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Updated: Nov 27, 2017
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Tampa, FL, USA,
Nov 23, 2017,
Registered user

THE MOST LEGIT forex brokerage firm that excepts USA customers

I kid you not, this is THE MOST LEGIT forex brokerage firm that excepts USA customers. Its an actual investment bank, that seem to have a Forex arm. When you open an account, they even assign you a rep, its really cool. Good execution of trades.

I think because they offer so many other instruments, (Stocks, Bonds, etc) that they give the same application to everyone. And when they set up the account, everything is password protected and sent into different emails. Having worked at a Stock brokerage firm before, I was so amazed at how well they followed these procedures.

Now as the downside, it is the longest process I ever went through to open an forex account. Pages of applications, and everything has to be verified, and I even had to apostille my passport and drivers license (I didn’t even know what apostille was until dealing with them). I didn’t get to trade with them much this year because the process took so long, that I decided to just stick with my current broker just for tax reporting reasons.

The other 2 negatives I can think of is that you can only wire money in and out (no debit/credit/skrill/unionpay/etc). Lastly, you cannot just transfer money from one account to the other. You will need to fill out a form for each transfer.

Im only granting 4 stars because the how hard it is to transfer money in/around/out of your account. Also there is not client portal. Other then that, as a US resident, you NEED this account as part of your setup as it the only real legit broker that is excepting us.
Renesource Capital,
Riga, Latvia,
Feb 21, 2014,

Hello to everybody. We are a licensed in EU (Latvia) investment brokerage firm.
The main features we offer to our clients are :

Wide choice of electronic trade platforms and financial instruments offered
Low trading and custody commissions
Phone-in assistance (Voice trading)
Personalized approach to each client
Protection of financial instruments market clients
We do not specialize only in FX trading, we have a wide range of other Financial Instruments, such as CFD's Futures, Options, Bonds, Stocks and even OTS energy swaps.
For FX traders we offer 3 different account types FX Micro (10 USD), FX Classic (500 USD), FX Pro (1000 USD).
All of the accounts are STP/ECN, and have Market execution. Also there is 0.01 Lot minimal trade size and no dealer intervention. FX Micro, and FX classic have 0.6 min floating spread, but no extra commissions, and only difference between them is Stop Out and Margin Call levels. FX Pro can provide you with floating interbank spreads starting from 0, and volume encouraged commission, in other words more you trade - less you pay.
Currently we have 3 major platforms MT4, Integral and Currenex, there is also a possibility of voice trading and API connection.

The main advantage for our traders is that thanks to our regulation, we provide them with best bid/ask prices (aggregated liquidity from first tier banks (BOA, GS, CITI, DB etc..)), and low latency trading.
If you are interested, than let us know.