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WallStreetCloner.com Review

Updated: Nov 30, 2018
2.25 · 5 REVIEWS
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2.25 · 5 REVIEWS
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michael coyne,
UK, United Kingdom,
Nov 24, 2011,

Avoid..this is a expert advisor and not a signals service as advertised.After many months of trading the results are bad. I had a call from an executive of the company who tried to sell me a training course for a big fee. I think the service is really a way of making contacts to sell hard
michael coyne,
Sep 14, 2011,

Well, an update. A few trades in the last 3 weeks (net loss)..no response to my emails. With all the activity and opportunites in the market place especially with the EURUSD, any trader or service would have issued profitable signals. I have paid £400 for the setup and monthly ongoing of £38. Definitely a scam and Max should be put on record for future reference as scammer with unreliable history.

2011-09-05 3Star have been receiving the signals for about 3 months during which time results were good with little drawdown. However, only 2 trades in the last 2 weeks..no reponse from provider and am beginning to wonder if this is the start of a decline
Russell Haynes,
Leeds UK,
Aug 16, 2011,

UPDATE to my review
Not a bad little EA to be fair .. but i still got my money back.
The EA has 20 / 30 pip wins upto 50 / 60 sometimes ... often 10 times a week (approx) so a nice profit ... but when it loses ... it LOSES BIG!!
Often my months profit is cleared out with one loss... and because it opens up multiple positions ... can lose 300 / 400 pips in one sitting!

So ... overall, may be good, but with the market being SO volatile at this time (aug 2011) ... i;m out

2011-07-17 No Rating I have just read the top two reviews, i'm giving this 4* at this time, as i am only a week in and i am still demo trading.

Firstly the up selling is a little much ... but i've found out most pages have a 'second chance' window. when you click out you get an option to take to offer at a lower price.
I took the montly fee for £32 (GBP) and took the auto EA option, by exiting the page, i got $50 off!!!

Wall street Cloner claims to work on the movements of money from the big banks. When they shift large amount of money, this effects the market ... (makes sence to me!)
I like this idea as a signal ... they banks are making MILLIONS and it makes sence to me to follow in their footsteps!

The automation is great .. it is executing trades while i sleep (or at work) an i have been coming back to 50+ pips a day ... one or Just the 1st week, with a £1000 account and a £1 pip, its up £292 GBP.
Max claims to be executing the trades himself which triggers my EA to execute the trade as well ... at the moment it is working!
My only concern here is, what will happen when Max goes on holiday or leaves the game?

I am on a demo account and i am using the 60 day money back option ... so i've set up my calender to remind me to cancel if i want.

Initial feelings. ... Support is slow! Very slow at the moment ... so i hope this is addressed.
The automation cost me £77GBP or $99 ish ... it is working for now and working well ... just under a 30% ROI in a week! IS CRAZY GOOD!

I will update my review in 3 weeks (1 mth demo trading) and then at the end of the 60 days money back ...

It seems to work, but it is early days... but the signals in the members area are for the past few months, are overall very positive!
I love it when someone can show me long sustained real figures! Thats worth $47 a month in my book! Especially when its making that a day!
Jul 22, 2011,

in 75 days this is averaging about 23.8 pips day. Support is terrible but consistent wins are there. Don't get me wrong he had a few losers too. I give them a 4+ and am sticking with them. I am NOT associated with them at all..

2011-07-09 4Star I have been running the cloner for a few weeks. I have looked at there posted past performance and they are averaging about 19 pips a day profit although they had some large drawdowns in late June. I t appears to be winning Up about 1100 pips in 59 days. Their support is slow but I am sticking with them for a while longer.. I do not work for them either!!
WallStreetCloner Support,
Jun 25, 2011,

Hi Hertanto, I would just like to cover a few points about your review.

1. Nowhere on the sales page do we say that this is an automated trading system (you have anticipated this yourself and seem to blame us for your mistake)

2. The last 20 trades there has been only 1 loss resulting in a net profit of 412 pips, not sure how you can say there are many losses?

3.There has been an issus with the DNS for the members area (out of our control) and this is being rectified as we speak.

4. As a gesture of goodwill I am prepared to upgrade you for free to the automated trading system, if you want to go ahead with this please email support@wallstreetcloner.com and I will assist you.
Jun 23, 2011,

I've just bought this service for $49, and I feel being scammed.
In their website they say just for $49/month they will trade for you.
I thought it will be the same as copypastepips or autoprofitpips.
But you know what, after you pay $49 they just like to force you
to buy the service for $147 so you can get the automatic trades.
And then there is another upsell $297 for scalping signals,
and then another upsell $29 for email signals.
Man, this is the worst upsell I've ever known!!!
And then what, I got email for username and password,
BUT I can't even access the members area website,
not because wrong username or password,
but the website for members area don't even exist!!!
After I check on DNS lookup the website is taken, they must be can't setup a website!!
I wait for 24 hour then the website is running again, so I login.
But, I'm very dissapointed with the service,
I review the history trades and It's just like a scalping trades for 10 pips profit but only about 4 trades a day and many loss trades too.
And the signals just give you buy or sell without SL and TP.
And I think it's impposible to take the signal because you have to in front of your web browser 24/5 to enter and exit trades!!
So I decide to ask a refund, I have email them several times but no answer yet, indication of terrible support.
I just hope that Plimus protect their buyers and refund my money.
I'll keep you updated.