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2.955 • 11 REVIEWS
BMFN Limited
Updated: Dec 9, 2023

What is UpFX?

Up FX is a CFD broker with MT4, MT Web and Mobile CFD trading top platforms.

UpFX.com offers CFDs on over 35 forex currency pairs, commodities, gold, oil, indices and stocks for your personal investment and trading options.

Please read UpFX Reviews below and share your live trading experiences with this broker.

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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 400:1
Minimum to Open Live: $1,000
Established: 2017
Address: Law Partners House, Kumul Highway, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Contact: support@upfx.com, +1 514 667 8470
Regional offices:
Regulators: VFSC #
Prohibited countries: Show all >>
Trading platforms: MT4
Web Trading: ✅ Yes
Mobile Trading: ✅ Yes

Trading Instruments

Currencies: (40+)
CFD: (55+) Gold, Silver, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities

Trading Conditions

EAs/Robots: ✅ Yes

Managed Accounts & Social Trading

Deposit Methods: VISA, MasterCard, CASHU, Globe Pay, Neteller, Skrill
Withdrawal Methods: VISA, MasterCard, CASHU, Globe Pay, Neteller, Skrill
* Please check broker website for more information
2.955 • 11 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of UpFX

Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Nov 21, 2022,
Registered user

Account number 33339019 mt4 They never paid my withdrawal

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Account number 33339019 mt4 They never paid my withdrawal of 963.76$. Since Aug 2022 I have been waiting for the withdrawal that I never got.
Apr 7, 2019,

This broker is out of business

I completed my registration and asked for a no deposit bonus, but they have disappeared since then. I've emailed them several times, but I got no reply. They seems to be out of business. Be careful
, USA,
Jan 22, 2015,

Tried to get information on the live chat before opening a 100K USD account. The answers were rude and deceptive in nature. No clear and friendly communication was all I needed to experience to decide I would never deal with this company.
Nairobi, Kenya,
Oct 22, 2014,

This brokers have the worst customer care service had issues with my account and it been like 6 months without any help they dont replay to mails after I opened a live account now even they guys I used to chat with are no longer available, everytime time I try to initiate a chat all I see is there is no one online please send a message, t
, Singapore,
May 28, 2013,

So far i have good experience with UPFX. i think the most important is the funding and withdrawn speed. UPFX are one of the top.

They stated very cleary that they only trade using MT4.

For customer services, please using skype message or call them using skype. you sure will get them.

cheers!! Clive
Ohio, USA,
May 27, 2013,

I have been trading at UpFX for several years now. Up has tight spreads, lots of currencies and other interesting instruments, fantastic and responsive customer support, and I feel as though my funds are secure. What more can one ask from a broker? I highly recommend you give UpFX a try.

2012-04-23 5Star I have been trading here for several months now, and all I can say is that UpFX continues to amaze me--very tight spreads, lots of instruments to trade, fast executions, and fantasic customer support. UpFX is vastly superior compared to the majority of other brokers that I have encountered.
Singapore, Singapore,
May 26, 2013,

I intended to open the account with them after reading review here and there . But two times i had a bad experience with their rude customer service. Very disappointing. May they are not the same as they were before. They don't understand what is forex trading first of all.
Please see my last conversation with them below.They don't even show the name of the person on the other side of the chat.
At last need to find another broker to put my hard earned money.

Please hold on while we locate a company representative. Meanwhile,
you can submit your question.

Hi, how may I assist you?

Do you guys have copy trader option

Don't have.

is there any way i can copy my trades to other accounts?

There are places like zulutrade you can contacct

But you will not support zulutrader or ninja trader ryt?

We use metatrader app

then zulutrade will not work . I will try to find some other softwares
to use it in your account


none of your clients use copytrade?!!

I can't say what our clients are doing.

I don't ask your clients details. If you guys have any other options
or show me a way to copy trade better

I said we don't offer a trade copier. There are many companies like
zulutrade that do this, you should ask them about it

again you r confusing me. You said you don't accept zulutrade other than mt4.

I didn't say such a thing. You've made a lot of presumptions. you
asked if we offer ninjatrader, i answered by telling you that our
trading application is metatrader. then you asked if we offer a trade
copier and i said no.
Is there anything else I could assist you with?

don't be too rude first of all. I amtrying to clarify something.

I'm not being rude. I've answered all your questions.

Is there anything else you need help with?

Nope. You did answer. But not trying to help the customer. Ok thats not the matter. Are you supporting zulutrade?

Contct zulutrade and ask them if they are compatable

But are you allowing zulutrade in the first place?. Because you have a mt4 platform.

How can we allow or not allow it?
I think you should contact them with your questions, we cannot answer about it.

ohhhh. what you are saying?. If UPFX don't allow to trade with
zulutrade platform how can i trade?

Is there anything else you need help with? I have other customers
waiting in my queue

Please contact those people for assistance with their product.
thanks for stopping by today. Cheers

I think you are purposely doing this?. I will send a complaint email
to UPFX about this.
Reply by Jason Taylor submitted Dec 6, 2013:
Rishi was obviously confused and misunderstood our unwillingness to answer questions about products and services offered from other vendors as being rude and uncooperative, which clearly we weren't. Thankfully some of our other customers have posted comments regarding their experience(s) with UpFX that will clear up any doubts left by this post, if reading it yourself doesn't do that already :-).
Mike P
Los Angeles, USA,
Apr 24, 2012,

Hey all,
I am at the 8 month mark with upfx. I can say that the reply made by Mike B below is how these guys treat every trader. I never am dissatisfied with their level of one on one customer service. They are good people - period!

2011-11-01 5Star Just an update now that I have been with upfx for about 3 months. They are still awesome - great spreads, great execution and great customer service. As long as they exist, I will be their client. A true STP - try them out!

2011-08-08 5Star It has been about 3 weeks for me with these guys. My first experience was in the chat room before i opened an account. A guy Jason helped me a great deal in setting up the account. This is what floored me - he actually helped me to ping my account to make sure the speed was fast enough from LA. It was! I couldn't believe any broker would go to that level of helping me via a chat window. I have spoken with a few of the people over there since, and I actually feel like they are good people who want to help you succeed. Sure some people might laugh at this comment, and recognize that I never post reviews, but I have no connection to them other than the relationship that is now 3 weeks old. Try them out and see for yourself. They claim to be a REAL STP, and I actually believe them. Spreads are better than my other 3 brokers most of the time, but they do fluctuate...as they should being an STP. Also, I have been trading for over 3 years, so I am well aware of the tricks brokers play...so far, not these guys...
Volker .A.
, Germany,
Jan 26, 2012,

I do not understand why UPFX gets so many positive feedback here?
I traded with them and I am very unsatisfied with their execution times of mostly over two seconds (2000ms) and sometimes even 3 seconds!
This is way to much althogh latency from my vps to their server was only 20ms.
They have also high Stop Levels of 5 pips (or 50 because it is 5 digit broker).
The only thing that was good was the fast funding and withdrawal.
But for trading there belongs a bit more! Also the live support is only a rarely available. No answer to any e-mail I wrote.
Good thing I have found another broker who has also 20ms latency and a suitable 500ms execution time (sometimes lower)
Reply by upfx-mike submitted Apr 18, 2012:
With respect to Volker .A.'s comments, he was told from the start that scalping may not work too well for him, since we are a straight through processor (STP), offsetting the trade adds an amount of time overhead to each order. We worked with him several times trying to improve his execution, but we were unable to get to where he could process multiple orders per second using market execution. We did all we could for him, and were prompt and attentive to every concern he had, and were sad to see him go. We encouraged him to find a different trading strategy, and offered to help him in every way possible. It's unfortunate that he left the feedback for us he did, considering the amount of conversations we had with him and the level of effort we went to in order to help him with his scalping. We give each and every trader our utmost attention and the highest level of service, and we're quite proud of the feedback we have. It's unfortunate that he felt inclined to complain about his results scalping when we warned him in advance he would likely have trouble with such a scheme and a market execution broker. In any case, should he find a better trading strategy we would be happy to work with him in the future.
Tokyo, Japan,
Dec 31, 2011,

About regulation.

Their only regulation is "Seychelles International Business Authority [SIBA]", however there is not Seychelles in the list of UPFX business location. They say "Our domicile and registered address is Seychelles. However, we maintain contact access points globally in order to serve you better".

If they think so, they should take more authorized licenses at Canada or UK.

Their lower body looks like to prepare escape.
Reply by upfx-mike submitted Apr 20, 2012:
Our office location is listed on our contacts page as well as all of our paperwork (agreements, etc). We're not interested in obtaining additional regulatory licenses at this time and see no benefit to such a thing for either ourselves or our traders. We have been in operation for over a year now, are steadily accumulating traders and we don't need additional oversight to do the right things and have happy traders. 2012-05-23 Update: We're pleased to announce that UpFX.com, Ltd. is now authorised, regulated and licensed by New Zealand Companies Office, Financial Markets Authority as a Financial Services Provider [FSP Number FSP218685]
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