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Updated: Nov 29, 2018
4.262 · 67 REVIEWS
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Note:  This company provides a forex education program for a fee.  The company says that those meeting certain standards will be provided with funds to trade for a share of the profits.

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4.262 · 67 REVIEWS
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Nov 5, 2018,

Apiary Fund is a for profit school.

No one listed on their site is a registered rep. No one is a registered futures broker. Apiary Fund is NOT a broker dealer, futures broker, or investment fund. Apiary Fund is in UT. It is not supervised by the Secretary of State, Treasurer or Banking Commissioner of Utah. It is not supervised by any USA Federal agency or Department.

Apiary fund is a for profit school.

Apiary Fund teaches people how to trade foreign exchange using a data feed obtained from a third party, which they declined to reveal. They provide data to students for them to make trades, for a fee. FOREX students enrolled in Apiary Fund are sure to get an "education". Students are not likely to make money or to get their money back if they lose money. Students cannot go to any Federal or State regulator to help them after they have been educated because this "school" is not supervised by any Federal or Utah agency or department.
Oct 19, 2018,
Registered user

My experience has been a positive one and I believe it is worth a shot if you want to trade forex.

I have been with apiary fund for almost a year and a half. Because of my schedule,It took me about a year to become funded but it doesn't have to take that long. I received my first paycheck this month. Apiary has delivered on everything they offered.. My experience has been a positive one and I believe it is worth a shot if you want to trade forex.
California, USA,
Sep 30, 2018,
Registered user

Good way to become a prop trader

Basically, they teach you to be a prop trader for them. They charge a monthly fee of $100/myth for access to their platform and training. Once you are making a consistent profit in paper trading, you graduate to a very small real money account they provide you. It is increased over time as you produce profits. I tried it for a while, but lacked consistency and discipline to succeed- not their problem( and thought I could mix the two...didn’t work). Didn’t see any red flags.
Sep 8, 2018,
Registered user

Crazy silly stupid.

1. Negative 5 is my actual rating. It is laughable teaching. Must be to recruit grandmas for the monthly fee. Scalpers mostly get scalped.
2. No data on what % gets funded and how long that takes. Weeks? Months? Years?
3. The platform is a crime scene. Possibly done by a child. A nonprofessional let alone a professional wouldnt trade on this platform. The oft badmouthed MT4 is heaven comparatively.
4. Cant do custom indis.
5. 100 bucks a month for tech. What tech? MT4 data is free for both demo and live as is their data. Nobody in their right mind will pay 100 a month to trade demo. This is beyond obscene. If they want a 100 per month, then let them wait for a funded person.
6. Who is the broker/counterparty?
7. Are the trades taken offset in the interbank market or do they keep risk in house?
8. 2% limit on trading and 2% drawdown is pie in the sky territory. How will they make any money even to pay the 100 a month in this microlot scenario. Seems like something Pontius Pilot would think of. One needs to take many hopefully good trades a day to exclude luck and make something to pay for trades that dont work out.
9. This place has a cult like feel. Like the founder is some kind of Messiah and can do no wrong.
10. Better idea is to get a mt4 microlot account free with $500 in it and learn from many you tube people who give highly professional and sophisticated tech and fundamental analysis.
Custodio Mariano,
North Hollywood, California, USA,
Jul 12, 2018,

Apiaryfund in its present business configuration and purpose proves the old addage, "the more one gives, the more one receives"

My experience with Apiaryfund Fast Track to Funding is almost nearing completion. At the level of Gold1 after 4 months of going thru simulated trading account, I am more than overjoyed with my progress and the platform Alveo has features I have not been exposed to prior to my becoming a trader trainee. My past exposure to 4XMade Easy software was incomparable to my current experience with Apiaryfund's Alveo. My newly tested strategy using single currency pair worked like a charm every time I trade starting at Silver3, resulting in a very high positive output. i.e. 101 wins to no loss ratio. To a future of continued harvest of PIPS. I am so pleased with my acquired skill in FOREX trading with Alveo. More power to the Apiaryfund community of funded traders, its Tech support and the amazingly generous people running the business. I am almost there! Cheers....juncam98
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 10, 2018,
Registered user

Selling Courses with $$$$$$ bait.

Have you noticed that none of the reviews mention any trading having taken place with Apiary's money!

There are several companies like this. They are al just selling courses where you reach a level and they say you ned the next course to get better.

The bait is saying you will be able to trade with THEIR money! Yeah, like that's ever going to happen.

This continues with you purchasing further courses with YOUR money, but you will never get to the point where they are going to give you a cent of their money to trade with. They are not that dumb!

If they really wanted to give their money to people to trade, they would advertise and take on experienced traders who could prove , with brokers records, that they are successful - wouldn't you?

Ask yourself, would you hand over a single dime of your money to an amateur to trade with? Thought not. AND NEITHER WOULD THEY.
Iowa, USA,
Jun 30, 2018,
Registered user

Apiary Fund is the greatest business model ever conceived for bullishness and the Trader.

I am an active member of Apiary Fund for the last 18 months. The cost is mostly set by the student choice of activities but the max monthly maintenance fee is less than a hundred bucks. Not much considering the number of quality events that we are offered on a daily bases.

When I signed up with the Fund way back in January of 2017 I could not even spell Forex. I was funded two months ago. In order to get funded, you must complete a basic training program call the Beeling and be a consistently profitable trader.

My story is not unique, need I say more.
Jun 15, 2018,
Registered user

Great company, I really love them. They are enthusiastic and professional, and Apiary provides excellent learning materials. Their learning materials are even entertaining! Apiary is the best place to learn on my opinion. Try their 30 days free trial:


During the 30 days trial period you will have access to their website and much valuable learning materials. You will have access even to their forum, where much strategies are described and discussed.
Reading Reveals, USA,
May 22, 2018,

Terms of Service WARNING

I heard Apiary Fund ad on the radio. Went to their website. Here is what I found in their Terms of Service:
Consent to Transfer: Please be aware that as Apiary Fund is a global company, we may transfer your personal information to countries that may not guarantee the same level of protection for personal information as the one in which you reside.

There it is right in the Contract you are required to agree to, in short: You indemnify Apiary Fund for any losses it suffers as a result of your trading. Yet they advertise that you trade on their dime with no risk if you lose. Seems like false advertising to me.

Further, you don't know where your Personal and Bank Account information will end up. They don't seem to even pretend to keep it guarded.
Virginia , USA,
Feb 15, 2018,
Registered user

Apiary FUND is awesome at what they do

I've been involved with the folks at Apiary FUND since 2013 and they are the best I have ever found at teaching you to trade FOREX. They are a constant source of encouragement when you get frustrated or want to give up and what a great product their signals are...I highly recommend you check them out.