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Updated: Mar 27, 2018
2.375 · 8 REVIEWS
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Lucror FX is an online forex broker. Lucror FX offers the MetaTrader 4 forex online trading top platform. LucrorFX.com offers the most traded currency pairs for your personal investment and trading options.


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2.375 · 8 REVIEWS
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Damn trader,
, Taiwan, Province of China,
Sep 10, 2014,

They machine is very suck ,and always down on opening price or other time.

Slippage more time ,but he say that's market mechanism

why opening price normal at Oanda ,but Lucror is fail?

prudent choose your Trader .

If you think you money like a sh** ,just OPEN ACCOUNT !!

i'm serious.
TAIWAN, China,
Mar 8, 2014,

I just started doing pretty good, does not slip point, until after the money, you have to figure a variety of card slip away from this dealer.
I have evidence that I can find to
Sep 4, 2012,

I have had the same issue as the other 2 previous traders. I applied for a live account filled out an app, and heard nothing from the company, so I followed up, resubmitted my documents, and after 1 1/2 weeks of emailing, they finally approved my account, it is because of this incredible delay and the seeming indifference by the company that I have not deposited any funds. After the 2nd submission of my documents with no response, I started looking elsewhere. I am holding off any ratings until I decide whether or not I still want to go with them. If I go with them and things turn out well, I will write another review
UK, United Kingdom,
Aug 15, 2012,

I have had an account with them since Jan 2012. I have found they have suited my trading needs 100%. I have had a few issues over the time with certain trades as I use some EAs and they have handle these trade issues in a professional and fair manner. Like all traders we have issue and concerns while trading....
I have not at any point been told any rubbish ... I might of had to wait a few days for some answers .. but it was and has always been worth letting them do their investigations.
Since opening my first account I have opened two more and this was very smooth. I have found there feeds to have a good depth of liquidity for the pairs I trade and in-line with other brokers I trade.
One Happy Trader
, USA,
Aug 11, 2012,

I have to exact same experience as previous poster. I have applied and submitted documents over a week ago and have nothing. I have emailed customer support multiple times and received no response. This was at lucrorfx.org. I even emailed support at lucrorfx.com and no response. Even if they ever did respond or approve docs I would never trade with them at this point. If they won't even respond to a new potential customer, I can't imagine the wait for a withdrawal request. Stay away from these morons!!!
Shamil Prasad,
KANDY, Sri Lanka,
Aug 9, 2012,

I have registered on 27 th of july 2012 and uploaded docs for verification. today 10 th of august still account status pending and no reply for support tickets at all.
Really a Scam Site..............
Aran Murphy,
, Australia,
Apr 17, 2012,

Unethical Broker. Lucror FX Breached both Risk Disclosure agreement and Discretionary Trading Authority agreement.

I have found Lucror FX guilty for the following;

fail to put client's interests first
fail to act with integrity.
failing to comply with disclosure or conduct obligations
behaving misleadingly or deceptively.
failing to exercise care, diligence and skill when providing financial services.
Reply by Norman Robinson submitted May 17, 2012:
In response to Mr Aran Murphy?s untrue, malicious and defamatory allegations against Lucror: ? Mr. Murphy signed up with Lucror to have his account traded by a 3rd party discretionary trader. ? He signed a discretionary trading agreement with this trader. ? Lucror provided the trader with a PAMM (Percentage Allocation Money Management) account, which is used to trade multiple accounts in a fund via a master account. This specific account type split trades by dollars and not lots. The reason for this is to allow accounts of any size within a fund to have their P/L distributed on a pro rata basis. The drawback of this technology is that it cannot distribute the floating P/L of a trade until the trade has been closed. ? The functionality of the PAMM is disclosed in the Lucror general terms and conditions. This short easy to ready 5 page document was provided to Mr. Murphy and he agreed that he had read and understood how his trader would manage his account when he opened it. In addition Mr. Murphy was informed via live chat and by email on two separate occasions of the way the account functioned, both of which he conveniently denies hearing and receiving. This information and communication provided willingly and quickly to Mr Murphy can be proved by our server records. ? The PAMM technology is not exclusive to Lucror it is used by a number of different brokers and is provided by an award winning technology company- Rous Technology. ? A number of funds have utilized this technology in the past and there has never been an instance where any issued have arisen thus far. ? A number of weeks after Mr. Murphy?s account had begun being traded a dispute between him and his discretionary trader occurred. As no suitable resolution was reached between Mr. Murphy and his discretionary trader he proceeded to blame Lucror for the outcome for his situation. Our lawyers have asked, repeatedly and to assist Mr Murphy, for Mr Murphy to provide us with copies of his correspondence with his discretionary trader in regard to both his agreement with that trader and any remedy that he has asked for. Mr Murphy has refused to do that. Instead, because he believes that his trader has defrauded him he is attempting to smear and defame Lucror in order to have Lucror take responsibility for his situation. ? He repeatedly came on to the live chat using vulgarity and threatening to ruin Lucror?s reputation by blogging negatively about his experience. His statements are totally defamatory of Lucror ? that is they are untrue and malicious. Any reader of this blog is welcome to contact Lucror and we will provide an explanation of our transparent practices and safeguards for all of our clients. ? As the Forex peace army is an open and transparent website that allows for each party to present their case LUCROR trusts that this situation can be viewed objectively and that users of this blog believe in fairness and evidence not kangaroo courts.
Kevin D.,
Auckland, New Zealand,
Mar 26, 2012,

Ive been with Lucror for just over a year. Decent spreads and pretty good service. Have withdrawn a few times with no issue.The only downside is that they still dont have a mobile trader :(
Laurie Gold,
Florida, United States,
Jul 16, 2011,

I have been trading with Lucrorfx for about a month now. The execution is good and they offer an easy to obtain bonus. I have not yet attempted to withdraw funds which is obviously where the real test will come and the only thing holding me back from giving them the fifth star.