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Updated: Sep 23, 2015
2.429 · 3 REVIEWS
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2.429 · 3 REVIEWS
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Mechelen, Belgium,
Sep 22, 2015,

Lost about 30.000 Euro with this guy.
The hedge system is clearly not working because it was gone in one day!

Steve Bull,
Wales , United Kingdom,
Jan 21, 2013,

All I can say is that the guy talks a good game but fails to deliver,, I have had two managed accounts with them. REgarding the first one, it was great for around 3 months. Account up 30% for which I sent him his commission. Then Bang!! Big Big Drawdown which the trader couldnt get out of.. revoked the LPOA and had to save the rest of the funds myself..
Secondly, The trader suggested i open another account as his systme had been updated.. I opened another account with Alpari and threw in $10k to see what would happen.. Shrt time winings then Bang !! once again.. Massive DD !! I think he trades with some crappy robot that cant handle the account when trends change..
I also think he gets by from taking pips from the account whether the account makes or loses..
There you go folks!! Two accounts with two disappointments!! So dont do it or get what I had along with a few of my friends that I recommended..
Pedro Nali,
London, United Kingdom,
Jan 1, 2013,

Lost thousands with this guy, his explanation was that due a windows update on his computer automatically positions were opened on my account, terrible excuse for his lack of care of others money.
Liège, Belgium,
Sep 20, 2012,

I checked the performance of this trader (Frank Deerveld from SAKOFX) since 06/2010. At the beginning,he sent me his monthly performance by email, since 09/2011 his live performance were on his website: 24 months of profitable results for +388% and only 2 months of losses for -8%. Very nice. I decided to invest 27'000€ on his managed account program in 07/2012. He closed the first 10 days of trading activity with a profit of +7,50%. In 08/2012, he closed with a loss of -1,5%. In the same time his live performance on his website were +12,40%. I asked him why there was a difference between my real account performance and his live peformance? He answered me that he had no to discuss his strategy with the client! Since the 17/08/2012, all his positions on my account was completly the contrary of what i could expected, i asked him why he continued like this and he never answered me. After the first week of september he closed his positions on my account with a loss of -35%. The balance of my account is €19000 today. Without any explanations or clarifications from the trader. So i revoked his LPOA. Since 01/09/2012 it no longer post his live performance on his website. We concluded that his live performance were a big scam. His business is not "trading" but "gambling". This man is a liar and a crook. My lawyer has filed a complaint against him this week (18/09/2012). He will have to discuss his trading at the court!
Lukas Plasek,
Karvina, Czech Republic,
Apr 11, 2012,

Hello All,

I have been following SAKOFX managed accounts since 07/11 and I had to chance to get to know more about lead money manager of SAKOFX, performance and their managed accounts service. I have managed account by them since 12/11 and now is up 30%.

Their customer service is excellent and the reason why they are consistently profitable since 2008 is because their unique SureFireHedge strategy and Robot, also due to lead money manager and his down to earth attitude.

I believe there are many traders who lost money with so called "pro money managers" but the common problem of these money managers is GREED! You never find such an experience with SAKOFX.

I highly recommend their Managed FX Account!