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Updated: Jun 7, 2017
3.105 · 6 REVIEWS
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3.105 · 6 REVIEWS
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WARSAW, Poland,
Dec 16, 2011,

4xpowertrader are frauds within a month managing my account
-90% reached the result, do not use their services!
munich, Germany,
Dec 9, 2011,

Do not waste your money or time with them. Their money management is much too risky. And they are acting in an very arrogant way.

But simply look at the facts: They burned 70 % of my trading account. Here you can see:


Do not believe what they are promissing you. They deleted their myfxbook results. Just watch the facts !!

Hope i can prevent other users from loosing money with them. It was really the worst experience i made with an managed account

Palm Dessert, CA,
Sep 5, 2011,

Why not check the facts for yourself Russell. Most of the recent trades are identical to more than one other signal provider - simple fact that anyone can verify (if you wanted to). Most of the recent trades are identical to FXGlobal Signals and AutoFXMillionaire trades which is more than a little odd. Maybe you are defensive for a reason?
Russell Hayden,
Maryland, USA,
Sep 3, 2011,

I have been a managed account client of 4xpowertrader.com since November 2010 and they have more than quadrupled my account since I started. I tried trading on my own and I almost lost everything but thanks to these guys I am finally on the financial path that I could not have gotten to without their service. In addition to their great trading, these guys have been so kind and helpful to me it just angers me to see someone write anything slanderous like this Phillip fella. He is obviously a competitor trying to deface this great service. Believe me, you are doing an injustice by writing such junk. I for one am happier than words can describe with 4xpowertrade.com. If all of their customers are treated as I have been, your slanderous words will ring as empty as you are. Best managed account service hands down. 10 stars from me.
Palm Dessert, CA,
Sep 1, 2011,

Interesting approach to 'managing'; I have studied the recent trades and they are identical trades to Autofxmillionaire and FXGlobal signal service, not similar, identical. Ethical?
John Foley,
Prosper, Texas,
Aug 23, 2011,

Hi guys,

I know we all appreciate hearing other people's experience with the different services........I signed up for the 4X Power vTrader service and it started trading my account 8/5/11. As of today my account is up 39% !! That's two and a half weeks. They have been very patient with my initial questions and have aleays responded very quickly to my emails.......I'd say this looks like it's going to be a grteat relationship.
Chris Farnsworth,
Port Coquitlam BC Canada,
Aug 13, 2011,

Forget Robots! I've tried them all, and despite all the hype they are a complete waste of money, none of them even come close to what they claim on there websites.
Managed accounts are best because they only get paid on results.

Because I wanted to spread my risk in Forex Managed accounts I have subscribing to several services over the last year and a bit.

Two of those lost me a considerable amount of money even though I thought I had done my homework and studied there track record. One did nothing at all and two others did OK nothing spectacular, but since subscribing to "The Platinum Power Fund" returns have frankly been astonishing. The level of communication with clients is exceptional and reassuring and on the rare occasion when a mistake has been made quick to acknowledge and correct.

Ethical, Honest and Profitable it is easy for me to give a 5 star rating to this company
4xpowertrader Team,
Jul 9, 2011,

Dear Fellow Traders,

We here at 4xpowertrader.com offer our customers safe and secure account management at the highest level of professionalism. We also offer a variety of Trading Signal Systems through Zipsignals autotrading service. Please visit our website for a detailed breakdown of our services

If you have any question about the services we are offering, please do not hesitate to email us with any questions or comments you may have. We are committed to your success.

4xpowertrader Team