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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.383 · 10 REVIEWS
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2.383 · 10 REVIEWS
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Fabio Araujo,
Novo Hamburgo, Brazil,
Feb 23, 2012,

The statement of this EA is weird. Can FPA please explain a bit? Almost all trades were made in June 2011. There are a few in July, 3 in August, 6 in September, 1 in October, 1 in November, no trades in December and January. Still, there are unrevealed open trades (why not shown, is this real?) that total more than all profit made since it began to work (profit basically made in June 2011). Never saw a weird statement like that, totally irregular. Real? Can't we know what is open? Based on the statement this EA got very lazy after June 2011. Why such change? What about this mysterious open thing and its incredible value?

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: The demo test is being run at FPA HQ. The live test is being run by Forexiva and is being monitored by the FPA. Both show an unusual trading pattern.

Companies that volunteer for Performance Testing are allowed to request that open and pending trades not be displayed. Many do this so that people who haven't payed for the product can't try to use the FPA's test results pages to duplicate the active trades.

We recommend asking Forexiva's support for an explanation of all of this.

St.Gallen, Switzerland,
Dec 7, 2011,

I use the Clapan EA for more then 5 Months and are very happy!!
Works excellent. The Price is OK.
London, United Kingdom,
Nov 27, 2011,

Got my money back after 2 weeks of messaging - they showed no inclination to refund but Plimus intervened to refund.

2011-10-27 1 Star Regarding request for refund, they waited till the last day before deadline then replied I should trade it another month. Its clear they will string your claim for refund along as long as possible. Have escalated to Pay Pal claim. Plimus rather unhelpful. Apparent they come down on the side of the seller despite the 30 day sale term. As others have said, definitely stay away from this crew. In fact stay away from Plimus linked products as well,..

2011-10-17 2 Star Trades have petered out apparently on FPA test and likewise my account with a total of 2 trades since purchased September 28 2011. No net profit. I wonder how they got it to work before as it apparently doesn't work under present market conditions. I have initiated a refund request through Plimus and waiting for the fun and games to begin. At least with Click Bank if you make direct contact through online chat and request your money, telling them you've made through ticket and been denied, you get your money back, no questions asked. Plimus terms seem a bit more woolly,.. shall we say, "vendor friendly".
Oct 30, 2011,

I have also received exactly the same treatment from the Clapan vendor, they are not interested in refunding even though they promise a 30 day refund on the website; they will do anything to avoid refunding and continually say you have to test it for 60 days. I have escalated to Plimus. I am currently sat on a large drawdown thanks to this EA and the trades can be very different to the account shown here on FPA. Stay away from these people unless you are happy to burn $399 and the losses.
Houston, Texas USA,
Aug 7, 2011,

This is an update to my earlier review. The refund from Plimus finally came through after 2 weeks of messages to and from the Clapan "support team" and Plimus support. There were some truly entertaining messages from Clapan including a claim that the EA owner was "in the army now".

I am so grateful to be out of this one.


2011-08-02 1Star I promised the Clapan developer I would enter this review if he failed to refund the purchase. He has failed to do so and has repeatedly ignored my requests. Today I have escalated this dispute to a Paypal Claim so that Plimus will have to face the issue.

It's probably no secret that Clapan is not the sort of EA that carries trading logic within itself. Instructions for the trades come from the mql45.com website. Thus the Clapan EA is a trade copier or cloner. Thus the deep drawdown currently being experienced by Clapan users is a direct result of human decisions made by the Clapan developer. In June he made good decisions, but since July 5 he has been riding a steadily declining USD with neglible support from other currencies.

I believe the description for a rating of 1 star says it best: "Terrible, extremely bad performance. Possible unethical behavior." I encourage everyone to stay away.


Guy Mitchell,
Bath, Uk,
Aug 4, 2011,

Review: I bought Clapan to back test it and trial it for the 30 day period. After some testing I emailed support and they informed me that you would need atleast 2000 balance in your trading account for this EA to function correctly. I was not prepared to let clapan trade with that amount of cash and asked for the 30 day refund.....which was not forthcoming. The reply I had read; "Hi Guy,
We are sorry for such drawdown, but we need simply wait a little and this drawdown will be good profit...
Best Regards,
Clapan EA Team"
I had made no mention of the drawdowns and had just asked for the 30 day refund. It has been 6 days now since I asked for the refund and have sent 3 emails and have also talked to clapan on Skype who said 'I will receive a reply soon' . For this I give 1 star but will shortly change this if I don't get a reply and my money back soon.

+ edit

It has now been 2 weeks and I have made many attempts to get a refund. I added Victor on skype who assured me support would get back to me, which they did with more excuses to not give a refund.....now victor ignores me and support do not reply to my emails. I have been polite to them the entire time but now I am frustrated. These guys do not keep their promise of a refund, do not expect it.

Furthermore the drawdowns on clapan are huge
Aug 3, 2011,

Very difficult time getting refund. Beware
Aug 2, 2011,

So far trading well with nice profit ,you may go into DD but if use safe setting you should be OK.
Always use fixed lot .
Viktor, EA Clapan Developer,
Belarus, Minsk,
Jul 28, 2011,

Congratulations to all our 1000+ clients! We'll stop EA Clapan sell soon when optimal number of clients is reached - only partnership will be available... See all news at our site
Randy Churchill,
Grants Pass Oregon,
Jul 6, 2011,

I don't know why there are so many negative comments about this system. After reading the comments I wanted to add my own thoughts. Clapan so far has been an amazing system. The trades are very well executed and precise. My account is consistently taking gains. This is not a martingale system as the comment states. My account was up 20% the first week. I have had no problems with customer support and response times to my questions have been answered promptly. I have been looking at robots for over four years and this one has been programed well. It places protective stops quickly. The draw downs have been much less than other systems like CAD Trader which lately has been brutal with draw downs and even large losses. I do not use CAD TRADER for this reason as I have seen this kind of grid trading system before. I can only guess that people who are posting negative rating on Clapan don't have the experience of hundreds of bad robots that really are bad. Clapan is by far in the top two percent of systems I have seen so far over several years. If you watch it trade (and I do) you will see that the people who put this system together have a lot of experience in trading and the programmers who wrote the strategies into this automated system did an excellent job of programing it for executing high probability trades. So far I would say that you owe it to yourself to check this system out. The price of this system could be much higher when you see the percentage gains it can bring just in one month. How many $77.00 systems have wiped large amounts of capital from your broker account? The price for this system is very reasonable. Get a refund on your bad systems and try Clapan.