.

The FPA team should take note of this latest deception.

2013-03-19 No Rating Vlad, if that is his real name, extends the deception with a load of info on the trades listed, whilst ignoring the point, which was the 2 losing trades NOT listed.

What is more, all the trades were from Vlad's trade copier, with no user input. All recorded.

Thus, Vlad, if that is his name, is a scammer. He chose to extend the deception.

2013-03-12 Star SCAM. He lies about the results. This is from his home page. Yes I have a copy in case he changes it.

2/6/2013 GBPCHF Buy 1.4273 1.4213 1.4460 0.0000 1.4240 -33
2/4/2013 USDJPY Sell 92.5 93.3 91.4 0.0000 92.5 0
2/4/2013 GBPCHF Buy 1.4285 1.4255 1.439 0.0000 1.4305 20
2/4/2013 USDJPY Sell 92.75 93.35 0.0000 0.0000 92.15 60
2/1/2013 AUDNZD Buy 1.2260 1.1960 1.2660 0.0000 1.2260 0
1/30/2013 GBPCHF Buy 1.4380 1.4080 0.0000 0.0000 1.44 20
1/29/2013 NZDUSD Sell 0.8405 0.8455 0.8345 0.0000 0.8405 0
1/29/2013 AUDUSD Sell 1.0485 1.0515 1.0435 0.0000 1.0485 0
1/28/2013 EURGBP Sell 0.8640 0.8710 0.8250 0.0000 0.8635 5
1/25/2013 EURCAD Sell 1.3650 1.4050 1.32 0.0000 1.3650 0

You will notice no losses on the 1st of February 2013. Actually, there were 2 losses (in pips) of -280 and -128. He has conveniently not included these in his results.

Consequently, you cannot trust any of the claimed results. How many other losses are not recorded?
John Butler,
UK, United Kingdom,
Jul 19, 2013,

Only been following for three months thankfully, but already had enough of the huge loses. What's the point, who wants that?

Please come back with an explanation Mr Vlad to explain your consistently bad trades.
Vancouver, Canada,
Apr 24, 2021,

Bingo Service

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

This service is only good for people with very little experience. Soon you will find that it's in fact a bingo service where he makes 10 calls a week and submit a weekly newsletter picking out the best winning trades so it appears like he's making money left and right. Once in a while, you will have a negative weekly newsletter because you just can't always be right, have to make it slick.

I can almost certainly guarantee that he makes the bulk of his money as an EDUCATOR, not as a trader, with a good chunk coming from commissions when you subscribe to get his free system(200-300$) under his partnership broker. AKA, no matter if you make money or lose, he makes money from the commission of your trades. He just has to set a reasonable price point to sell to new traders knowing most will open an account with a broker using his referral and get the product for free, 2-for-1. No brainer.

I won't go into further details on how this business operates but he currently has 2-3 products which surprisingly all beat the market.

How does one team come up with so many products under 300$ which seems to always beat the market? If it's too good to be true, it probably is...

Because it's a bingo service, I am not sure I would recommend this to new traders looking for an actual trading strategy since he doesn't trade them himself, unless the call is very obvious.
Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Apr 26, 2021:
Thanks for your feedback, Vincent

Unfortunately, you choose to focus and base your review on what someone else earns or not (business model), rather than the real value that the service really delivers to its clients. Pretty unfortunate for the readers who are looking to see the real value of the service we deliver, but I hope at least it makes you feel good with yourself.

What you say about us choosing trades, it's completely not true and mainly - misleading. All our trading ideas are backed up in our live sessions, our trading reports, and our trading channels. 100% transparent and available for every members to see at anytime! All our trading ideas appear in our performance are all trading ideas discussed in the live sessions, the reports and the chat channels. Idea that works and delivered the move, appears as a win, idea that lost appears as a loss, and idea that was invalidated due to not triggering the technical setup we were following, won't appear in performance because it never triggered. It's as simple as that my friend. And for 100% transparency, as I mentioned - we back it up with live sessions (recording is available for members), detailed trading report and our chat channels.

All our trading systems are helpful trading solutions for traders that need them. They don't "beat the market" as you try to present it, they help traders to find trades based on proven trading strategy.

Once again, thanks for sharing your experience and your feedback. It would be very good if you would actually talk about all the things we do in the club, like all the live sessions, the detailed report, the comprehensive educational media zone, the 24\7 chat and more. I am sure, that would be more helpful to other readers.
, Singapore,
Dec 5, 2011,

Finally got my refund after 3 follow-ups and initiating a dispute for the order with Plimus.

2011-12-01 2Star I was only using the trade mirror service but there were no trades for Vladimir's signals for almost 2 weeks. The investor's signals, which look to be performing better than the other signals, is not available in trade mirror. Performance for the other signals available in trade mirror is also not consistent. I have requested for a refund which is supposed to be covered by their 'Absolutely Risk-Free 8 Weeks 100% Money-Back Guarantee'. Still waiting for a reply to my email and 2 follow-up emails.
Johnson < M,
Aug 30, 2011,

the site is very difficult to use. The guy is supposedly on vacation right now not putting up new trades. the shared account looks really bad
, Switzerland,
Jan 27, 2013,

Very few signals, a lot of cancelled trades, not serious for me. Its like having moving averages on H4 and Wait until signal.. Complicated trade copier, must open another account, another broker, otherwise there is another solution for 24$ more... Like a scam for me...

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What is Traders Academy Club?

Traders Academy Club is an online forex training education center created by Vladimir Ribakov, where people pay a yearly membership fee to sign up and learn.

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Traders Academy Club charges an annual membership price of $297.

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