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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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James ,
Jul 4, 2011,

Easy Click Pips is dishonest. and I plead with everyone to PLEAS do NOT purchase this software. They claim to give a refund, but when you ask for one, they refuse to give you your money back. And don't let their going through Plimus fool you. Plimus is worthless. They always side with the vendor and offer the puchaser no protection from BS artists like Easy Click Pips.
Jun 25, 2011,

The system does nothing but increase position even if trend is going against you.support is rude even more so when you ask for refund they are very unsupportive.What a horrible company to work with believe it could possibly be a scam
Jun 20, 2011,


well the first one is cheap 3 day free trial and the some 50+ bucks a month, the second one is the platinum upgrade some 97 bucks (recurring till 7700 are reached) per month. then there is an EA called profit executor - that has not traded in a week - and a manual system that looks very similar to other ones i have tried and abandoned ...

ah and btw - the platinum cloner seems to clone some trades that look like a swing and grid tarde mixture with martingale characteristics - like : sell limit - then if sl is reached next sell limit with doubled lot size then if that sl is reached next sell limit with 4x lot size. ah and the trades seem not tobe managed onec the pending orders are cloned .... till now overall profit is -8% of initial account size and the second trade seems to go south as well.

last note - payment is done by plimus - so refunding and abo canceling might become a pain in the A**.
Cola, South Carolina,
Jun 16, 2011,

EasyClickPips -- what a sleaze bag operation. These guys have to be scammers. Here's the facts -- you decide:

6/16/2011 2:51 PM, email from Daniel Johnson
I'm going to do something I never expected, look:

==> Click Here for FREE access now!

(For 24 hours ONLY) I'm letting anybody scoop
up this $110,602 a month software for FREE!

And then it's gone for good…

OK, I click on link, it takes me to "http://www.easyclickpips.com/download.php" with a title of "This FREE offer is about to expire ..." At bottom of web page is a large "Add to Cart" button with a title of "For Today Only FREE".

I click on "Add to Cart" button because everyone likes "FREE". It takes me to a Secure Order Form page, which has this near the top, "IMPORTANT This transaction is for authorization only, your credit card will not be charged."

If it's FREE why do they need my credit card info? That's when I happen to mouse over the phase "Recurring Payment Terms". To my surprise here's the message that pops up:
"First charge (in 3 days): $77.00 then $77.00 every month"

Is this a sleaze-bag scammer or what?